Monday, March 31, 2014

Alina's Friends Turn 1

 Apologies all around for my lack of creative posts. I'm just going to go along with a recap post this Monday. I've had no time to do the things I really want done, never mind finding the time to write posts or think up ideas for good ones for the week. I think this is the part where I fall behind on replying to emails and commenting on my favourite blogs.

We were busy this weekend. We went to 'the city' this Saturday, to get some kid's birthday shopping done. Alina's two little buddies turned one this weekend and had a joint birthday party to celebrate on Sunday.


 We went shopping for the little ones and ended up taking our usual Alina photos. If there's a knight's mask, a knitted crab or elephant cap Alina will be wearing them and there will always be pictures. Shopping has become fun for me because I just put stuff on my kid. She's a good sport, for the most part and endures us. Although she was getting really, really noisy and then finally in Wal*Mart I made a point that it wasn't even five yet. Rob corrected me that it was in fact, after six. I gasped, because it was waaay past Alina's supper. I bought blueberries and we took her to the McDonald's in the store. We bought her a carrot muffin and had a cup of water poured for her. The carrots may or may not have made her mouth a bit red (possible allergy?) the blueberries were not washed and the water in the McDonald's cup looked suspiciously not as clear as I would have liked. We joked that we were terrible parents feeding our child dirty water and blueberries and a muffin she was possibly allergic to. Sorry Alina!

 Rob made a remark earlier in the day that I should just make Tommie and Abigail's birthday cards. I disagreed because making my own cards always takes up my entire evening. I was sure that a card from the dollar store would do. But no, the seed was planted and I had to make my own, personalized cards. Lucky for me; Thomas and Abby have names that go along with famous characters on t.v. right now. Besides, I do love making my own cards because I'm a kid at heart and I love drawing and colouring. Rob made us burgers with old white cheddar and I added bacon from the morning's breakfast, a dill pickle, spicy mayo and to top everything off a handful of ripple, all dressed chips. Best. Burger. Ever.


 Sunday morning, Alina slept in way late. We hurried around and had ourselves ready and at the dual b'day party ten minutes late aka- not bad! The party was busy and there were lots of kids and parents to fill the space. Alina and I did well. She popped her first balloon and didn't even care, other than the fact that her balloon disappeared and she wanted it back.. Abby and Tommie had a nice get together with friends. Later on, Abby's folks invited us over for pizza. Kimberly had this great idea to put a piece of cake in between Alina and Abby and to snap photos of the two of them. It was super cute and then they got to have their FIRST bath with another baby. I mean, who doesn't have bath pictures with other babies?! It was a total moment and I'm glad Alina got to share her's with her best bud Abigail.

 All in all we had a good weekend. It was after nine in the evening once I was finished prepping meals for Alina's week and a supper for tomorrow. I'm pooped and feel like I had a pretty good break and a nice weekend with my little family.

  Oh! It's also a great weekend when we can take our Westy out for a 2014 spin! 

Again, my sincerest apologies for not being able to comment on my favourite blog posts! I just can't keep up with the demand these days but I will do what I can when I can!

Friday, March 28, 2014

MHB- Week Eighteen- Struggling

 Another week has completely zoooooomed by. I'm still sick and I can hardly believe it! But I did my best and worked out three of the five days. This week could be totally described as a bit of a struggle, emotionally and physically. I'm emotionally feeling down because my sweet girl is having a hard time adjusting to daycare life. I'm physically defeated because of this damn cold. I feel so tuckered out by the end of the work day but I am staying positive and pushing through. That's all I can really do, right!?


 Day 1- Fight Conditioning. The first set of pictures are of me striking, the second ones are of me shooting. I was still pretty stuffed up on Monday so after this workout I was feeling so, so, so tuckered. I laid on my workout mat and just caught my breath before I dragged my butt into the shower to get on with the rest of my day.. Big heavy sigh.


Day 2- Cardio. Well I finally got back into the gym. I felt alright. Energized would be a bit of a stretch with this cold lingering. But I went and that's what counts. I did the infamous Cardio Machine Workout but will have some different cardio ideas from my good friend Lisa at Happy Fit . She offered to help me out and I am taking her on that offer as soon as this cold gets the hell out of here and I have more energy and a little more time!


