Monday, October 30, 2006

A Lasting Glow

Lately this is how I feel; the world is mine to do what needs to be done. It doesn't matter if it's doing things to make others happy, or just spending quality time with my family, making new memories to cherish. I am really content with my life right now.

Rob and I did a good deed this weekend. We flew my brother Lincoln in from Edmonton to see our mama. Mom is doing well, but she really needed to see him. She misses him truly. So this visit was a complete surprise to her. I wish I could put the video on my blog so as to share her reaction to my brother sneaking up along side her, pretending to be a stranger. It was so amazing to help make someone that I care for over anything in this world; that overjoyed.

It is also nice to be around family again. I think that Christmas isn't just my favourite time of year because of the presents, but because of the family that I am around. My family isn't just the best because they're my family either. We are so much fun when we all get together. Our chemistry is just perfect when all of us around each other. The best part is, is that we found partners that get along with everyone just as well. That is how I know we are all going to end up with these awesome people in our futures. Jess, Joe and Rob all get along wonderfully. This was the first time that Jess and Rob met, but they seemed to hit it off perfectly.

The picture symbolizes the sense of freedom, of completion that I am feeling this morning when I woke up. My guy cleaned the house up while my siblings and I went to my aunt's last night to party and eat great food. As I woke up not remembering much of last nights retreat to bed, I looked at the house and it was neat and tidy. I told him that I didn't expect him to clean up but he did anyway. So I woke feeling great about yesterday, in a place that I didn't have to worry about cleaning. My morning has been spectacular. It's been for me to catch up on the weekend's results and to gather my thoughts about it. Hence, why I feel so good I bet.

Mom is looking so outstanding these days. She's lost 15 pounds and she's a renewed woman, so much that she's glowing in all the pictures that we took. My mom is someone very special to me and in putting that smile on her face yesterday, I too feel that good

Saturday, October 28, 2006


One year from October 20th-- my sister's birthday. It was the first time that Rob met Kyli and Joe. We like to call it their anniversary. Rob and I had only been dating for... a couple of weeks. We decided it was time for him to meet my sister and her ..ahem, boyfriend Joe.

Joe and I looking nice...a year ago.

One year later..looking okay.. I could be better.

Smoochin' her sister..nice BOOBs and double

We look better a year later..haha

Joe loving me.

Joe still loving me.

Rob and Haley's first picture...

Rob and Haley's most recent picture...

Weekend Carvings

Pumpking Carving -again.

Last night we decided to bring the kids out in ourselves and carve some pumpkins. Rob of course carved the intricate ghost ship and I chose the five pumpkins stacked on top of each other. It was quite entertaining. I even estimated that it would take Rob from 7-10 to finish his pumpkin. I was exactly right too. Mine took about two hours. But we had a nice time sitting side by side in complete silence for a few hours. We were concentrating so hard that we forgot to even chit chat to one another. Finally I noticed once my pumpkin was complete that we probably hadn't spoken in two entire hours. Haha.

Friday nights with Rob and Haley are spent studying our carving kits and stencils to ensure that we make the best damn pumpkin anyone has ever made, instead of socializing with the friends that we don't have. Nah, I thought it was fun. Rob and I never go out because this place isn't for that. Qualicum was featured on the news the other night as the the place to retire in Canada. It is the #1 place for retirees to finally park their rv's and settle down, with an eternity of golf and chatty senior groups everywhere they look. It's paradise for oldies, not so much for us who are just starting out in life.

Friend wise, we don't settle. It's like going on a date with someone. We always are looking out for the other person's faults and reasons why that would bother us later on in life. Also there are two people to please rather than one. Maybe our friend expectations are too high. I guess we're looking for friends like our own. But those friendships were established over years and years. I met my best friend Katie, when I was in grade two. She was probably six and I was seven or eight, depending.. Rob met his friends when he was around that same age as well. We share the same stories because we grew up together. It's much more difficult doing that now with people. We're working on it. I am not being too picky, really. I've got my eyes out and maybe that's the problem. I wasn't looking when I stumbled upon Rob. He wasn't either. Once we stop looking that'll be when we find some good friends.

My brother and his girl are coming for a short lived visit this weekend. I am really excited. He was needed in the family and so we got him here. I think he's a bit surprised that we did this much to get him here but he's thrilled as well. Again we await their arrival today. This time I know what to expect and I am not at all nervous. It's my family. I love when they come to visit me. I am the youngest and when my older siblings and their spouses come to stay at my/our house I am beyond proud.

Here's to a good weekend with people that have known me as long as I've existed! Now that's a comforting thought.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Busy Bee

This is often the face I give Joe.. "Don't!"

