Monday, April 24, 2006

I'm Likin' It..

I am now caught up on meeting Rob's entire famliy. And I am relieved that I have and am saddened that they are leaving tomorrow.

My life has been turned upside down.. and I kind of liked it. I liked having so many people around. Our life has been go go go...and we haven't stopped yet since the family reunited on the 12th.. But it's been nice to be busy. I said to Rob the other day... when I'm busy I'm tired and when I'm not I'm'll never win! It's true. So for now I am tired to be honest and am looking forward to some quiet time with my boy. I am going to miss his folks a lot though. Iam so used to having them around that the place will seem entirely empty when they leave...

I find it so refreshing meeting Rob's family because I learn more and more about him each time. He is so much like his mom. She's goofy and so outgoing.. And then he's a lot like his dad with his consideration and warm heart. His parents are so giving.. and that must be where Rob gets it.

Rob and I took his parents to Victoria for the weekend. They've never been and they really enjoyed themselves I think. We took them to Irish Times Pub and they were tappin' their toes and slappin' their hands against the table to this great Celtic Band. We had the best seat in the house, right beside the band. Rob and I danced to the song, "Into The Mystic". It's my sister and her boyfriend's wedding song to be.. We love it too now and didn't care who watched us dance. We got rid of everyone else in the bar and just danced.. I loved it.

Our weekend was a bit crazy but at the same time we had a great time. That's how life has been for me lately; crazy but I'm likin' it.

Family in Vic..smilin' pretty

Being Brats..

Just Us

The harbour

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Family Portrait Updates.

Rob and I with aunty bob in our yard

Kyli's family

Linc and Jessica

Me and My new baby!

Friday, April 07, 2006

Driver's Seat

Hi everybody!!

The updates with my lil ol' life..

Erin and Rob spoke the other day. He decided to give her a shout and talk things through. And about a day before that I wrote her an e-mail letting her know that the entire ordeal we had last week wasn't something I was still upset about..etc.

So the verdict was in and she was happy to have us back in her life. We are so pathetic.. one week out of each other's lives and we were all so happy about being able to talk to one another again!! I can honestly say that I do miss the hell out of her. She was a ray of sunshine at the house when I was bored or things were dull.. I would come home from work everyday and find Erin in the kitchen cooking bacon or a Sidekick and we'd have our little chat about how our day was or...anything really. We spoke on the phone each saying that we loved eachother and that we were sorry how everything happened. But I am glad that things really worked out the best for us. We then took over a mattress for her to sleep on . We went up to their cute little place and found the saddest display of a mattress .. and made her a great big comfy bed for her to find when she got home. She was pleased. See.. She then realized how amazing a bed is when she didn't have it for a week. I guess we all learn a little something from .. every unpleasant thing that happens to us..

We had mom and aunt B. and Erin and Amanda over for dinner the following night. We were like hens in a barn..cluckin' away at eachother.. Us girls were so happy to be around one another again that we just couldn't stop talking... Erin brought over a couple of her sweaters that I loved and a pair of pants that I also loved to wear of hers. She is so sweet!! I really did miss that little girly.. The parents are coming on Wednesday and I am excited to return so that I can document how that is going. I will make sure to take lots of pictures to post.

I also got my car!! And I couldn't be more pleased with it. It is so new looking inside. I intend to keep it that way as well. I already have a no smoking ban on the car.. as well as so far.... no eating has been done in it yet. But I know that this will end as soon as we have a road trip. But Rob asked as he was driving if he could have a piece of steaming hot, cheesy, greasy pizza... Ummmm Nooooo you can't honey. funny. I feel so grown up I guess you could say, though that makes me feel like such a kid just for saying it... I was never the girl to imagine walking down the isle, the guests looking at me with beaming smiles.. Oh no. But I did imagine the feeling I would get, slipping into my own vehicle for the first while.. How I would pull out of my parking spot, feeling like I was finally in control of my life... of where I want to go next. And to be honest it is really like that.. that is how I am feeling when I get into my car.. I feel in control of it all and I like it.

The Driver Seat is where I am perched for the time being and it is where I like to be..

The girls at their very own kitchen table..

My Erin .. Baby J.. hangin' out her window.