 Day 3- I skipped the Fight Conditioning workout. I slept in a little bit and it felt a-mazing! Alina had an equally a-mazing day with her Baba. She's been pretty upset at daycare everyday this week and then her day with Baba was incredible. We took some pictures before I went to work and then I took a shot of my walk to work! A good day and I feel like not working out was a good idea. This cold is brutal and lingering and a day off of working out is just what I needed.


Day 4- Cardio. I did go to the gym this morning. It was the usual cardio machine workout but I decided to incorporate some different exercises in between the running. Rob had a terrible sinus headache this morning and he stayed home from school today. We decided to walk Alina to daycare together this morning. On the way to work, I quickly snapped an early morning picture of us. Then in the evening I took a selfie with Alina and a glass of wine. Why not, right!?


Day 5- It was Strength and Endurance. I woke up feeling like the first picture in my collage; like crap! My head was really stuffy and I just knew that working out as hard as I do, wouldn't help me feel better today. Next week MUST be better. I think it's possible that I have been working myself a wee bit too hard and that's partially why my cold is sticking around. I need to focus this weekend on getting better and then I can back into the full time working out! I dropped an egg on the kitchen floor when I was rushing around and had to take a picture because it's the first time I've ever done that, surprisingly. It's jeans day at the store today, so I straightened my hair and put some puuurdy earrings in to make this dreary, wet spring day a happier one!

Happy Friday all- I have no new tunes that I've been listening to, so I'm going to skip out of Yoga Pants' Friday link up today. Have a happy weekend!

When you are feeling down and out do you push yourself to do more or do you let your body rest?
Would you participate in jeans day even if you got to wear comfy scrubs all week?

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Want To Have A Drink With Me?

 It's the middle of the week! I can now officially comment on days of the week because I am part of the working world now. I have a Monday to Friday, nine to five gig and it hasn't been so bad.

 With my return to work, I'm already looking forward to weekends. I have always liked having a few drinks on a Friday and Saturday. Obviously I don't drink every weekend or every day of the weekend. But, when I do drink, there are a few of my favourite go-to drinkies.

//1 Strongbow. Strongbows are a really nice dry cider. They aren't too sweet but they aren't like beer either. I always feel like they're the perfect combination between a beer and a cooler. But if you're getting ready for a girl's night out and you want something with a little more kick than a Strongbow but not too much of a kick like a glass of red wine, try putting a shot of Sour Puss in. I would say that the raspberry flavour would be the best match for a Strongbow.

//2  My usual go-to drink; beer! I'm not too picky about beer. Although, I don't like dark beers like Guiness or super cheap beers like Pacific Pilsner or Lucky. I like all regular kinds; Keiths, Kokanee, Corona, whatever. To give your Corona a little kick in the summer, no one is going to judge you for throwing in that shot of Sour Puss just for a little extra buzzy buzz. There's nothing like the taste of the first drink of a cold beer on a hot day, or after a busy, shit day at work!

//3  Another great drink that I was recently introduced to by a friend, was one shot of Amaretto, one shot of Gin with San Pelegrino Lemonade. It is one of those tasty treats that you can probably only have one or two of and then you have to stop before you get a sweet headache hangover right there on the spot. I would like to name this drink The Kimberly because my good friend Kim introduced it to me. (She'd be so proud.)

//4  I also love on a summer day, a flavoured beer. The Grandville Island Brewery makes a delicious raspberry flavoured beer that just hits the spot! Coors Light also makes an iced tea beer that I really enjoy. There's nothing like a chilled, flavoured beer in the heat of the summer.

Drinking the raspberry beer on my b'day.
//5  Let's go back to a time when I knew nothing about drinking, a time when I would drink whatever our 'boot' would buy for us. Seagram's Wild Berry cooler was the very first drink I ever bought. (Or had someone of age buy for me.) I took it to an AGT party (which consisted of a fire pit in the woods near an AGT telephone tower) and I ended up giving it away. I felt guilty because I just couldn't bring myself to drink it knowing that my best friend was frowning at me for doing something so bad. I quickly got over that and started to experiment with different drinks. Other favourites were Schmirnoff Ice coolers and peach schnapps with vodka and pop.  Another drink we would drink was Malibu Rum and Cream Soda... something I would never drink now. Too sweet! It's funny how much my drink of choice has changed over the years. I think I used to drink the sweet stuff way back when because that's what girls I knew drank and it was the easiest thing to 'order' from whoever was buying it for us!

