Friday, February 28, 2014

MHB- Week Fourteen- Power

 This week was a good one! I mentioned last week that this is my first couple of weeks into the Intermediate RushFit Calendar which means it's a bit more challenging. I have more of the difficult workouts to do in each week, repeating them and my usual two days of cardio. I felt energized and powerful when I was training and it felt great.

 Day 1- Fight Conditioning Workout. I'm demonstrating a plank on the ground and the twists that I do in the warm up. The plank is part of the calisthenics that we do after each round of this particular workout. (I'll demonstrate the other calisthenics on Day 3.)

This is all part of one exercise that I'm demonstrating in the pictures above. It's called the 'Scramble.' The idea is to never let your bum touch the ground and to keep moving. There are full rotation and half rotations and it is done near the end of the round for one minute. It's a bitch, but it does the trick!

 Goals: To keep up with the great energy that I had today, on day 3 this week.


Day 2- Cardio. Normally I join some of my friends and their babes for an outdoor exercise. But it snowed all day Monday and the roads weren't great. Rob took the Jeep to school and so I went to the gym in the morning for my Cardio Machine Workout.

Round 1- Run at a Speed of 6 at an Incline of 6.5 for 30 seconds. Jog for another 30.
Do 20 wall push-ups and a half head stand at the wall.
 Repeat twice.

Round 2- Run at a Speed of 6.5 at an Incline of 7 for 30 seconds. Jog for another 30.
Do 20 wall push-ups and 10 lunges while holding two 10 pound weights.
Repeat twice.

Round 3- Run at a Speed of 6 at an Incline of 6.5 for 30 seconds. Jog for another 30.
Do 20 wall push-ups and side lunges with two 10 pound weights.
Repeat twice.

 It went really well. I felt great and will be back at it on Friday.


  Day 3- Fight Conditioning. The pictures above are of me showing the calisthenics that I have to do after each round. Squat- kick and repeat three more times. It's a doozy to do after working hard after each round.
 The first two pictures I'm demonstrating a rear front kick. It's hard to catch on an iPhone, but you get the idea. The last picture I am doing the hip escape, going back and fourth in opposite directions. It's nice to imagine getting to lie down for the fourth round until you find out what you have to do on the ground. Nothing is easy in this workout!

Goals: My biggest goal with this workout is to pretty much keep up with this good energy I have this week! 

Improvements:  My goal on Monday was to keep up with the good energy, which I did. I also think I've improved on the Uchi Mata kick in round three. (I'll demonstrate this kick next week.)


Day 4- Abdominal Strength and Core Conditioning. I've had to revert back to my old way of taking photos on Thursday. Rob stayed home because of a bad cold and was sleeping it off when I got up to do my workout. First photo is of my legs while I do a glut bridge. The second I am upside down doing a back bend. Side note: Do not attempt taking a selfie while in a back bend- it really increases your chances of hurting yourself. I came close, but was lucky. Second row I am doing a lateral plank but my arm is down to take the picture. (Bad form) I am showing a leg raise in the last photo. The workout was interrupted a few times because Alina also has a cold and was up earlier than usual. I set her up with her dad in bed for a snuggle and some Sesame Street. Although it was interrupted I did feel like I got what I needed out of the workout.

Goals: To have an ASACC workout without interruption next week. (Which I think I'll be able to manage.)

Improvements: My push-ups are much better! I can also do walk out push-ups as well as push-ups with a lateral plank back to back now. It's because it's not a push-up over and over again, there is another exercise in between to give my weak arms a bit of a break.


 Day 5- Cardio fail. I did not go to the gym for my cardio workout. I woke up at my usual time; 6:30 and Rob said, "What's up?" I just sighed, "My body hurts today." To which Rob so graciously replied, "Sometimes, you have to listen to your body Haley. It's okay to take a rest day..." 
So that's what I decided to do. I feel like my body is just sore from the week of harder workouts and I don't think it's a bad thing. Normally I would just go to the gym and not worry about my body being sore but both of my people have bad chest, sore throat colds and I'm beginning to feel stuffy and my throat is getting sore too. I made the decision to just take it easy this morning. So here I am, taking it easy. We went to the mall yesterday for Rob's sick day. I posted some pictures of the fun had by Miss Alina at the mall. She was getting pretty antsy after I took fooooorever in the torturous task of finding two new bras that fit my new mom boobs. Did I mention I hate shopping? Oh, because I DO! It was a nice bonus day for the three of us to spend together, something that will not be happening once I return to work in a couple of weeks.
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 Another Friday under my belt means another Friday closer to when I have to go back to work. (Insert Horror Movie Scream Here!!!) I have a very smooshy lovey dovey song that I "Shazamed" a little while ago. It just makes me feel like making out with my husband every time I hear it. It's called "You Got What I Need" by Joshua Radin. If you're in for a goosebumpy love song, you're welcome. If not- this is all I have to offer...