So many days have passed since I last posted. My blog is no longer something I go to when I am sad or lonely. When I first started my blog it was to keep my mind occupied. I had really very little going for me. I had just moved and I have written about it far too much. The point is that I was bored with my life and I valued the time I had to write in my blog. It used to be the very thing that I did in a day. I would wake up late, eat my big breakfast that I'd cook for myself, go on the computer for a few hours reading other blogs and commenting. Back then I had quite a few people to check up on. Today they seem to be few and far between. Suz, Mama, Cassie... Where are they all now? (that's besides the point..) I wouldn't have anyone to phone, or a job to go to. I just can't believe how much my life has changed since then. Did Rob really rescue me from that life I was living?

Today I worked, as usual until closing. I am fortunate with my job. We are only opened until 5:00. I got home around 5:30. I did my weight exercises, push ups and sit ups and went out for my "Run". (although 70% of the time I am "speed" walking.) I got home, showered and threw some clothes in the wash. I finished up whatever dishes I could and heated up our left overs from last night. It was even difficult to will myself into the computer room to write "that blog I have to get written." I love that I give myself homework to this very day.

"I haven't written in my journal for .. three days. I better catch up on those three days....three pages for you Miss. Parenteau."

"Your blog is getting terribly out dated. You haven't written in it since last week!"

Soon my writing workshop starts. I am really looking forward to working on real assignments. I think I just miss english class. I don't really miss much else from highschool. Well there is that entire feeling of belonging to a large group; my grad class. I do miss breaks and lunches with my fellow graduates. There are so many people I haven't seen since graduation. I miss the people I grew up around. I don't even necessarily have to know them all that well to miss them that little bit.

This weekend was my sisters birthday. She turned a whopping 27. I always rememebered wishing all of my life that I was her age. Gosh, what I wouldn't give to be Kyli's age so that I could do all the things that she got to do! Then my mom would say..." One day you'll be happy with your age and it is Kyli that will wish that she was as old as you." When I think of 27 for me, I expect to be working at a career, not at a coffee shop. I hope to be at an easier place than I am at now. Even though things feel pretty good now, they could be better. Money could be better, our living situation could improve. I hope to be proud of myself, like I am now.

My car was broken into in Victoria, while we were visiting. I can't explain the feeling I got when I peered through the window of my car, seeing all of the contents from my glove box spewed all over the passenger side. I felt violated and pissed off that someone had been in my car. But luckily we gutted the little sunfire before we locked all the doors and went on with our night. So the clever, little thief got nothing but a bag full of change that couldn't have been more than.. $5.00 altogether. So HA. Now since my lock on the driver's side is out of order. I've decided to keep my car unlocked, with nothing valueable inside. This way, other thiefs can take a look whenever, then they can see that there's nothing for them inside and go on their dishonest ways. Kind of like a shop owner leaving the cash register open with the flaps up, so that any burglar that may cross the shop's path, will see it is empty and not break it open.

" I feel busy." I said to Rob before I jumped up to write in my blog today. I was laying in his arms on the couch after eating my supper. I was doing nothing at all. Even when I am doing very little, I still feel busy. At least I feel like I am doing something with myself, rather than just writing in my blog and feeling fufilled.

Cheers big ears! Ky's 27!

Cutie Couple

There she is...not baaaad for 27!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Table for Four

Company is coming..

My very good friend Morgan and her beau are coming for my first official "couples" visit. Rob and I have had our friends come to visit, but never a friend with his significant other. So this is another "first" to add to our list.

I can only hope that we do well to entertain. Like all things I tend to think too much into everything. A at work says " You are over explaining again..." I guess that's what to expect from a person that wants to be a writer. If I didn't over explain everything I couldn't get my point out there the way that I wanted it to.

Even though Morgan told me not to clean like a crazy woman, prior to her arrival, I did just that. We cleaned yesterday morning for a couple of hours. I hadn't realized how dirty my cupboards were until I started cleaning them front to back. My house has been filthy for a whole year and it took me this long to realize!! I saved sweeping and mopping the kitchen floor and of course, dusting for today. Again, I knew I wouldn't like this decision I made yesterday, today. Now I have to clean a little bit more. Oh well, no biggy.

The only bad thing about this visit is that they aren't going to see very much of us, because Rob and I are both working steady while they're here. They'll get us in the evenings. I hope that they don't mind going out on their own. We'll give them plenty of direction and ideas for a nice day out of course.

Well the news on my dad is back. He does apparently have a low grade cancer. People are probably wondering why I posted this part last. But it's because he has a really positive feeling about it and speaking from experience; it doesn't sound overly serious. I'll know more by... the 23rd. What's the point in worrying when it can wait until he knows everything and I can look at the big picture rather than the millions of "what ifs".