My bestie in 2010 at the river enjoying an old fav. together.
   I'm not sure if any of these drinks would suit any of my readers out there. But if you want to try something new, give one of these a go!

What is your go-to drink of choice after a busy day at work or on a Friday evening!?
Are you the type of person to try something new or do you like to stick with the drinks that you know?

Monday, March 24, 2014

This Post Sucks

 My first weekend is over and it was a nice one. On Friday Rob and Alina picked me up from work. Rob ordered sushi for pick up and we ate sushi when we got home. Alina was in really great spirits all weekend. I think she was just so happy to have us both there with her for two whole days. Friday night, we had a couple of beers and sang some songs that I had been wanting to see if I could sing. Rob's really good for asking me if I'd like to sing a song and then he plays and we harmonize a bit together. It's fun and not something we do all of the time.

 Cups (Pitch Perfect’s “When I’m Gone”) by Anna Kendrick on Grooveshark

(That was the song that Rob really wanted to hear me sing. It went well and we sounded pretty good!)

 On Saturday Alina slept until 8:30 - thank you child! We ended up having a very lazy day. But that was fine because in the evening, I got together with my girlfriend Kim and we went out for a couple of drinks. There's a fancy restaurant just down the street from where I live and they have a lounge connected to it. It was pretty pathetic because there were only a few people there and the atmosphere was a bit awkward. But we made it work and we were grateful for the escape from mommy-hood to have a couple of drinks and to gab together.

 Sunday afternoon, we took Alina swimming. Then we went over to my mom's for dinner. She ordered chinese food. There is nothing better than getting chinese for supper and not having to pay! It was a real treat. Plus, I always feel all warm and fuzzy when we have dinner with my mom at her place. It just feels right. I suck because I only ended up taking pictures of Alina all weekend and nothing else. But there really wasn't anything else worth taking pictures of. It's nine on Sunday evening as I write this. I prepped a bunch of future 'Alina Meals' for the week. I went grocery shopping for all of our meals so that I won't have to buy or think up anything for dinner. My laundry is all done and my house is in some kind of order. I'm ready for the week ahead, even though I'm feeling super exhausted. My cold feels like it's at the end and I'm ready to attack a full week of workouts including the cardio this week. I'm feeling pretty beat, so I hope to get to bed early-ish tonight.

 Yes, this post sucks. I'm sorry. I'm working on balancing my new routine and keeping up with my blog posting. I'll do better next time. I actually have one written for Wednesday already, that should be a bit more entertaining/educational.. (That all depends on if you drink..!) 

How was your weekend?
Oh and Amanda's boyfriend Sam (from her Rhyme and Ribbons blog) asked a really cool question on his Boys Behind The Blog post the other day; Who would play YOU in a movie of your life? 
Or- who do you think would play ME in a movie of my life?

 Amanda, I thought about who would star in your movie the other night and I couldn't come up with a good answer. I thought of Zooey Deschanel, but that was too obvious and easy. So I slept on it and Emily Blunt seemed like the perfect match for you. Besides, you are an english girl at heart.


Friday, March 21, 2014

MHB- Week Seventeen- With A Cold

It was my first week of working a full time job and working out in the mornings before. It went well. It wasn't as difficult as I thought it was going to be. I did skip my cardio days again but I had good reason to. This week was full of  adjustments in every way and I think I did a good job of getting into the groove of our new routine. Plus, I caught Alina's horrid cold on Tuesday. Darn it- bad timing!


Day 1- Strength and Endurance. My first morning before my first day of work. I was up at 6 am and I was working out by 6:12. I was cutting some corners, as in quitting a few seconds before I was supposed to. I struggled a bit with this workout because my mind was distracted. I'm sure next week will be better.


Day 2- Abdominal Strength and Core Conditioning. I am demonstrating round five in all of the pictures that Rob took of me on Tuesday. I start with a Back Bend and end the round with the Mountain Climber and I'm showing those exercises in the top photo.