You Got What I Need by Joshua Radin on Grooveshark


Wednesday, February 26, 2014

This Really Happened, I Can Hardly Believe It Myself

 Having a baby is crazy! I mean, the whole entire process really is. I don't just mean the literal process of physically pushing a human being out ... I mean getting pregnant, accepting the fact that you are withchild. Then, there are nine terrifying and exciting and terrifying and exhilarating months before the BIG DAY! and the ones that follow, of course.

 Finding out you are pregnant- holy shit!!!! It's insanity. I think a big reason why you end up checking and then double checking again, just to be sure that that second line on the pregnancy test is really actually there is because you are in total denial!

It couldn't be clearer.. but we bought another one- just in case...!
Being pregnant and having to keep it a secret for those first eight weeks. It's so hard! I actually ended up telling my manager because he was more like a big brother or uncle than a boss. It's so hard being super excited about something so huge and not being able to share it with everyone you know!

 Then reality sets in. You actually go to the doctor's office to finally have it confirmed by an actual professional and you even begin to see a little bump. (At least you think it's the baby and not just that huge piece of lasagna, chunk of pie, that doughnut you couldn't resist at lunch and the three ginger ales you were craving and drinking throughout the day... Not speaking from experience or anything.)

Once the baby moves! Insanity! You really can't believe what you're feeling. For those of you that have not experienced the movement of a baby inside of you (shudder, that sounded creepy..) it feels like when your eye twitches out of nowhere, but way bigger and in your stomach. For the last year I would get these weird twitches in my stomach and for an instant I would think it was 'peanut' still in my tummy. Nope! In fact 'Peanut' is here and she is actually Alina now...!

** I had a video of Alina kicking like crazy in my tummy at around seven months pregnant.. But I can't find it. You'll just have to take my word for it!**

Then it gets a bit terrifying because you have to start looking at your finances and your home. Are we ready? Do we have room in our house, in our bank account for this little person? Too late, it's time to make room. It's funny how they say that women go through a nesting period. Well, my husband did that for me. If you are a regular reader of Truth Be Told you are well informed with my husband's crazy antics. Rob built Alina's baby room in ... one month. He did an incredible job and the room is absolutely a-mazing! He turned a small back room with a sliding door into a room that goes out into the back yard with a door attached and bingo bango- you have yourself Alina's bedroom. It's beautiful and I was and still am super proud of him for all of his hard work.

Before... during.... after!

Alina's beautiful finished product compliments of her dad! (Rob wanted me to note that there is more area around the corner where her big closet is..)
 You surprise yourself. At least I did.. I was bad ass cool when I was pregnant. It's okay, I can brag about it. The show "Raising Hope" (that was stupid but tolerable in the first season and then turned really stupid in the next few season) had an episode where the wife Virginia explains that she was "cool" wife and not "bitch" wife. Rob was like- you're totally cool wife, well.. most of the time. (True, true.) But when I was pregnant I was totally COOL pregnant wife. I was happier pregnant than when I wasn't. I stayed up with Rob even though I was so exhausted. I worked until I believe I was 36 or 37 weeks pregnant. (My last day at work was February 28th and I had Alina on March 8th.) I helped Rob paint the entire house (inside walls) minus our bedroom and bathroom, at six months pregnant. It was horrible, BUT I did it! I was totally cool pregnant wife and I take pride in it.

  If you're still with me.. after all of this rambling, let's fast forward to when the baby is born shall we?

Water breaks- Holy Fu%$ are we actually doing this!? Too late. We're doing it. I'll skip the gory details. Side note: It was not as bad as I imagined, AT ALL.

 Baby is born and suddenly, I'm a mom. I'm a freaking MOM! The very pictures that we took in the hospital are someone's actual baby pictures! Someone being my daughter. Holy shit, I have a daughter. All insane. All real and all very cool, cool shit.

Actual moments after she was born!
 The whole point of my post today was to express how cool it is to experience your child doing new things all of the time. To see her with a friend, a little person, just like her, doing grown up things. Alina's friend Abigail was born just a few weeks after her. Abby's mom and I work together and we were pregnant at the same time. It's been a total blessing having Kimberly as a friend during our pregnancies and later on during our maternity leave. We've gone swimming, joined our infamous stroller fit classes, gone to story time at the library and until very recently- sledding at the baseball fields. It is so cute seeing these two together and I have a few pictures to show off of their lives spent being buds, so far...

