Saturday, February 15, 2014

MHB- Week Twelve- Tuckered

 I made it! I've made my third month and the twelfth week of my RushFit workout. Hurray! This week I was tired and getting my ass kicked. But, I worked through it and plan to keep up the hard work. The results are paying off and I couldn't be happier.


 Day 1- well, it was supposed to be The Fight Conditioning workout. But it just so happened to be Family Day in British Columbia, so we took advantage of the freebee day off. We decided to go up with some friends to Mount Washington for some sledding. We had a lovely day and I don't feel bad about skipping out on my workout. Plus- pulling Alina up a hill was enough work!


  Day 2- Cardio. The girls and I decided to continue our outdoor workouts until I go back to work. (For me, I'm sure the other ladies will continue on with it..) We followed Lisa's (from Happy Fit Group Fitness) Stroller Fitness Outdoors Workout.  I jotted down the outline of the workout on the back of a rice cereal box and we used that as our guide. We did the 'routine' twice with a couple of extra push-ups and leg-ups, just for fun. (One mom jokingly called me a ball buster on our third or fourth round of push-ups!) We are going to continue with this workout and I'm already looking forward to next week. I have to add that I was pretty winded during this exercise. I just couldn't keep a consistent pace going.

The girls and Alina waiting for the other two mamas to finish their sprint. The moms doing their sprint and then the three of them catching up.
 Our girls had a nice time watching us moms do our goofy exercises. They really seem to like when we run with the strollers. Alina is always kicking her little legs when we go fast. She's the ball buster- go mama go!!


 Day 3- Abdominal and Core Conditioning workout. In the photos I am showing a Hindu push-up, a Brazilian martial artist calls it 'the jango' and a Wood Chop with a dumbbell. I followed some advice from my exercising guru Lisa and repeated a mantra over and over in my mind. It is "I am breathing and I have tight abs." It's pretty simple, but it does help me to remember that I need to tighten my tummy muscles the whole time.

Goals: Last week I had a goal to put a little something something into my routines to get me to work harder and end up doing more repetitions. I'm afraid I didn't do that this week. I am struggling a little bit but I'm still working out, so I'm not too down on myself. Same goal this week as last!

Improvements: My back bend is getting pretty stellar. I also think my glut bridges are as strong as they've ever been. I can really feel everything shaking when I'm in the middle of one.


Day 4- Full Body and Strength Conditioning. OH MY GAAAAAWD. This workout is seriously INTENSE. I have only done it once or twice. I have mixed up my weeks a couple of times and so this workout is literally only done during the last week of the month. I mixed up my weeks and haven't actually done this one since we were in Thunder Bay. AND- we didn't have weights that day, so it seemed pretty simple. My goodness- it is faaaaar from simple. My EYELIDS were sweating. Sweat droplets were falling from my eyelids. My eyelids!

Goals: To do this workout more often and kill it!

Improvements: Well since the last time I did this workout, months ago- I actually used weights. Much more effective and seriously kicked my ass all over those 35 minutes I was working.


 Day 5- Cardio. I did the same Cardio Machine Workout as I did last week. It felt great. I feel amazing!
 Alright folks- there it is.. my first day of working out, twelve weeks ago. It's time to compare some pictures that I took from today. Let's see those results!!

  So my weight basically stayed the same. But I have muscle where I didn't have it before! I always have had bigger calves and now, they're not so big anymore!  I am so excited about it. I have MUSCLE throughout my legs!! I have the worst legs and I am so, so, so thrilled that these workouts are starting to really make a difference. I never want to stop! So that's why I'm going to continue my weekly MHB posts just to keep me motivated. They may change once I return to work. I'm sure I'll have less pictures to share after awhile, but I'll still keep the blogging world posted. I really feel like all of my success is due to the fact that I have to report back once a week!

 I am going to start, as of Monday- the Intermediate RushFit Calendar !!! Wish me luck! To see my progress from the very beginning, I've attached the links to all of my past Mission Hot Bod posts.

MHB- Week 1     MHB-Week 2     MHB-Week 3     MHB-Week 4     MHB-Week 5    


Happy Fit said...

I might say this every week - AMAZING! I am so impressed by your dedication and your progress. Well done, you! And I loved the Stroller Fitness workout pics - is that Kim and Abigail I spy? Welcome back :)

zara may said...

I love your blog

Amanda said...

I think you can see a big difference in tone and tightening. Basically you look banging! x

Jade Wright said...

I read this while eating a masisve packet of crisps.


Now I feel like shit.

I really love that you are all doing this while out walking the babies - too awesome! I hope I have a group like this one day when I have a baby.

Oh Haley - keep a check out on my blog. Just waiting for a few images to be uploaded by some friends and then I will be posting a very cool post!!! It has a surprise in their for you :D


Sarah said...

Congratulations! Although the scale might be a bit stubborn, I think the proof is in the pudding (or lack thereof, ha ha) in terms of how good it feels to workout and get outside. How cool that you are owning those back bends! I noticed in a few posts back that your face looks thinner. RushFit should totally sponsor you. RushFit, are you listening? This girl is making your product look GOOD!

Another thing, I love how Alina kicks her feet when you take her jogging. I bet that is so much fun for her. Just thinking about trying to jog while pushing a cute little baby in a stroller is tiring. And I'm not even considering terrain or wind conditions :) How awesome though to think that you might be instilling in her a lifelong love of being outside and being active.