  I do the Nevasana for 5 seconds and then transition into a Hindu Push-Up for about 3 seconds and then repeat. I enjoy this as my fifth round because it's challenging but it's not explosive, but more of a rhythmic exercise.


 Day 3- Cardio. But guess what.. yeah, you guessed it; I didn't do it. I'm sick! It seems like another excuse, but it is what it is. I got a cold on Tuesday and I did not feeling like getting up and dragging my butt to the gym. So I slept in an extra forty five minutes! It was wonderful. Wednesday is also the day that Alina stayed home and had my mom watch her. It poured and rained on my walk home from work and then there was a cute bunny in our front yard that we were tossing carrots at. I just love bunnies- they're so cuuute!


Day 4- Strength and Endurance. This was a repeat exercise and Rob decided to have a little sleep in because he is also sick with this cold, so my pictures are pretty limited. I was slow moving, but I did the workout anyway. It was more challenging and I worked up a sweat much quicker. But I didn't want to skip a RushFit workout because I know that I'm skipping my cardio again this week.


 Day 5- I skipped my cardio again. I decided on Thursday morning to skip it because I knew I would appreciate the sleep in. Plus cardio can be much more challenging when my body is run down. It's important for me to be healthy so that I can work and take care of Alina. Plus- it's also important to say no every once in awhile. It's kind of liberating. (As long as I don't make a habit out of it!) Take note that I haven't skipped an actual RushFit workout yet and I don't plan on it! Friday is jeans day at work- so I was sporting my denim. It's already looking like a gorgeous day out there- bonus! Alina and I got our little snuggle in with a bottle feed before I set off to work. Have a great Friday everybody!

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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A Couple Of Firsts

 Well I have to say that I received a lot of really encouraging and thoughtful messages from friends through texts and facebook messages on Monday for my return to work. I had an inbox full of e-mails from my blogging friends letting me know that they were thinking of me. A surprising number of people reached out to me in one form or another and I feel incredibly lucky to have so many great friends in my life. It doesn't matter if I don't know you blogging girls in real life, you are there through writing, letting me know that you care and that is a pretty special thing.

Monday, March 17th- also known as St. Patrick's Day was my first day back in the real world! It was also the day that Rob's folks went back to Ontario. So our morning was a busy one. The in laws left with Rob before 8 am. Alina and I were left to eat our breakfast together and to get ready for our big 'first' days side by side! I went onto facebook to find a bunch of messages from friends and family wishing me a good day. I saw a message from my mom and I decided that I could brave phoning her. I knew that if I talked to her I might burst into tears at any moment. But the conversation was good and brief. It was true, I had a hard time talking without getting teary. As the clock ticked closer to 'that time', the more upset I was feeling. I was trying to tell Alina in a cheerful voice that she was going to daycare and that she was going to have so much fun. But I'm sure I didn't sound too convincing. The drop off ended up being just fine. Alina was happy to go in and play with the toys and I made my goodbyes quick.

Once I dropped off Stinky, I realized that I was headed back to work for the first time in over a year!! It was insane to think that I hadn't worked since last year on March 1st. I have never been lucky enough to have that much time off of work since the day I started working over ten years ago. I rushed up to the door and met up with one of my colleagues. She's pregnant with her first and I couldn't help but feel a bit envious that her adventure is just about to begin and my first year is already behind me. I stepped through the doors and she asked me if she could give me a hug and welcomed me back. It was just what I needed. I put my things away and the phone rang and I ran to answer it. After my first phone call, I felt confident that everything would come back to me and I relaxed. It was a great day. The weather was gorgeous, the customers greeted me with big smiles, most of them asking me how Alina was and making me feel really welcome.

Before work, during and after- with my green beer that I feel like I earned!!
 Rob ended up picking Alina up fairly early and the two of them had a great afternoon. I was so happy to hear that he was going to get her early. He got a full report from our daycare provider. Alina got upset about fifteen minutes after I left and later on when someone else was picked up by his daddy, she cried. When Rob got to the door he could hear her crying. When she saw him she said, "Daddy! Daaaaddy!" and crawled right over to him. Even though it was sad, Rob was thrilled. He explained that he understands why I'm so sad to not be around her all of the time, he's so happy because he gets to be the one that picks her up and spends extra time with her after school and before I get home from work. It's nice and I think Alina is very lucky that she gets to spend extra time with him. It's a special thing spending one on one time with each other.