 I know I sound like a broken record but I have less than a month with the baby girl. I intend to appreciate every last moment.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Things That Make You Go Urgh

 Public Displays of Affection

 Here's the thing- I don't get it. Not only do I not get public displays of affection, I really hate them. They make me uncomfortable, like I shouldn't be witnessing the kisses and arm rubbing and the lap sitting. I never know where to look when it's happening right in front of me. Should I act like it's nothing and continue on with what I'm doing? Or do I just avert my gaze, so as not to seem creepy or intrusive? I prefer to not have to deal with it at all. It just irritates me because people have a chance to be alone at some point and it is then, that they can snuggle up and be as schmoozy and icky as they want to be.

 The worst sort of PDA is when it's a relative and they're doing it in front of family members. Not only is it awkward and uncomfortable but I think it's inconsiderate. No one in your family wants to watch you make out with your significant other. I'm sure everyone is happy for you, but we'll take your word for it, that you're affectionate and that you're really into each other. It doesn't need to be displayed, no matter how much you dig each other. I promise.

See.. in the privacy of our own home..
  Smoking in Public

 Obviously people have the right to smoke outside. But it's where people choose to smoke that really irks me. People that smoke at the beach, with their kids running around within arm's reach always upset me. Not only are these people blowing second hand smoke right into their own children's faces, they're blowing smoke at all of the other families around them.

 I used to smoke. I started when I was sixteen and smoked on and off up until six years ago. I can't speak for how I was when I was younger, but I know that when I was smoking as an adult, I did it respectfully. I didn't take smoke breaks when I was working because I thought it looked unprofessional for people or more specifically my customers to see me with a dart hanging out of my mouth. I also only smoked at home, in my backyard because I was embarrassed to be a smoker and because I didn't want to light up around people that didn't. If you're going to smoke- just be considerate of those around you, please.

** I may come off as snobby on this subject. But I live where it is really socially unacceptable to smoke, anywhere.**

Movie, T.v. Show, Sporting Event Spoilers

 What is with these people!? It was bad enough 'back in the day' when my brother's friends used to mess with each other and ruin good movies for each other. SPOILER ALERT- for someone living under a rock;  when the movie, "The Sixth Sense" came out, my brother's friend told him, right before he went to go see it, that Bruce Willis was dead the entire time. Guys are like that to each other and it was kind of funny at the time. But now, with social media, it is really easy to spoil who the survivor is on "Survivor", or what happens on the very last episode of "Breaking Bad." It's usually moms on Facebook that do the spoiling, without even realizing it. But, that makes it worse!

 Try to remember those around you that may not have found the time to catch the game or season finale! (I'm not talking about super popular games like the Gold Medal hockey game or the Superbowl. I mean, more specifically a hockey game that is on and you're avoiding it because you have it PVRing at home. Then someone says, "oh that game.. well the score is 6-2." Didn't you hear me!? I'm PVRing it at home! Gah!)


 Too Much Perfume Wearers, Body Odour Culprits and Phantom Farters

 To be fair, not everyone is always aware of the first two in this category. It's true that some people have never been told that they wear too much perfume. I know someone that wears too much perfume but I would never have the heart to tell her. It would hurt her feelings and she's been doing it for a long time. I also used to work with a girl that had really bad b.o. I mean, burn your eyes bad. But my boss had to take her aside and tell her because we worked in a restaurant and that is just down right nasty. It's those phantom farters that are the worst! Everyone knows what I'm talking about.. The guy that leaves a deadly cloud in the elevator as he's getting off. Or the person that walks and leaves a trail of fart behind her while she's walking through the aisles at Wal*Mart. (Okay- so I may be guilty of this one. But I only did it when there weren't people around and it's not as bad as in an elevator because it's trapped in there, just waiting for the next poor victim!)

 To those with a lot of perfume on; try to remember that not all places are suitable for wearing perfume at!! To the stinky folks that are in denial; wear deodorant, shower and be more self aware! And to those who fart in public; do it when you think you're alone at least and remember what it's like to eat someone elses' fart in an elevator. It's not pleasant right? Then pucker those cheeks and save it for outside. or a deserted aisle at Wal*Mart

 That is all..

Friday, February 21, 2014

MHB- Week Thirteen-Slow Start

 This was my first week with the new Intermediate Program. In having started a more challenging workout routine, you would think that I have really stepped up my game this week. Sadly, I have not. Early on in, I was feeling flu-y, mid week I was fine and then to end the week I felt really shaky and weak. Hopefully next week will be better.


