Monday, October 30, 2006

A Lasting Glow

Lately this is how I feel; the world is mine to do what needs to be done. It doesn't matter if it's doing things to make others happy, or just spending quality time with my family, making new memories to cherish. I am really content with my life right now.

Rob and I did a good deed this weekend. We flew my brother Lincoln in from Edmonton to see our mama. Mom is doing well, but she really needed to see him. She misses him truly. So this visit was a complete surprise to her. I wish I could put the video on my blog so as to share her reaction to my brother sneaking up along side her, pretending to be a stranger. It was so amazing to help make someone that I care for over anything in this world; that overjoyed.

It is also nice to be around family again. I think that Christmas isn't just my favourite time of year because of the presents, but because of the family that I am around. My family isn't just the best because they're my family either. We are so much fun when we all get together. Our chemistry is just perfect when all of us around each other. The best part is, is that we found partners that get along with everyone just as well. That is how I know we are all going to end up with these awesome people in our futures. Jess, Joe and Rob all get along wonderfully. This was the first time that Jess and Rob met, but they seemed to hit it off perfectly.

The picture symbolizes the sense of freedom, of completion that I am feeling this morning when I woke up. My guy cleaned the house up while my siblings and I went to my aunt's last night to party and eat great food. As I woke up not remembering much of last nights retreat to bed, I looked at the house and it was neat and tidy. I told him that I didn't expect him to clean up but he did anyway. So I woke feeling great about yesterday, in a place that I didn't have to worry about cleaning. My morning has been spectacular. It's been for me to catch up on the weekend's results and to gather my thoughts about it. Hence, why I feel so good I bet.

Mom is looking so outstanding these days. She's lost 15 pounds and she's a renewed woman, so much that she's glowing in all the pictures that we took. My mom is someone very special to me and in putting that smile on her face yesterday, I too feel that good


holli said...

Your mom looks fabulous and I'm so happy for the place you're in.

Haley - that pic is.. perfect. I need to put that in my mind next to the one of Faith filled with wonder at Sea World. So much joy in the world.. nobody needs to focus on the rest if they can avoid it.

Happy prize!!

Anonymous said...

the fam all look great and i am glad that everyone is so happy. It is so good that your mom moved down, she seems to be doing so well now! ~K