Monday, February 24, 2014

Things That Make You Go Urgh

 Public Displays of Affection

 Here's the thing- I don't get it. Not only do I not get public displays of affection, I really hate them. They make me uncomfortable, like I shouldn't be witnessing the kisses and arm rubbing and the lap sitting. I never know where to look when it's happening right in front of me. Should I act like it's nothing and continue on with what I'm doing? Or do I just avert my gaze, so as not to seem creepy or intrusive? I prefer to not have to deal with it at all. It just irritates me because people have a chance to be alone at some point and it is then, that they can snuggle up and be as schmoozy and icky as they want to be.

 The worst sort of PDA is when it's a relative and they're doing it in front of family members. Not only is it awkward and uncomfortable but I think it's inconsiderate. No one in your family wants to watch you make out with your significant other. I'm sure everyone is happy for you, but we'll take your word for it, that you're affectionate and that you're really into each other. It doesn't need to be displayed, no matter how much you dig each other. I promise.

See.. in the privacy of our own home..
  Smoking in Public

 Obviously people have the right to smoke outside. But it's where people choose to smoke that really irks me. People that smoke at the beach, with their kids running around within arm's reach always upset me. Not only are these people blowing second hand smoke right into their own children's faces, they're blowing smoke at all of the other families around them.

 I used to smoke. I started when I was sixteen and smoked on and off up until six years ago. I can't speak for how I was when I was younger, but I know that when I was smoking as an adult, I did it respectfully. I didn't take smoke breaks when I was working because I thought it looked unprofessional for people or more specifically my customers to see me with a dart hanging out of my mouth. I also only smoked at home, in my backyard because I was embarrassed to be a smoker and because I didn't want to light up around people that didn't. If you're going to smoke- just be considerate of those around you, please.

** I may come off as snobby on this subject. But I live where it is really socially unacceptable to smoke, anywhere.**

Movie, T.v. Show, Sporting Event Spoilers

 What is with these people!? It was bad enough 'back in the day' when my brother's friends used to mess with each other and ruin good movies for each other. SPOILER ALERT- for someone living under a rock;  when the movie, "The Sixth Sense" came out, my brother's friend told him, right before he went to go see it, that Bruce Willis was dead the entire time. Guys are like that to each other and it was kind of funny at the time. But now, with social media, it is really easy to spoil who the survivor is on "Survivor", or what happens on the very last episode of "Breaking Bad." It's usually moms on Facebook that do the spoiling, without even realizing it. But, that makes it worse!

 Try to remember those around you that may not have found the time to catch the game or season finale! (I'm not talking about super popular games like the Gold Medal hockey game or the Superbowl. I mean, more specifically a hockey game that is on and you're avoiding it because you have it PVRing at home. Then someone says, "oh that game.. well the score is 6-2." Didn't you hear me!? I'm PVRing it at home! Gah!)


 Too Much Perfume Wearers, Body Odour Culprits and Phantom Farters

 To be fair, not everyone is always aware of the first two in this category. It's true that some people have never been told that they wear too much perfume. I know someone that wears too much perfume but I would never have the heart to tell her. It would hurt her feelings and she's been doing it for a long time. I also used to work with a girl that had really bad b.o. I mean, burn your eyes bad. But my boss had to take her aside and tell her because we worked in a restaurant and that is just down right nasty. It's those phantom farters that are the worst! Everyone knows what I'm talking about.. The guy that leaves a deadly cloud in the elevator as he's getting off. Or the person that walks and leaves a trail of fart behind her while she's walking through the aisles at Wal*Mart. (Okay- so I may be guilty of this one. But I only did it when there weren't people around and it's not as bad as in an elevator because it's trapped in there, just waiting for the next poor victim!)

 To those with a lot of perfume on; try to remember that not all places are suitable for wearing perfume at!! To the stinky folks that are in denial; wear deodorant, shower and be more self aware! And to those who fart in public; do it when you think you're alone at least and remember what it's like to eat someone elses' fart in an elevator. It's not pleasant right? Then pucker those cheeks and save it for outside. or a deserted aisle at Wal*Mart

 That is all..


Brianna said...

Haha! Girl, I'm with you on the spoilers! It's so annoying! Sometimes, looking forward to going home and watching that recorded game or season finale is all that is helping me get through my day, and then BAM! It's ruined. Some people... ugh!

Amanda said...

Sam smoked for years before he met me and two years ago, with a few motivational prods (and some giant pushes) from me he quit! Whoot! Whoot! He was chewing the weird gum for awhile but it's all a thing of the past now. x

Alex[andra] said...

Why aren't we BFFs?! YES to all of this! I 100% agree! I was actually going to write a post about how much PDA bothers me. Ugh, gross. I'm actually allergic to cigarette smoke. When I get stuck walking behind someone who is smoking, it's the worst. I sound like a jerk because I'm coughing like crazy, but really, it's because I can't control it. I just wish smokers would move to the side and smoke in their own area, rather than having their smoke blow into the faces of people around them.