This is the beginning of a fresh workout. So I wanted tummy pictures of me to compare when I reach my sixth month of working out. (Sorry for the bra shot- I couldn't find my sports bra this am and this one is as sporty as they get..)
 Day 1- Strength and Endurance. For some reason, maybe it's because I had two days to rest and in those two days I chose to eat some pretty questionable things.. and drink my share of white and red wine- I felt like crap-ola! I found myself quickly out of breath and sweating quite a bit right at the beginning of the workout.

Goals: To work harder on Thursday because I'm scheduled to do that workout again.


From left to right- the beach with the huge waves crashing, Sarah doing bridge push-ups, Alina and I after (that hat is usually a light gray, it was soaked!!) and the girls in their 'incubators'.. Although, Miss Alina doesn't let a little something like rain bring her down; still all smiles...
Day 2- Cardio. Well, it was an ug-ly ass day on Tuesday. I got on the cell phone and started texting and facebooking the girls to find out if we were all still committed to our outdoor workout. In the end, I decided that if I was going to start making excuses like the weather, I was going to start making a habit of excuse making and that is a hard habit to break... So! I met up with one mom and her babe and we totally sucked up the rain, quite literally and did our Happy Fit Stroller Fitness Outdoors Workout. It ended up only taking us about thirty minutes because we were determined to finish and to get the hell out of the rain. It was so wet and dreary that I had to stop on the highway to let an otter cross the road!!! I tried so hard to get my phone out to take a picture but people were driving up and I didn't want to appear irresponsible. (Even though I totally am and really, really wanted to show off that otter!!!) It's always a soggy winter on the West Coast, so I'm glad Sarah and I pushed through the wetness to get our workout done. We both agreed that we felt awesome afterwards!

Goals: To increase the repetitions of our exercises and to do more running throughout.


Day 3- Abdominal and Core Conditioning. In the photos I'm demonstrating push-ups. (Gah! They are so simple, yet so hard.) The exercise I'm doing in the top right photo is the Lateral Plank. I hold each side for five seconds and then switch. This is a very common exercise in RushFit and I think I have this one to thank for getting rid of my love handles. Thank you Lateral Plank. The bottom picture I am squatting on one leg with a dumb bell.

Goals: Rob takes the pictures of me every morning before school and he wouldn't take the push-up picture of me until my form was better. I was so annoyed at the time, but as I was going through the pictures, I did notice that my form was off. The pictures I displayed are after he told me to lift my butt up a bit. So- from now on, I will be doing push-ups with the reminder to keep my butt up instead of sinking towards the floor! (It's so annoying when he's right!)


Day 4- Strength and Endurance Workout. (Again.) Now that I have begun the Intermediate Calendar, I will be repeating workouts in the same week. The first picture is a terrible example of a side bend from the warm up I do before each workout. The middle photo is a side lunge with weights and in the third photo that is me in the middle of a sprawl. You stand and then down into a sprawl and repeat. It's very tiring but "it is what I need to do in order to be a good fighter." (Quote from the RushFit video. Only you RushFit nerds would get that one. Said in a thick French Canadian accent of course.)

Goals: Push, push, push myself to keep up with every exercise. No stopping a few seconds early, push on and keep going until the last second of each repetition.


A photo of my drive to the gym, the new scale that could weigh an elephant and a picture of my pale face looking like I want to be back in my bed.
 Day 5- Cardio. To be honest, it was a pretty sad attempt at cardio. I just was not feeling good. I broke out into an immediate sweat when I started running. Instead of jogging, I just stopped and then jumped back on once my 30 seconds were up. I basically just got through it, as quickly as I could before I felt like puking. I followed Lisa from Happy Fit Group Fitness' Cardio Machine Workout.

I've attached the links to all of my past Mission Hot Bod posts.

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 It's also Friday, so I'd like to add a little tune I've been sort of obsessed with lately. It's current and on the radio all of the time. Every time it comes onto the radio I'm usually pulling into where I need to be and I am always tempted to just sit and listen to the entire song before I go on with my business.
I love when a power house singer can sing softly and so beautifully too. Here's A Great Big World's "Say Something" featuring Miss Christina Aguilera.

Say Something - A Great Big World (feat. Christina Aguilera) by NewThingRadioWeb on Grooveshark

I'm not sure what's going on but my song won't play. I've tried a few times to fix this. Try out the YouTube video instead..

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Porcelain Bowl Of Chocolate

 This is my fifth time participating in the "Boys Behind The Blog" link up with Mal and Stephanie. Five questions are posted on the girls' blogs on the first Thursday of the month and on the third Thursday, you answer the questions and link-up. Ask any male in your life the questions- your brother, husband, dad, son, etc. It's a fun link up to participate in because you can take a look around at other blogger's men and see how weird yours turns out to be!

