Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Crazy Shit Rob Does! Chapter Four

 I missed posting about my crazy husband last month and I blame that on the fact that there were only twenty eight days in February. But don't think for one moment that Rob wasn't any less crazy for the month of February.. If this is your first time joining me for a chapter in Crazy Shit Rob Does then please feel free to check out some of the crazy things he's done in the past:

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 Chapter Four; "Crazy Shit Rob Does ... randomly out of nowhere."

 Oh boy, this topic could take me forever to write about. Rob is constantly doing random shit. I'm serious, at one point in our lives Rob decided that Wednesday was going to be "Prank Day" and oh, was I so excited to see what "Prank Day" would bring me. I remember he disappeared and when I went into the kitchen he had opened every single cupboard and drawer. He basically opened anything that could be opened. So I laughed and started closing everything, meanwhile he's laughing like a maniac opening everything in the living room. It was really, really funny but it's insane how crazy bad your kitchen looks with every cupboard and drawer opened. What a mess! I ran after him for several minutes trying to close everything. It was completely ridiculous. But really, really funny.

Look how messy it makes my kitchen look!! (And yes, I did this all by myself while Alina was napping. I'm going to sure miss being on maternity leave..)
 He also decided one day and I'm not sure if this was an official "Prank Day" because that day didn't really last long. I think he ditched that idea seeing as he probably didn't want to limit himself to only one day of the week. Sigh. One day he decided that he was going to stack everything. I'm watching t.v. and what gives him away is always that mischievous giggle he has. It's a high pitched giggle, similar to an evil clown. He started stacking everything on the coffee table. Of course this throws my anxiety through the roof, seeing as I am always nervous about things falling over and spilling or breaking. So he has a guitar capo and a kleenex box and plates and cups with liquid in them teetering in one giant tower of future mess in front of me. As I dash to take a part that tower he's off stacking another tower of disaster nearby.

 Months ago I took this picture of Rob in the dryer. There was no reason for him to be in there, other than the fact that he wanted to see if he could fit. I'm just glad he found a way out of the dryer. Any emergency calls would go through our local fire department. So if my curious husband needed assistance getting out a dryer, he would be met by a group of his fellow fire department friends. I'm sure that would be a story that would be told time and time again. "Remember when we had to "rescue" Rob from his dryer?"

 Just recently Rob dropped his sawzall and it hit his leg and the blade went in at least an inch. He wanted to show me his wound, but first he had to make some adjustments...

For those of you that do not know what a sawzall looks like.. and introducing Rob's nasty wound.. with eyeballs drawn to make it more.... tolerable... funny?

  Yes, I also realize I'm just as disgusting for taking pictures of it. I'm the reason Rob is like this- I totally encourage this behaviour...

 Random. If there was one word to describe Robert, it would be random. Then the next word would be fun. Even though Rob is super random with the shit he comes up with, he also makes my life incredibly fun to live. 

An oldie from 2006- he said, "My Reeeeebs!"


Erin said...

Hahaha I freaking die over all of these. And that cut is NO joke! An inch?! I want to vom.

Heather @ Heathers Hurrah said...

Ahhh that cut looks painful!! These are my favourite posts ever...what a hilarious hubby you have! I can't believe he actually fit in the dryer! I'd totally encourage it too - great blog material, lol!

Amanda said...

I almost had to close the window for that cut picture. I am really squeamish when it comes to injuries and that was a bit too much for me. I do, however, love the "ribs" picture. x

Jade Wright said...

Hahahaha your Crazy Shit Rob Does posts always make me giggle - he seems like SUCH a character - happy to call you my friend Haley.. good to have such awesome people in my life <3

Another good giggle was had while reading your post!! xxx

Alex[andra] said...

You are so much nicer than I am! Andrew leaves cupboards open, not to be funny, but because he's stupid (in the nicest way, of course). It drives me nuts and I bitch about it when he does it (is it that hard to close a cupboard door?; if he did it to be funny, I probably wouldn't see the joke since he does it all the time just out of, well, laziness.

I think it's cute that he drew eyes around his wound. It made it more bearable for me to look at, that's for sure!

Lisa-Jade said...

Probably the coolest wife ever, to encourage your hubby to do crazy shit!
You are awesome!

Megan Campbell said...

I LIVE for these posts. I love that you guys laugh ALL THE TIME.

That cut..oh my word. haha thank goodness you both have a sense of humor. I would have vommmmed

Rachel said...

hahaha!! Oh, this cracks me up. And that cut with eyeballs is crazy. Angel is very, very random, too, so I can relate. To this day I can't always figure out how he comes up with the things he comes up with. And he would totally be down with the idea of a "prank day" except for it only coming once a week.