Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Back On Track

 It's been 19 days since my very last exam.. I finally feel like I have my life back on track again. Alina caught a cold over the weekend and I got an extra two days off with her after the weekend. So I had a four day weekend, which is like a small holiday. I will admit that it gave me some extra time in my house, with my girl and to myself. I definitely feel very fortunate to have been able to have this time... I was walking with Alina today around 10:30 and it was the first time I felt like I was fully a mom. I know that sounds dumb. Of course I am a full mom but because I had the extra two days off, I felt like I did when I was on maternity leave. Like I had all the time on my side, to do whatever I wanted with it. It's truly a very freeing feeling.

 I already feel like I've achieved so much since I finished school...

1.  I've cleaned my house! Well to be fair, I haven't completely cleaned it the way that it should be cleaned. I find with Alina around, I don't get to get too into the house work. She does require some supervision and she tends to get in the way. But, my friend just visited from back home and I had a chance to clean some things I really wanted to!

2.  I'm reading for fun again! I can pull out a book after Alina goes to bed, while Rob is watching baseball. I'm still currently finishing up the Grey Series...

3.  I'm making decent suppers again. I find all of my meals on Pinterest. I need to start a series of me trying out different recipes...

These are all recipes from Pinterest!
 4.  I am catching up with the people I've neglected all year! I had a chance to message my sister and we both agreed that we need to write once a week, just to inform the other on how life is going.... I convinced my mom to get an Iphone just for Facetime so she can see her grandkids. I also had a chance to talk to my best friend from back home for a bit and my other good friend introduced me to her little addition via Facetime too!

Nice to meet you little man!
 5.  Alina is starting to ease up on me whenever I leave a room. She still likes to know where I'm going but she's not my my shadow like she was before. Every time I'd get up she would ask me if I was going to go study. It was kind of sad.

6.  My husband is free! He can go outside and mow the lawn, wire up a light, putz around the camper as long as he likes anytime he wants to. 

Hey! It's our camper..!
 7. I can blog again!!! I am so excited to be sitting on my couch by a crackling fire, tap tapping my thoughts on the computer keys. Nothing has sounded so right in a long time.

I get my family back all to myself and I'm pretty happy about it.


Thursday, September 24, 2015

Mommy Porn

Everyone has heard of the term mommy porn but I think it varies for everyone.. Personally mommy porn could mean a few things, it could just depend on my mood at the time.

 For instance, the other morning I opened the dishwasher and to my utter surprise and delight it was empty. Rob had time and put all of the dishes away. I instantly texted him to say that I never need flowers but that surprising me with an empty dishwasher was more than enough. He wouldn't have to be romantic if he just did those simple gestures all of the time.

 A couple of friends have told me about the love language. How a person in the relationship can be rewarded in different ways. I know that my rewards would come in everyday household chores. I love a man that can clean up after himself and knows how to finish an everyday chore around the house. Sure, my man knows how to wire a house or built an addition on a house but somehow he doesn't grasp that idea that once you put the leftovers into tupperware they do require the matching lids to go on top AND they somehow need to end up in the refrigerator overnight.

 Life gets hectic and romance fizzles. We aren't romantic at the best of times, but sometimes I just want a bit of affection. I do realize that I am like an ice cube to approach or cuddle up to in bed sometimes. I'm guarded and for some reason I build a wall between myself and those I love, to a certain extent. Don't ask me why- that's a whole other post. But, I have been reading the Fifty Shades Trilogy and whew... it has been doing wonders for my "romantic side." I will often ignore Rob before bed, read for an hour and suddenly I'm all mush beside him willing him awake so that we can make out. These books are kind of gaggy because they're a touch corny but they certainly do something for me! So I would definitely say that this series of books would fit under my category of "mommy porn."


 It's funny, I suck at feelings but am a total sap for a love story or a romantic comedy. It's difficult for me to open up but I love watching everybody else do it. (I'm sure a psychiatrist would love to get a hold of that and analyze the shit out of it!)

   Coming to the end of my 'mommy porn' rant... I bring you gorgeous men. We all have our own preferences. I'm surprised Chris made it into my trio of eye candy but for some reason, even though he is a blondie- I can't keep my eyes off of the screen when he's on it. As E.L. James would describe it, "I pant" at the sight of him.. Tim and Milo have been my onscreen eye candy for many, many years. Tim in GO and more recently "Catch and Release".. Watching him kiss is just something else... Milo will always be "Jess" in my mind and I will sometimes think of him and wonder what would have happened if he had just stayed in Star's Hollow with Luke.

 Mommy Porn; we all need it, most of us have it and if you don't, you must find it!
Please share your favourite eye candy, your fav 'romantic' books and if you have any extras like musicians, etc... don't hesitate to share. This mama is always looking for more mommy porn to add to her collection. 

I'm like Ariel in my trove of mommy porn treasures...

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

My Flurry of Thoughts Have Been Evicted

 Is this for real?! Can it be!? Is it so!?

 Yes, that's right.. I'm back! It has been a really long time and I am so happy to be back at what I truly love; writing! So many things have happened and there are so many things that I want to share. So I've decided to post a completely random jumble of thoughts and pictures that come to mind.. It's an inside look at what is going on inside of my head... !

 First of all, we fulfilled a dream of mine this summer and that was going to a Major League Baseball game in Seattle. Our All Star Toronto Blue Jays won one out of the three games they played that weekend and we so happened to be at the two they lost. However- it was still an incredible experience and I would definitely recommend a good ol' baseball game if you ever get the chance!

 I was aimlessly wandering around Facebook today and I came across one of the cutest ideas ever.. Disney Princess cooking aprons FOR ADULTS! My inner kiddo squealed with delight and instantly bellowed the words; I WANT ONE! I looked through all of the classics and decided at first sight it's Cinderella all the way. I originally loved Cinderella the most until Belle entered the Disney scene. (Brunette, loved books- come on, it was a Disney Princess made for me..!)

Click HERE to the Etsy Shop responsible for these gems...
   Alina's Papa won her a toy over the summer. Alina later referred to that toy as "Auntie Kyli".. My sister has a doppelganger and it is a fictitious character named Sam Sparks from Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2...

  A list I've been putting together in my Iphone Notes for over a year of things that I dislike... Which one do you agree with the most...?

1.  Fruit flies!
2.  Sneezing after putting on mascara.
3. Taking a primary key off of your key ring.
4. Paying for tampons.
5. Packing tape dispensers.
6. Leaving the windshield wipers on even though it has stopped raining.
7. People that walk sloooowly across the street that don't use the crosswalk.
8. The smell of a dirty dishwasher.

 We sold our Westy and bought a camper!!! Whoop whoop! Helloooo camping!

  Alina is potty trained and yapping up a storm everyday. She's my best friend and we are both very happy about getting to spend more time together, now that I'm finished studying. She loves Frozen, like every other 2 year old. But she also loves "Punzel" and Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty and every Disney Princess out there. She says, "Can I want some..!?" whenever she wants something I am eating. We threaten with time out on the daily but it works, so she's turning out to be a pretty good kiddo. She loves, loves, loooooves singing and dancing in my arms to Wagon Wheel and Chicken Fried. She loves babies and her favourite toy right now is "Chincha". She is goofy and smart and I love her.. can you tell??

 I'm looking forward to catching up on my fav blogs again.. and I'm sorry I've been gone for so long! I missed this place!!