This month I am featuring my go to man; Rob, my husband. I have featured him on The Boys Behind the Blog twice before; "Eeeeeediot!" and "He Bites". I jot down Rob's answers in a notepad with zero filter because that's what I'm all about here at Truth Be Told. I add in my own commentary because, well I can't not have an opinion, that would just be crazy.

//1. If you could live anywhere where would you live?
Rob: I would stay in Canada and I would probably live along the water in Victoria. You know the drive we always take all along the water?
Me: So we would be the first killed by a Tsunami?
Rob: Yep.

 Well, I was a bit shocked that the one place he would love to live out of anywhere in the entire world is a fairly short drive away. At least he may be able to live this dream one day!

I took that Tsunami Warning picture when I first moved here. Scared the crap out of me. Don't believe me, go watch the movie based on a true events; "The Impossible" and tell me how you feel about tsunamis after that..!!!

//2. Sand or Snow?
Rob: Sand.
Me: That's it?
Rob: I'm not saying anything more about sand...

Touche' I suppose. We do live in a place where the beach is just a short drive.. and we both moved from provinces that have tons of snow in the winter time!

Rob circa 2007.

//3. What Winter Olympic sport would you rock at?
Rob: The two man luge.
Me: Really!?!
Rob: No.
Me: Figure skating!!
Rob: No.
Rob: Cross Country skiing because they all get to have naps at the end.

//4  You're cooking a romantic dinner, what is your go-to-dinner?
Rob: Chili- because it's the only thing I'm good at making.
I burst out laughing.
Me: That's not very romantic! Oh yeah, we'll get into bed later and we'll just be farting!

 Yes ladies, that's right. Rob is aaaaaaall mine. I get chili whenever I want...

//5  Fill in the blank: this year I will give Haley ___________ for Valentine's Day.

 I interviewed Rob before Valentine's Day, so I'll just have to answer this one. For Valentine's Day Rob had a flu. So he came home from school early to throw up and sleep the rest of the day away. It was almost as romantic as the chili... Alina and I went downtown for a walk in the sun, to buy Rob some of his favourite items for a gift basket, for Valentine's Day. He devoured the chocolate a few hours later and then a few hours after that he threw it all up again. He did say that the chocolate made him feel better for awhile and he also noted that it tasted just as good coming up as it did going down. Yup, aaaaaall mine ladies! At least I could give him good tasting throw up for Valentine's Day. Remember when I said I wasn't very romantic?   I however, treated myself to a bottle of red wine, a very tasty cheese called Balderson Cheese Aged 5, 2 or 1. I chose aged 1 because it was the cheapest and it was still delicious. I watched two chick flicks and I also ate chinese food for dinner. It ended up being a nice evening all to myself!

 Well even though my Valentine's Day dinner would be chili and I bought my own present this year- I am grateful that I didn't spend my love day in a porcelain bowl, enjoying my chocolate throw up. I know, I have a way with words...

Boys Behind The Blog

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Worst Club In The World

  I remember after my step dad's memorial service my friends came up to me for hugs and what not. My one friend Shannon said, "Welcome to the worst club in the world." She was referring to the dead dads club. I know, so harsh to word it that way, but it's okay because my dad died, in fact both of them did- so I am like a VIP member. Which basically gives me a license to say whatever I want on the subject. Having said all of that, I wanted to reach out to those of you bloggers or readers out there that have lost a parent. I want to see if I'm totally crazy or if some of what I'm feeling is normal...

Dad (left) Rudi (right)
 //1  Do you ever see your parent, nope- not the one that is alive, the one that is in fact passed on the street, driving in a car or at the movie theater?

 I do! I have thought I have seen my dad, Bernard many times. I don't see him everywhere, but sometimes for a split second, I think I just saw my dad in a man walking his dog across the street. Is this totally bizarre or has this happened to you?

//2  Do you ever think- Oh! I have to call my dad... oh wait..

 I have done this when I have something exciting to share, I suddenly think I need to tell my dad or I can't wait to... and then I quickly remember that he's not around. 

//3  Do you ever look at your child and suddenly think- Ohhh I wish they could see her now? Do you imagine him holding your precious little person in his arms? Does the very thought make you feel so sorry for yourself, that you have to push it out of your mind before you burst?

 I often look at Alina and think about how much my dad would have adored her. He only met my nephew and had step grandchildren. But, Alina is really dark haired and would probably remind him of me. With my step dad, Rudi- he never met any of the grandbabies. He would have been absolutely smitten with my Alina, not to mention his first grand boy Quinn and the little spit-fire Sophie. I think about my dads as papas and my heart sort of bleeds for what they are missing out on...

