Sunday, July 02, 2006

A Peak At Reality

Victoria is a beautiful city. But there are some parts of it that aren't as appealing. Rob and I were walking from shop to shop soaking in the sun. We approached one building that was closed for the day. There was an entrance that was covered away from the heat and inside all we could see was a shopping cart, full of bottles and dirty blankets .. I didn't really notice. But beside it was a set of feet.. Someone sleeps there. A woman was hiding out from the sun just trying to have a nap. I know that these people make their own beds...or have problems or just made a lot of mistakes. Some have done nothing at all maybe just had a really hard life. Whatever the reason, it really helped me realize at my young age of 20... I have it pretty good. As I walked by I thought to myself, "and I have the nerve to complain about the dumbest shit...when someone is sleeping on the streets .. "

This just opened my eyes a little bit. The rest of the day was really pleasant. It wasn't outstanding, or action packed. But it was just nice to be able to walk around doing what we pleased.

Last night, July 1st.. Canada Day.. was also fun. We went down to the harbour where Kyli works. She got us all braceletts so that we could watch the fireworks on the marina. We sat out on a single dock, with no one else but us.. Rob sitting behind me, leaning over my shoulder.. and I snuggled back and just watched the bursting fireworks explode in front of me. The reflection against the water was magical. It was a wonderful way to celebrate another year in this beautiful, breathtaking country.

Today Rob taught me a new song to play on the guitar... Well roughly. I don't really know it well but the picture is of him teaching me. It's the new Dixie Chicks song.. "Not Ready To Make Nice". To be honest, we were laughing in the picture because he was showing me chord by chord..the song, "Dust In The Wind." Anyone who has seen "Old School" will get why we were laughing..

My sister caught a moment ... and I love how happy the both of us look.


Anonymous said...

I love it! you guys are adorable together!

acumamakiki said...

Sounds like a great day. I love that your Canadian too. (=

holli said...

I love it too.. it's so flower child-esque. Good grief, is that a word? I'm losing my grip on the English language.

Either way - you do look happy and a peace.