Rob and Alina walked to the pharmacy and strolled in five minutes before five. I was so excited to see her smiling face. She was pretty happy to see me and that made my heart all warm and fuzzy. Rob snapped a few pictures of her in the store, watching me work.

 Then we all walked home together. I held her in my arms the entire time and Rob pushed the empty stroller. It felt so good to see her and she was content playing with the buttons on my coat for our sunny, evening stroll home. Once we got home, Rob fed her supper, while we drank our green beers. We ended up facetiming with Rob's parents who were stuck at the Winnipeg airport. (They didn't end up getting home until 4 am. Thanks a lot Air Canada.) We had a really great first day and I hope that the rest of the week is as good!

 Thanks for all of the support from everyone. I promise I won't go on and on about being back at work anymore. It was just such a big deal in my life and now that I've gone through the first couple of days, I feel confident that we can all do this. (When I got home from work Tuesday, Alina was bathed, in her pj's and Rob was heating up her dinner. I was so impressed! If this is how it's going to be, then I have nothing to worry about!)


 So here's to one full year with the coolest, happiest little baby human I've ever met! It goes by so fast, yet I can hardly remember when she was that small!!

Monday, March 17, 2014

A Typical Day

 In honour of going back to work today, I thought I'd write a pharmacy related post. I have mentioned time and time again that I live in a retirement community. So you can imagine the majority of customers that stroll shuffle through the doors each day.

 I'm taking a page from Nicole at Not Before My Tea and I'm writing out a list- of the typical customers that will walk through our pharmacy doors in a typical day.

//1  Mr. Inquisitive.This is the customer with ALL of the questions. It doesn't matter how busy I may be, or how busy the pharmacist happens to be, this person will always ask as many questions as he feels because he's curious and doesn't care that he's holding up a bunch of people.

//2  Mr. Ignorant. This customer acts like he doesn't understand that things cost money. He just assumes that certain items are free until he is told otherwise. Or he jokingly asks if he has to pay for it, secretly hoping I'll take pity and let him have it for free. (I don't.)

//3  Mrs. HOW Much!? The old lady that is shocked and appalled at our prices. every. single. day. I know, things are rather expensive in a small pharmacy like ours. But, I just can't stand it when someone knows that a bottle of vitamins will be $8.99 just like last time and has to sigh and go on and on about it before finally handing over the cash.

 //4  Mrs. Trusty Pants. This customer is often one of my favourites because she is usually kind and sweet. She doesn't look at the price of any item because she trusts me. She will fork over any amount of money for a pack of gum and not think twice about it. She also carries around an obscene amount of cash in her wallet. It's a damn good thing she lives in the kind of community that we live in because in a big city she would be fresh meat for any criminal.

//5  The Junkies. There is always a handful of these folks. I usually refer to them as the All Stars. Sadly this person is completely addicted to his prescription medicine. This person will say and do anything to get this medication even when it's too early. He will give every excuse no matter how ridiculous. He has no shame and will say whatever it takes to get what he wants. Often the worst of the bunch.

 //6   Debbie Downer. Oh this person is always sick. This person's boss is such an asshole. This person has had everything bad you can possibly imagine happen to her. She doubts that the new anti-depressant she's been prescribed will work. She doesn't think that her family will ever understand how hard her life is. She just wants to talk about herself. She chooses to talk only to hear her own voice and she has absolutely zero interest in anyone else. This person, is a real treat.

 //7  The Over-Sharer. Ahh, yes. This person will tell you about her poop, she'll tell you that she hasn't had sex in over a year and that she definitely thinks her husband left her because he was sleeping with her best friend. Oh dear, this one is even more of a treat than Debbie Downer because she doesn't get how uncomfortable she is making me...

 //8   The Friend In Real Life. This is always complicated because working in a pharmacy leads to some pretty personal issues. I try to be as discreet as possible and as disinterested to what this friend is in to pick up. I also take pride in the fact that I am very professional and never even consider sharing this kind of information with anyone.