My niece kissing her Papa Rudi's picture.. Too precious not to share.
 //4  Do you ever wish so much that your parent could have met your significant other? Or at least been able to approve of your person?

 Rudi never met Rob. But he's the reason why I met Rob, in the end. My mom and I moved here because Rudi died and we wanted something different. Rob just so happened to move to the island the same summer. If Rudi lived, I would never have had a golden ticket to Vancouver Island and I never would have met my Robert. My dad did however meet Rob. He wasn't super active in my life near the end, so they only met a few times. He came to the town where I was married, but he sadly didn't make my wedding. He was too sick with his cancer by then to brave the hot temperatures in July. I think if Rudi had met Rob, he would have really liked him. I also think that nothing would have made my dad happier than to walk me with my mom, down the aisle that day. The things we miss out on only make us stronger though.

 //5  Do you find yourself trying really hard to make other people feel comfortable when the topic of dead parent comes up and people find out that your parent has passed?

 I am always trying to make light of a not so light topic. "Oh yeah, my dad died, well both of them did.. my step dad and then my dad five years later.. but no! No, don't feel bad, it's nothing. Well no it's not nothing! It's just that.. they've been gone awhile now, so don't. feel. bad..."
.............................................................................................................................................. awkward!

Similar to these moments for poor Pistol Pete...
 //6 Do you have a sick or morbid sense of humour?

 This is probably just me. I'm weird because I crack jokes about things that normal people shouldn't crack jokes about. For the record- I do NOT think cancer or death is funny. But when cancer strikes, twice.. and takes both of your dads, you are certainly allowed to poke fun when you feel like it. I'm pretty sure it's a rule.

 I have both dads on my top book shelf. Don't worry, they're not mixed together.. they're in separate boxes. See! Not something I have to clarify but I felt that need to crack a little joke. Ugh, so sick. Anyways! I had them on a lower shelf until Rob's cousin's little girl was over. She picked up "Rudi" and I told her that we couldn't touch those two boxes because they were very special to me. I ended up putting them on the tallest shelf. That night I joked to Rob that wouldn't it have been so funny and awful all at once if we left the room and Evelyn was covered in Dad's ashes!?!?! I'd be all like; "It's OKAY! NOOO BIG DEAL! Just my dad there all over ya.. I'll just go grab the broom.. Umm.. don't move! " I know for a fact, if something like that happened my dad would be laughing his ass off at how I 'spread' my portion of his ashes! Or, Rob has given me cash that he wants me to put away for him. So I may have hidden the money in Rudi's box because I know for a fact that Rob would never go looking through those boxes for anything! It's a great hiding spot and in all seriousness, I like having part of them both there, together, with me in my home.

They're with my prized Harry Potter Collection... and Vampire Porn..
  Your mom or your dad is someone incredibly special and no matter how old you are, losing a parent will always be painful. Just know that if you ever hear your dad's laugh or you suddenly smell your mom's perfume, it's okay to feel a bit sad for yourself..

Monday, February 17, 2014

Proud To Be A Canuck

 I am proud of where I live.. I feel my chest puff up when someone asks where I'm from. I like the views, I like the people and I like our values. But every four years is when I really feel that Canadian Pride. The Winter Olympics.

 This year, in Sochi there have been a number of situations involving Canadians that will warm even the coldest of hearts ...

//1     Canadian head coach of the cross country team, Justin Wadsworth ran to Russian Anton Gafarov's aid after he fell and broke a ski during the semifinal heat in the cross country sprint. He ran over to Gafarov with an extra ski so that he could finish the run. So Canadian...

  //2     I don't have any names or links for this one, but last week when I was watching the women's snowboarding, one of our Canadian snowboarders sprayed the crowd when she finished her run. She quickly yelled, 'Sorry!' It's not a big deal, but Rob said, "That's so Canadian.."

//3     Speed skater Gilmore Junio decided to give his place to fellow Canadian Denny Morrison, after Morrison slipped in the qualifying rounds. Junio thought that Morrison had a better chance of getting Canada a medal than he did. I've never heard of anything like this being done before! Morrison did end up getting Canada a silver medal. But I feel like Junio should have given himself more credit. It was nice of him to do that for Morrison but I later heard that Morrison had won medals in the past and he was participating in other events.  So really, the story of one Canadian man doing something quite selfless for his country sort of turns into another Canadian being a selfish, pompous athlete taking, when he'd already had a piece of the Olympic Pie. Although, Morrison did start up an online drive to nominate Junio to be our flag bearer at the Closing Ceremonies. So- I'm still proud.

