Saturday, July 22, 2006

A Summer Reality

Rob and I on the boat..

The night before at the beach.

This is the Dingy Dock Pub. So neat.

WOOOOW. It is HOT here. I know that it was hot in the summer back in Alberta. But this heat is intense. I am not complaining though. The summer rays always bring out the kids in us.

I came home from work today, and Mama J. had the sprinkler spraying up as she's yelling, "Wanna come in my shower!!?" I love it. Summer time is the ideal time of the year. Some people can't hack the heat. But I personally say, buck up and enjoy the weather. I understand it gets to be too hot, and people get grumpy and tired. But always remember, you could be other places quite unpleasant. Being at work in a place where most people travel to on vacation is punishement. But while I am there I think about where else I could be that is worse. The hospital came to mind. Can you imagine being sick in the hospital during the summer, or ever for that matter?

Not necessarily someone in my life, but someone else in another life is in fact facing a struggle in a hospital. I think of her whenever I feel like complaining. I remember what it's like to visit someone sick in the hospital and how much I disliked it. I hate to imagine of what that would be like. To be sick, scared and have everyone around trying to act happier is just a plain old nightmare. I won't let on who it is, for it is someone that I do not know. But she's just a little girl that should be screaming and jumping through sprinklers herself. I think of her and hope that my comments might make her smile, if not only for a moment.

Last night I went out with the famdamily and celebrated the summer by floating on a boat, alongside the BC ferries, the marina and AN OCEAN PUB. It felt like I was on my own little mini-vacation. I had a hell of a busy day at work and then I got to be a tourist and drink beers and visit with family. It was the perfect reward.

I like these new people in my life. Thinking back to a year ago I would never have imagined life to be like this. Rob, Mom and I are all celebrating our one year of living here this week. It's a celebration of the times already shared, and the ones to follow.

I welcome this summer with open arms!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

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Sunday, July 16, 2006

This Promise

This is the ring I got for my birthday from lovely Rob. He gave it to me Friday night because he was too excited to wait until Sunday.

"Promise To Love You Forever-Ring" I think it is absolutely perfect and it really suits who I am. He chose it first in the jewellery store and liked it right away.

To be honest I thought he was proposing and when he gave me the ring box I just stared at it...not wanting to see what was inside. I mean, yes I will marry him but not now, not yet. We have too many things to do before that will happen. As soon as I saw the colour of the stone I was thrilled, knowing that it was going to be a "love ya" kind of ring.

The picture was also taken with my new digital camera. All the pictures from my Birthday Bash turned out really well. I will post those pictures later on. I thought that this ring and what it means to me deserved a post all in itself.

One thing that I learned from my weekend was how much Rob really loves me. I see little pumping red hearts in his eyes when he looks at me. It is a secure and comforting feeling knowing someone in this world loves me, unconditionally. This feeling is also what helps me fall asleep at night, it's what gets me up smiling in the morning and this is what I want my life to be like.

Thank you Bob for this gift. It means wonders to me and I couldn't be prouder to wear this ring everyday.

A Day To Remember..

Day 2- Saturday, July 15th -- Haley's BBQ Birthday Bash

** I wanted a pic of Papa J.. but blogger isn't bein' cool.

Our Mamas at my party!!

Us girls...where's our missin' Linc?

Okay so I had a really awesome time at my BBQ this Saturday. Sooo many of Rob's family members showed up and I would be lieing if I said I wasn't teary eyed touched. I really appreciated them all making an appearance. The funny part was they ended up staying the longest out of everyone (except Ky and Joe who spent the night..!)

My aunt and uncle were away for their 25th wedding anniversary, so the are also exempt.. I know they would've been there for my day. Mama got me a digital camera for my birthday. A Fuji.. Which I must say, is fuckin' awesome. Sorry for the language but that is how excited I am about it.

Mama J and Papa J bought me a professional hair straightner. I was overly pleased with this little gifty poo. I love my hair really straight and this was the second thing I wanted after my camera. Way to go Junkies!!!! (pertaining to their last name..not a chronic

My mom came and as you can see from pictures, looked absolutely fabulous!! Her little green sweater and long, white hippy skirt..was too cute for words. She looked adorable and I couldn't be prouder than I was to show her off to everyone. Someone will snatch that cutie up in no time. And love her more than life!!