This is my friend Holly. She came to the pharmacy once or twice. No big deal, but she's my friend and was a customer. LOL- hey, I needed a picture..!!
 //9  The Proud Blue Pill User. Yes, this man is often very proud that he is still having sex. So proud that he likes to order his blue pills in a loud, booming voice from the front doorway. He orders his pills and announces to us (and whoever else is waiting in the pharmacy) that he will be back after he has some coffee.

//10 The Perv. The perv is always an old man, in my case. He doesn't care that his jokes are very inappropriate and make the (again, twenty something year old) pharmacy tech very uncomfortable. He comments on my appearance and how I look good enough to Insert Inappropriate Verb Here. He is usually sexist as well as inappropriate and most likely a little racist too. He thinks he's a real charmer and is often pissing his Depend wearing pants because he's also currently shitfaced as well. (For the record- I have not come across a perv with all of these qualities. I was just putting together a few pervs to create the worst possible perv I could imagine.)

This is actually my brother in law Joe. He doesn't read my blog, so this is even funnier.


Friday, March 14, 2014

MHB- Week Sixteen- Cardio-less

 It's my last week being off on maternity leave, as I'm sure everyone that is a regular reader is sick of hearing about! But it is. It can't be my last week of working out though. I can't let that happen. So even though it's going to be a big adjustment and a total challenge, I have to keep up with the hard work. I plan to wake up at 6 to workout, then shower and be ready for work by 7. Then I'll get baby girl up and have her ready and fed by 8:45. Ship her off to daycare and myself off to work..! Busy mornings are ahead for me but that's what happens when you add another human being to the mix! All part of the package deal.


Day 1- Full Body Strength and Conditioning. This is that workout I mentioned before that is only done once a month in the Beginner Calendar. Lucky for me, I get to do this workout more than once a month. It is ... challenging. In the first set of pictures I'm demonstrating the entire first 5 minute round. It includes doing 10 air squats and 5 hindu push-ups as quickly as I can for a full five minutes. The idea is to get your lactic acids flowing right away, like you could in a fight, if an opponent is coming at you right away. (Like I'm some big tough fighter girl or something. Ha.)

 The other picture shows the Alternate Dumbbell Y Press. I should have had my arms a bit higher.

Goals: My hindu push-up form is lacking. I'd like to do this exercise more (gasp) just to build up the muscles in my arms that I use when I do the hindu push-up. I find that I'm a bit weak yet, to do demonstrate the best form.


Day 2- Cardio. Buuuuut, I skipped it. I know, I know I shouldn't be skipping any of my exercises. But I woke up Tuesday morning, super tired and my body, more specifically my ass and legs were uber sore from the big workout on Monday morning. So, I decided that more sleep and no running was what I needed. Alina had her one year shots this morning and did very well. I have two pictures of her at Public Health; getting weighed in the big girl chair and playing with the other kids toys in the waiting area. The pictures of us swimming were actually from Monday morning, but I thought they were cute enough to share in Tuesday's recap. Although, sitting in a pissy kiddy pool doesn't really count as exercise..


  Day 3- Explosive Power Training. One word- wow. It's pretty intense. Round one had my heart fluttering and I was completely out of breath after the five minutes were over. In the photos above I'm showing two exercises- the Jump Squat and the Ice Skater.

The exercise I'm showing above is pretty simple because it's just jumping with one knee raised up and swinging my arms in different directions. This was the first time that I did this entire workout and it was both awesome and challenging.

Goals: To do it again and to do it all better.


Highlights from our Thursday.
 Day 4- Skipped Cardio... again. Well my little one had her first year shots on  Tuesday and she really hasn't been herself since. She's been really docile, sleepy and it seems like her little cough has gotten worse, with the return of her runny nose. Sigh. She woke nearly every hour Wednesday night into Thursday morning, so I was up a lot checking on her and making her more comfortable. Needless to say- I was in no mood to get up and exercise. Alina did two hours at her new daycare today. She was really out of sorts and ended up crying hard when someone came to the door and it wasn't me. (Awww.) She wasn't herself, I was sad and that was basically our Thursday.