 //4     The Dufour- Lapointe sisters! Two of the sisters; Justine won the gold and Chloe won the silver medal in women's moguls early last week! It was just really heart warming hearing their story after the girls won. Maxime- the oldest, placed in Vancouver in the 2010 Olympics. She was Chloe and Justine's inspiration to start the sport. I think it's because Rob and I have a daughter that the Dufour-Lapointe sisters touched our hearts so much. My eyes would just overflow with tears if Alina, not to mention two more of our (unborn) daughters made it to the Olympics and then two of them placed! Here's the photo that warms my heart the most;

//5    This story is by far my favourite... It makes me the proudest to be Canadian....
Team Canada has a beer fridge that can only be unlocked with the scanning of a Canadian Passport. Brilliant!!! We Canadians want to make sure that our athletes are supplied with their Canadian brew at this important time in their lives.
Work Hard. Play Harder. 


What has your country done in the Winter Olympics to make YOU proud!?! 
What event will you have to make time to watch this year!?

Saturday, February 15, 2014

MHB- Week Twelve- Tuckered

 I made it! I've made my third month and the twelfth week of my RushFit workout. Hurray! This week I was tired and getting my ass kicked. But, I worked through it and plan to keep up the hard work. The results are paying off and I couldn't be happier.


 Day 1- well, it was supposed to be The Fight Conditioning workout. But it just so happened to be Family Day in British Columbia, so we took advantage of the freebee day off. We decided to go up with some friends to Mount Washington for some sledding. We had a lovely day and I don't feel bad about skipping out on my workout. Plus- pulling Alina up a hill was enough work!


  Day 2- Cardio. The girls and I decided to continue our outdoor workouts until I go back to work. (For me, I'm sure the other ladies will continue on with it..) We followed Lisa's (from Happy Fit Group Fitness) Stroller Fitness Outdoors Workout.  I jotted down the outline of the workout on the back of a rice cereal box and we used that as our guide. We did the 'routine' twice with a couple of extra push-ups and leg-ups, just for fun. (One mom jokingly called me a ball buster on our third or fourth round of push-ups!) We are going to continue with this workout and I'm already looking forward to next week. I have to add that I was pretty winded during this exercise. I just couldn't keep a consistent pace going.

The girls and Alina waiting for the other two mamas to finish their sprint. The moms doing their sprint and then the three of them catching up.
 Our girls had a nice time watching us moms do our goofy exercises. They really seem to like when we run with the strollers. Alina is always kicking her little legs when we go fast. She's the ball buster- go mama go!!


 Day 3- Abdominal and Core Conditioning workout. In the photos I am showing a Hindu push-up, a Brazilian martial artist calls it 'the jango' and a Wood Chop with a dumbbell. I followed some advice from my exercising guru Lisa and repeated a mantra over and over in my mind. It is "I am breathing and I have tight abs." It's pretty simple, but it does help me to remember that I need to tighten my tummy muscles the whole time.

Goals: Last week I had a goal to put a little something something into my routines to get me to work harder and end up doing more repetitions. I'm afraid I didn't do that this week. I am struggling a little bit but I'm still working out, so I'm not too down on myself. Same goal this week as last!

Improvements: My back bend is getting pretty stellar. I also think my glut bridges are as strong as they've ever been. I can really feel everything shaking when I'm in the middle of one.


Day 4- Full Body and Strength Conditioning. OH MY GAAAAAWD. This workout is seriously INTENSE. I have only done it once or twice. I have mixed up my weeks a couple of times and so this workout is literally only done during the last week of the month. I mixed up my weeks and haven't actually done this one since we were in Thunder Bay. AND- we didn't have weights that day, so it seemed pretty simple. My goodness- it is faaaaar from simple. My EYELIDS were sweating. Sweat droplets were falling from my eyelids. My eyelids!

Goals: To do this workout more often and kill it!

Improvements: Well since the last time I did this workout, months ago- I actually used weights. Much more effective and seriously kicked my ass all over those 35 minutes I was working.


 Day 5- Cardio. I did the same Cardio Machine Workout as I did last week. It felt great. I feel amazing!
 Alright folks- there it is.. my first day of working out, twelve weeks ago. It's time to compare some pictures that I took from today. Let's see those results!!

  So my weight basically stayed the same. But I have muscle where I didn't have it before! I always have had bigger calves and now, they're not so big anymore!  I am so excited about it. I have MUSCLE throughout my legs!! I have the worst legs and I am so, so, so thrilled that these workouts are starting to really make a difference. I never want to stop! So that's why I'm going to continue my weekly MHB posts just to keep me motivated. They may change once I return to work. I'm sure I'll have less pictures to share after awhile, but I'll still keep the blogging world posted. I really feel like all of my success is due to the fact that I have to report back once a week!