I can't say that I am fine with it. It really does make me think. But there's nothing we can do but wait and see how everything unfolds. I said to Kyli when I explained it to her, that there are unfortunately, thousands of little kids that battle cancer everyday and are going hard and strong as ever. If little kids can do it, certainly our own grown father can. Mind you I am not sure if I said that to make her feel better or me...

I am hours away from the company arriving and I am a little anxious for them. I am sure everything will work out smoothly. Apparently Rob's little buddies are planning on triple threating us with a visit. Uh oh.. three boys and Rob for how long I wonder...?? Now that is something to worry about!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I love him when..

October 07, 2006 - Robert and Haley's Official One Year Anniversary

Yes, I am wearing a fake mustache, but that I will explain later.

There it is. One year together already and finally. That's basically how quickly it went by and how soon it came. I feel like we've been together forever, because we fit with each other so right, so naturally. But the very fact that we've been basically living together a year as well is crazy to me. I can't believe how quickly the year came! I love that we've been together for an entire year. My Last Year memories from this point on are all with Robert. Not with anyone else but him. We are so good together that it used to scare me. I'd wonder when things were going to go all wrong. But I have to stop living like that. I have to just live without doubts or fears. We love each other. We aren't in those puppy love stages where I almost cry when he leaves the room. Haha. Yes, I used to be like that. That is sad. I miss him when he's gone. I want him around when he isn't. When he is, we spend time together. We may not realize it, but we can't stay away from each other.

Rob and I are casually in love. We are so used to eachother like we've been together for years, yet we are just that much in love that others can see that it is true.

You know you love a person when:

1. I am proud when he opens his mouth to speak to my family and friends.
2. He treats my mother like his own.
3. Everyday he makes me laugh with his bizarre behaviour.
4. I sneak a sniff of his t-shirts before I drop them in the washing machine.
5. I wear a picture of him around my neck when he was three months old...and I get
asked CONSTANTLY at work how old my baby is...
6. I love his family like my own.
7. He babies me when I don't feel good.
8. He goes out of his way to please me..
9. I can't wait to make lil' replicas of us together!
10. He is my best friend.

Those are just a few things off hand. As for now; UFC Ken Shamrock VS. Tito Ortiz FIGHT #3 is on tv. It's not PayPerView..which is pretty well unbelievable. Rob's shouting at me to get in the living room so I don't miss it. So instead of writing about how much I love my man.... I am going to go love on him instead!

PS- The mustache story will have to wait!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Weight Lifter

Mama and I in a place we like to call; Heaven on Earth.

If I didn't want to be a writer so bad, I think I would seriously consider being a therapist, or something like that. I have loved hearing problems since I can't remember. I liked hearing from my friends what they should do in their relationships, all through high school. I never missed the opportunity to let a person know what I thought was up. My opinions aren't usually wrong, as bold as a statement that is. When it comes to advice, I think I give it pretty accurately. I am proud of that.

I phoned my sister the other day. She was having a tough time coping with work and what not. I made her feel so much better by the end of the conversation, and in taking the credit for that; I felt really happy that I could help.

My mom phoned me today and she told me that I was really smart for my age. Wow, I thought, I don't think my mom has ever really said that to me before. My head puffed up three sizes bigger and I nearly floated out of the room, feet dragging below me.

" I can't believe those words just came out of your mouth. I am really going to consider what you said."

She left me with that thought lingering in my head. My family really does come to me with just about everything. I don't think since I've been a little girl, have I been out of the loop, with serious matter going on in the family. Most people have been in the dark about some family issues because other family members feared how one would react. Well, I think that no one thinks I will react all that badly.

I phoned my dad the other night. He seemed relatively pleased that I had phoned. I hadn't spoken to him in over a month. This is something we are trying to eliminate in our relationship. We want to keep in touch as much as possible now that we live so far away. Near the end of our conversation he told me that he didn't want to tell me something, but then at the last minute, decided that he wanted me to know.. He had some tumours found in his bladder and will be going through a minor surgery to remove them. Etc, etc. Normally, with any other family member, I think heart attacks would have been had. But with me, I took all the information in and decided that we would keep this a secret from my siblings until after the surgery and until his results come back to see if the tumours were cancerous or not. Though I have to say I did start shaking when I told Rob the story. I can't say I am not worried. But I am going to continue to protect the rest of my family until I have to tell them what is up. ( any results good or bad.. come in.)

I am like this big shield that stands infront of the ones I love the most. This weekend Rob and I are giving up our one year anniversary so that we can do something else for someone else that is much more important.

At times I feel I have the weight of my family on my shoulders. But my shoulders were the only ones meant for this kind of a load.. and I am more than happy to carry it.

Rob and I in Heavenly Snug Cove..