 Day 5- Fight Conditioning. In the photo above I'm showing part of round one and how I'm circling in one direction in one stance and then I switch directions. After that, I switch stances and do the same. It gets the heart rate going pretty effectively. 

 The other photo is of me showing a Standing Guard Pass with Two Punches. It's more difficult than it looks because you're going from a standing position to down on your knees and back up over and over again. Because I cheated a bit this week and didn't do any of my cardio workouts, I felt like this workout was a great way to end the week. I was pretty tuckered out.

Goals: I want to set my goals low because I'm headed back to work on Monday. So I'm just going to go for DOING the workouts next week despite my new busy schedule.

Improvements: I was punching with force, like there was an opponent opposite me. It really made a difference.

Here's a list of all of my Mission Hot Bods over the last few months- take a gander if you're interested!

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Okay I'm about to get all lame up in here.. with my song choice for #backthatazzup Friday.. It's a song that the Dixie Chick's sing for their children and I couldn't agree more with the lyrics. I know, I know.. I promise I'll slow down with the sappy sadness posts as soon as I get this whole returning to work thing over with next week... Until then- you're stuck with my sap...!

Lullaby by Dixie Chicks on Grooveshark

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


 I was filling out Alina's birthday card the other day. (A day late, but she's a baby, she doesn't know the difference...) I decided to jot down a bunch of names that we've been calling her throughout the year. A lot of the names won't stick but I wanted to be able to look back years from now and remember some of them.

 When Alina was just an idea in my tummy, we nicknamed her Peanut. It's funny how we always referred to the baby as Peanut for a full nine months and then she was born and we quit calling her Peanut right away. Other favourites that we call her are Monkey, Boo Boo, Pete (Sleepy Pete), Stinky or Stew (Stinky Stew), Bo Bina (Alina Bo Bina) and Betty, to name a few.

When I was a wee one my mom started to call me Dolly because she said I looked so much like a doll. I had rosebud lips, full, dark hair and I was pretty like a doll. The nickname absolutely stuck. My mom still calls me Dolly or Doll, now that I'm older. She was pretty embarrassing about it for my entire life. She would call out to me in stores with that name or even last year, when I was working she would ask for Dolly on the phone and quickly correct herself. My boss would say, "It's for you ... Dolly." Bah! But lucky for my mom, I am a nice daughter and haven't given her too much grief over her slip ups. After all, it is like my 'other' name.

 What is with nicknames anyway? Some can be so overpowering that they become the person's name. I remember when Rob and I named Alina, we thought about other names that people might end up calling her; Ally, Lena or Al. I liked all of those choices and hope that if her name changes over the years, it doesn't change too much.

 Rob has a friend named Mark, that has been called Beaver since high school. If I was his mother I would be horrified. You take that nine months (or longer) to really put a lot of thought into a great name for your child and then one a-hole in his 15th year changes everything. I still get confused when Rob calls him Mark.. I have to go "Oh, you mean Beaver.."

  There's always that person that calls everybody by some kind of nickname. I had a friend like that in high school that called me by my last name. I know someone now that calls me by the name of my home town. I do enjoy being called something different for some reason. But I know that not everyone feels that way. I also know that some people get really offended when you shorten their name. I ended up calling my co-worker by a shortened version of her name for awhile until I finally clued in that she introduced herself as her full name, every single time.

 Madonna is well known for her nickname, Madge. Apparently her ex Guy Richie swears she was nicknamed Madge because it is short for "her majesty.." Madge is known for hating the nickname and lucky for her, she is more well known as Madonna. Robert Van Winkle more popularly known as Vanilla Ice also had a big dislike for his nickname. He earned it by being one of the only white dancers in a break dancing group. The name stuck and he went with it. I will say that if someone asked me who Robert Van Winkle was, I would probably think they were referring to Father Time.

 So all nicknames are certainly not liked. Me, personally I don't mind being called Dolly by my mom. Is it because I'm completely used to it? Probably. It also reminds me that my mom still thinks of me as her little doll, which is kind of cute in a puke in your mouth kind of way.

 What do you think of nicknames?
Do you have a nickname and what's the story behind it!?
Are you offended by the idea of someone give you a shortened version of your name or a nickname?