 I am going to start, as of Monday- the Intermediate RushFit Calendar !!! Wish me luck! To see my progress from the very beginning, I've attached the links to all of my past Mission Hot Bod posts.

MHB- Week 1     MHB-Week 2     MHB-Week 3     MHB-Week 4     MHB-Week 5    

Friday, February 14, 2014

Rob's WoMAN

 It's Valentine's Day. That's right- I'm acknowledging it because I want to! I want to celebrate it even if it's not a 'real holiday'.. I actually roll my eyes at the people that go on and on about how much they don't celebrate commercial holidays like Valentine's Day. It's a Hallmark Holiday, blah, blah, blah. I just find those people to be completely tiresome. No offense, of course. I also find the mushy, lame ass, cutesy people even more nauseating. I'm right in the middle.. I don't adore it but I don't hate it either.

 I think Valentine's Day is a day to appreciate the people you love the most in your life. A sweet gesture, or thoughtful dinner, a cold six pack- whatever it is, it means that you cared enough about that someone to do something for them today. I'm down with that. I can be honest and admit that I would be disappointed if Rob completely ignored the fact that it was Valentine's Day. I can also admit that the only time I down play today, is when I'm stuck for a gift idea for him. So I'll be all like- "Nah, it's cool. We totally don't have to do anything for Valentine's Day"... because I have NO IDEA what to do for Rob. This year is a bit the same. I haven't quite figured out what I'm going to do for my man yet. It's okay, he's in school during the day and luckily I still have just over a month of maternity leave, so I'm home aaaaall day trying to think of something special.

 Is it wrong to admit that I don't want to do much? I just want to throw out a sweet gesture that I love my husband and then be done with it? I always want Rob to be more romantic but really, I am the least romantic person there is. I have a hard time with feelings, as I'm sure I've mentioned before. I am so much like a guy sometimes I have to look between my legs to make sure I'm not one. Want some examples? Sure, why not!?

- I squirm at the idea of having to vocally express my love for anyone. I can write it or say it to someone else, but I can't say it to the person

- I am bad with emotions. If I start crying while watching a sad movie I'm always super embarrassed about it. I often lash out and say, "Don't look at me!" (So guys don't usually cry during movies but they aren't good at crying in front of people and neither am I!)

- I don't like to be consoled when I'm upset. My mom will attest to that one. Anytime something bad has happened in my life and I'm upset, my mom always waits and asks me first if she can hug me. I know! It's awful, but I just can't help it!

- I HATE shopping, as I've mentioned before. Rob will be trying on clothes and I'm sitting impatiently with all the guys, playing on our phones.

- I'm low maintenance. Rob seriously has to FORCE me to buy new shoes, to buy jeans (GAH- I hate trying on jeans!) I rarely get my hair done, never pluck my eyebrows (and I should), I've only had my nails professionally done once and that was for my wedding and I've never had a pedicure.

 If all of that isn't proof enough that I'm like a guy, then the fact that I am writing a blog post about it on Valentine's Day- should be. How much LESS romantic could I be today!?

 "Hey Rob, I wrote a Valentine's Day blog post today.. about how much I'm like a guy.. Sexy right?! Wanna do it?"

  I digress!

 To all of you Valentine's Day haters out there- suck it up for one day! You and I both know that you secretly want a little something something today because who doesn't like getting a present OR who doesn't like having someone care enough about them to tell them or show them with a sweet gesture? If you're still shaking your head no- you're a liar liar pants on fire.. That is all.

 Everyone talks about how great the early days of a relationship are. I was lucky enough to have this very blog when I first met Rob. So here are a few from the "Early Days Collection".. enjoy:

-Swept-   (This is just a piece I wrote a few weeks after Rob and I started dating. It's about how much we get each other.. It's pretty sweet.)

-The Sparkle In My Eye-   (Again, this is the day that we officially started dating. So I'm pretty over the moon excited about Rob and I'm on a cloud, type, type, typing out my happiness...)  

-Foot Touch- (This is actually a recent post I wrote last month about how we met and how significant our home is to 'us' and the beginning.)

-Sing For Me- (This post is my favourite. It's the very first time Rob was ever mentioned ever... and you can tell by my poetic writing that I'm in love.. I can even admit that it's pretty cute.)

Venus Trapped in Mars

 Are you a cynic, a mushy mush or meh-in the middle on Valentine's Day?!
What are you doing for your special someone today? I'm posting this at midnight, so any ideas would be greatly appreciated.. wink, wink!? (See, a total guy move right there!!)