Robert was also just.... Words can't even begin to explain how much he did for me . He was an angel. My blue eyed baby, that rocks my little world here. I know it sounds lame and or cliche'. But he really did it up for my day. He was so happy just to see me .. laugh, or smile. It is touching to know that he loves me the way he does. We are happy. Things are good.

Rob's parents are also little angels..with beer and oilers..and love to share. They are the best of the best. If I could ask for better in laws I wouldn't. They truly did everything they could to make the day a special one for me.

Airhead took two hours to curl my hair for the party and as you can see from the pictures, looked really great! Amanda came with beautiful flowers for me and her cutie presence. I only wished they had given 'er with me. But I understand why the didn't. No worries, Baby J.

My sister and Joe came and enjoyed themselves!! That is all I wanted from them for my birthday. I wanted them to say that they had a wicked, good time with "my" family. (Rob's family, but hey..they're mine too damnit!!!)

My friends came by too. They didn't seem to enjoy it too much. But it wasn't for them it was for me. I think it was a little too family oriented for them. No biggy.

Oh I do have to have a little shout out to my buddy James. Rob's buddy, from when he worked at QF. He was so good with everyone, enjoying himself.. the food, the bud. He impressed me this weekend. Though I never expected any less. He was a perfect gentleman, and an ideal guy friend too. MUUAHHH.

There it is.. my special day in the sun, in my yard, with my famiy and my closest friends here. It does beat last year, even though I was with my other friends, I had more fun this year .. worry free, thanks to Bob.

Rob and Joe trying to start our fire..

Out of order...At the end of the night..being drunk

Amanda, Airhead and my sister..

No one has a pic like this I bet..

Thumbs up to the Fancy,Rum Drinks..
made with love alllllll night by Rob and Rod.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Be A Good Girl And Share~

Day 1 Haley's Birthday Weekend

Today really is my Friday! I couldn't be happier waking up this morning, or getting off of work this afternoon because it is Haley's Friday! Normally Saturday's are my Friday..the beginning of a weekend.

My birthday is on Sunday, so the celebration starts tomorrow. As for today, we are going to "Uncle" Bert's surprise 40th birthday party. So technically it is his birthday weekend too. Therefore, I have to share this weekend with him. But I don't mind in the least. It gives us something to do tonight, and I really enjoy this part of Rob's HUGE family. These are all of his dad's cousins, and they are great to be around. They are layed back, loud, fun and all that other good stuff that goes with GREAT in-laws. I love family and I realize it more as I grow up and experience a whole different kind of family values with Rob and Co.

This is also the last post I will be publishing that will not have pictures. As of tomorrow my mama is taking my digital camera shopping for my birthday!!! I am sooooooooooo freakin' excited, it's ridiculous. People are going to see waaay too much of my face after tomorrow. But I think it's going to be a good thing.

Happy birthday Uncle/Cousin-Sorta Bert!!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Cutie Pie

It was a dreary day today. The rain was on and off and so were the crowds of people at work. Needless to say, it was steady but not overly busy. This makes me happy? No I am a bit tired. I always feel like I did so much more when I close the place. Maybe it's the vacuuming.

I have to write about my little encounter with a young man. He wasn't cute, or my type what so ever. He actually looks like a person that I would be kind of.. "blahed" by I guess. I can honestly say that he went about complimenting me in a very nice fashion. I was flattered.

He's ordering food from me, and it's like he just realized what I looked like.... when he says, "you're a cute girl, ya know that.." I was very cool and collected. Normally any talk like this makes me blush and bolt. But I just said thank you. He told me that I pulled off the hippy skirt I was wearing, again I thank him. I thanked him for all the compliments, saying that I don't mind them in the least.

As I am cleaning tables he enters again, and I smiled, as I do to all the customers. He approaches me again, and says, "Now you've got me curious, but... do you have a boyfriend?" And of course, I say yes I do. He said "SHUCKS." I don't think I've heard that one in a long time or for anyone under the age of 60. He goes on to tell me to tell my boyfriend that he is a very lucky guy.

Well what a darling. I don't care if he was hitting on me, even though it didn't feel like it. I felt great after work. My head is about four sizes bigger than it was when I arrived at work this morning. I feel great about myself. Lately I have been feeling down on my body and looks. Every woman knows what I mean. I know I look alright, but I still feel like I look a bit shittier. My hair won't go up easily, my stomach looks like it's sticking out a bit farther... my legs are legs aren't jiggling..??

