Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Cutie Pie

It was a dreary day today. The rain was on and off and so were the crowds of people at work. Needless to say, it was steady but not overly busy. This makes me happy? No I am a bit tired. I always feel like I did so much more when I close the place. Maybe it's the vacuuming.

I have to write about my little encounter with a young man. He wasn't cute, or my type what so ever. He actually looks like a person that I would be kind of.. "blahed" by I guess. I can honestly say that he went about complimenting me in a very nice fashion. I was flattered.

He's ordering food from me, and it's like he just realized what I looked like.... when he says, "you're a cute girl, ya know that.." I was very cool and collected. Normally any talk like this makes me blush and bolt. But I just said thank you. He told me that I pulled off the hippy skirt I was wearing, again I thank him. I thanked him for all the compliments, saying that I don't mind them in the least.

As I am cleaning tables he enters again, and I smiled, as I do to all the customers. He approaches me again, and says, "Now you've got me curious, but... do you have a boyfriend?" And of course, I say yes I do. He said "SHUCKS." I don't think I've heard that one in a long time or for anyone under the age of 60. He goes on to tell me to tell my boyfriend that he is a very lucky guy.

Well what a darling. I don't care if he was hitting on me, even though it didn't feel like it. I felt great after work. My head is about four sizes bigger than it was when I arrived at work this morning. I feel great about myself. Lately I have been feeling down on my body and looks. Every woman knows what I mean. I know I look alright, but I still feel like I look a bit shittier. My hair won't go up easily, my stomach looks like it's sticking out a bit farther... my legs are legs aren't jiggling..??

Another funny thing is that Rob isn't the type to ignore my looks. He is a little flattering machine.. He tells me that I am sexy or that my hair looks pretty all of the time. He is a sweetheart. It's funny that a complete stranger can make me feel good about myself just by complimenting. Woman are all screwy. (and not in the sicky way some people are thinking)

So I feel like I look "cute" today. Hell there's nothing wrong with that. You know why??

Cause I'm "cute", that's why!!


Texan In Kuwait said...

Isn't that funny how a compliment from a random person can make you feel so good?

Anonymous said...

I think most women love to get compliments. I am very much into that "love language"... I like being told I look pretty, cute, hair looks nice, etc.

Lately what I LOVE it when someone says "wow Erin, have you lost weight?" And as my son would say "uh huh oh ya alright uh huh" is a singing kind of way!