Heather @ Heathers Hurrah said...

I agree 100% with all of these too. The extent of our PDA is maybe holding hands in a movie (and even that is rare) or a quick kiss goodbye if one of us is leaving and the other is staying. The rest is sooo unnecessary and uncomfortable!! I am very annoyed by smokers these days because of the baby. I think perfume is pretty much always unnecessary too.

Megan Campbell said...

PDA- I'm bad about this. Steve and I aren't overly affectionate but we definitely kiss in public, hold hands, flirt and tickle each other. For me I was in a couple really shitty relationships and its nice to feel comfortable with a person again. But I do have to keep in mind that other people are watching and not everyone signed up to watch my love life hahaha

OMG Spoilers. I HAVE to watch The Walking Dead right when it airs because the two times I haven't- everything was spoiled on facebook for me. I never watch shows when they are on because I like to be out doing other things. Then i'll just watch four episodes at at time on a random day. But there are some shows that I can't do that with. Books are the same way. Someone in blogland just ruined the end of the book I was reading at the time..I just shut the book.

Perfume kills me. I have a bad allergy to it and when I have to work around people who use it in excess I'm in trouble.

Yayyy Alina! You tell 'em :)

Anonymous said...

Totally with you on this one! Spoilers are the worst. My dad does that to me all the time with movies. He'll ask me if I have seen something. If I say not yet he goes into a 20 min breakdown of the entire thing. Great I guess I didn't really want to see it anyways. Also, it runs in the family. My sister has done it to me a few times over the years by accident. She will see me reading a book I am half way through...."Oh is that one where so&so in the killer?" THANKS. haha

Sarah said...

Perfume and cologne - yes! Ugh, I can barely tolerate it in small doses but when people douse themselves in it, it actually makes me nauseous and gives me headaches. Yes, the tiniest, teensiest bit is effective. They don't need to smell you from Siberia!

I'm also sensitive when it comes to flowery candles and incense. I can't handle either of those. But I love candles, and there are many kinds that are fine.

On the opposite end of that, my friend worked in small office with a guy who had terrible, terrible b.o./butt smell. It got so bad that she and the other workers went to the boss and insisted that he talk to Smelly Guy. Well the boss was not happy about it and later recounted to my friend that he went up to Smelly and said, "People have been complaining about...smells." To which the Smelly Guy acted completely clueless and said, "Yeah, I've noticed something. Maybe it's the trash can?" they went back and forth like that a couple times before the boss finally had to be direct.

Oh, and I haven't had the chance to tell you yet, but thanks for the hockey suggestion!!! I didn't catch that game, but I did see the US play Finland. It was fun :)

The Babbling Box said...

Every single one of these are pet peeves of mine, especially the social media spoilers...PLL and Walking Dead have already been ruined for me. I feel like I must stay up until all hours of the night in order to watch shows and not have them ruined.

Imagine all of these done by middle schoolers..the pda makes my skin crawl!

Jade Wright said...

Agreed!!!! I don't like public displays of affection - although that was egged on by my ex boyfriend who refused to even hold my hand in public which made me feel great...... now I find it really difficult to be schoomzy with my partner in public. But it is private so it doesn't really bother me!

Don't eat in front of hungry people!!! Being single faaaking SUCKS when you see loved up couples floating aimlessly around you.

Spoilers.... I get them daily because I live in sodding South Africa when our tv shows and movies enter our lives literally about a YEAR after you guys have them!! It's the sad truth...

Body odor.... urgh. We have this one woman who comes into the gallery every Thursday who wears this gastly musk perfume and we all hold our breaths until she departs!!
My father..... farts all the time... purposefully. Once we were in the supermarket in the queue and an old woman turned around and walloped him with her handbag!!!!!! hahahaha

Rachel said...

People smoking around others who don't!! Oh man, when I was in beauty school, I think it some point or another every other student in the building smoked, or tried it. I was the only one who didn't, and actually just breathing the smoke makes me start coughing instantly...and those kids were always smoking out back, so I just never went outside except to get to my car at the end of the day, and even inside sometimes the other student smelled so strongly of cigarette smoke, it was bad...

Noor said...

It gets awkward to see public display of affection. I mean , that's so private. Why would you rather doing it around a bunch of teenagers? SUCKS!
I am allergic to smoke , my dad still does smoking but he NEVER smokes when I am around. But I hate it , look at the side affects people.

Lisa-Jade said...

YES!! To all!!
I used to smoke too but as you said, did it respectfully! When I stand on the platform at the train station (which is a NO SMOKING zone) I am constantly assaulted by smoke clouds! One of the reasons I quit is so that I don't stink like smoke all the time.
Body odur, even in the dead of winter when it's icy cold, HOW is it possible that some people smell like pure, unfilter sock stink sweat? I don't get!

Ozden Ozdogan said...

I agree with all of these things.and had a good laugh at some part.Thanks for that!!
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