Another funny thing is that Rob isn't the type to ignore my looks. He is a little flattering machine.. He tells me that I am sexy or that my hair looks pretty all of the time. He is a sweetheart. It's funny that a complete stranger can make me feel good about myself just by complimenting. Woman are all screwy. (and not in the sicky way some people are thinking)

So I feel like I look "cute" today. Hell there's nothing wrong with that. You know why??

Cause I'm "cute", that's why!!

Friday, July 07, 2006

One Way Ticket

I sure feel out of the loop. Well, the HomeTown Loop I guess it would be called.

I send e-mails to my friend's mom every once in awhile. She's always very good at replying and always very informative about how her life is going, how my friend is doing, and sometimes more. I guess it is called gossip. But it isn't delivered in a negative, gossipy kind of way. I actually look forward to my updates every once in awhile. I am never expecting them, which is also quite nice.

It is strange though, being out of place when it comes to Hinton, a town I grew up in for all of my life. Just like that, I am out.. and news that I hear doesn't get to me until weeks, even months later. I probably don't even hearthe gossip around here, really. When other people, locals.. talk about other locals around here it's almost coded.

"Joanne Legacy is pregnanat AGAIN with Pat O'Connel's baby. I wonder what Rick Williams thinks!"

See, that's a code. I have no idea who those people are, so automatically I void all information. D.G.A.F (don't give a f***) But when it's people I know..I am right in there. I guess that is one thing my friends back home and I will always share. The knowledge.. of growing up in the same place, same people..similar interests in the small town huraahs.

A person passed away in Hinton last week. The name sounds so familiar and I do have a picture of him in my mind. But I don't really know who it is. This disturbs me because I may know him through other friends... I don't's just strange not knowing this sort of thing.

Obviously I didn't know him well enough because I would recognize the name.. if I had. I just feel badly for whoever he left behind.

On a happier note, I am pleased at the same time to not know about all the small town bullshit because I am here! FAR AWAY from all that crap...and I couldn't be happier with that. It's not that I feel like I am any better than the people still living in Hinton. I am just blessed because I got a free ticket out and I took it. I came to such a gorgeous place to call my home and I met my new life, Rob.

I am out of the loop, but in my own that is much more significant and important to my life.

Rob's parents will be here tomorrow, for a month... a warm, summery month. My brother is coming in August just before Rob and I leave for our summer holiday in T. Bay. I have much to look forward to and very little to look back at.. in ol' H-Town.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

A Peak At Reality

Victoria is a beautiful city. But there are some parts of it that aren't as appealing. Rob and I were walking from shop to shop soaking in the sun. We approached one building that was closed for the day. There was an entrance that was covered away from the heat and inside all we could see was a shopping cart, full of bottles and dirty blankets .. I didn't really notice. But beside it was a set of feet.. Someone sleeps there. A woman was hiding out from the sun just trying to have a nap. I know that these people make their own beds...or have problems or just made a lot of mistakes. Some have done nothing at all maybe just had a really hard life. Whatever the reason, it really helped me realize at my young age of 20... I have it pretty good. As I walked by I thought to myself, "and I have the nerve to complain about the dumbest shit...when someone is sleeping on the streets .. "

This just opened my eyes a little bit. The rest of the day was really pleasant. It wasn't outstanding, or action packed. But it was just nice to be able to walk around doing what we pleased.

Last night, July 1st.. Canada Day.. was also fun. We went down to the harbour where Kyli works. She got us all braceletts so that we could watch the fireworks on the marina. We sat out on a single dock, with no one else but us.. Rob sitting behind me, leaning over my shoulder.. and I snuggled back and just watched the bursting fireworks explode in front of me. The reflection against the water was magical. It was a wonderful way to celebrate another year in this beautiful, breathtaking country.

Today Rob taught me a new song to play on the guitar... Well roughly. I don't really know it well but the picture is of him teaching me. It's the new Dixie Chicks song.. "Not Ready To Make Nice". To be honest, we were laughing in the picture because he was showing me chord by chord..the song, "Dust In The Wind." Anyone who has seen "Old School" will get why we were laughing..

My sister caught a moment ... and I love how happy the both of us look.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Happy Day

I have to say I love being Canadian!!

Happy day to my Rockin' Canada!

We're going to Victoria for the occasion and I will post more, with pictures!