Monday, February 10, 2014

1,2,3,4 ...!

 February 09, 1964 ... what does that date mean to you?  At first, I wouldn't be too sure myself. It was the day that the Beatles made their first American debut on The Ed Sullivan Show. A day to remember, or look back on for any true Beatles' fan. Oh, did I mention that I'm a big Beatles' fan? .. because I sure am!

 My sister introduced the Beatles to my brother and I years ago when she bought the Beatles Anthology c.d and we all fell in love with them, in our own ways. My brother's favourite album is Abby Road, my sister loves Magical Mystery Tour and I really loved Sergent Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band but my all time favourite would have to be Rubber Soul. It was the only album I owned personally and so I listened to it front to back over and over again, until I knew every song.

 On Sunday CBS hosted the Grammy's Beatles Tribute. They aired it the exact hour that the Beatles were on the Ed Sullivan show fifty years ago. I wasn't completely sure what to expect but I was not disappointed. It was quite the show! Adam Levine and Maroon 5 opened with "All My Loving" followed by "Ticket To Ride." Oh my goodness. Adam Levine was meant to sing those tunes. He did those classics justice and in front of Sir Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr himself. I was impressed.

 Ed Sheeran's version of "In My Life" was absolutely remarkable. He moved me and made me shiver and want to cry all at once. That is all.

 I was completely moved by George Harrison's son, playing along to "Something." That is by far one of my favourite Beatles' songs and I thought it was so incredibly special that his son was able to be a part of that. I can imagine George would have been a proud papa watching his son on stage like that...

 Katy Perry hushed the entire audience with her rendition of "Yesterday." Her voice was so raw and I think that she did Paul McCartney proud. I mean, yeah, I don't know him or anything. BUT- I feel like she did so well that he would be proud of how she sang that special song.

 Imagine Dragons killed "Revoloution" (in a good way) and Amy Lennox sang a song that I have adored for years; "Fool On The Hill." I love me some Beatles and being able to enjoy a special honouring all of them, was an ideal way for me to spend two and a half hours on Sunday evening!

 Other than enjoying the hell out of the Beatles Tribute, I had a fun filled weekend with my husband, daughter and sister in law.

 Rob and I ended up going out for an hour to listen to some live music. The overall experience was a bust, as we knew it would be. There isn't a whole lot of night life nearby, where we live. So we went out just for the sake of going out. I dressed up in Erin's sweet boots and black top. I was proud of my outfit, so there it is. Erin and I went to Value Village to do some shopping. I never shop there but this time, I went for it. I ended up getting three new tops that I really like. We had to take a picture in some very gorgeous VV Boutique Specials; Erin's Sister Wife Dress and my 90's New Year's Dress! On Sunday evening we visited some family for dinner and we had a really nice time. Alina was introduced to the dessert "Sex In A Pan" and oh boy, did she enjoy the pudding and whipped cream...

Do you have a band that you are incredibly proud of being a fan of!? 
Please promise me right here, right now; that the next time you and a friend go to a thrift store to shop- you will both try on awful dresses and take pictures...! It's really fun.


Jade Wright said...

Hahahaha I promise! I am actually planning on doing that this weekend on my next trip to Pretoria! Photos soon to follow I guess ;)

Beatles are awesome - I'm the biggest Rolling Stones fan! :D But you already know that xxx

Amanda said...

I am LOVING the awful thrift store dresses! xx

Rachel said...

Trying on either horrible or purely crazy clothing is the best part of going shopping!!

Megan Campbell said...

Ok how did I miss the Beatles Tribute show? I'm so sad and right now I'm at work and can't watch the videos but tonight I will be youtubing (is that a verb) all of them!

Yesterday was one of my favorite Beatles songs growing up. I had a snow globe that sang the tune and my little 8 year old voice would sing those heart wrenching lyrics haha. Let's do a link up of the things you did a kid that freak you out now? Like how I watched Pretty Woman at 8 years old because I didn't understand what was happening.... weird. lol

Heather @ Heathers Hurrah said...

I love the Beatles too (but seemingly not as much as you since I missed the Tribute show too!)...those videos are great!! Thanks for sharing!

Alex[andra] said...

I LOVE Ed Sheeran. His music moves me. Back when no one read my blog, I wrote a huge blog post about his song "Give Me Love" and how much that song, and the video, moved me. He's one of the more "real" artists out there and for that I respect him!

Sarah said...

Oh girl. The Beatles are my favorite. And I started listening to them when my little brother did. He was like 9 at the time which makes it especially sweet. We got our own copies of the Beatles Anthology so we wouldn't fight over them. And, this is REALLY nuts but Rubber Soul is my favorite album and I have never met anyone else who feels the same way! People fixate on the White Album or Sargent Pepper's, but Rubber Soul - for me it's a perfect mix of their earlier sound and the more sophisticated stuff. Did you know that Paul wrote I'm Looking Through You for the same girl he had written We Can Work It Out for? !!! My Life is my favorite song on that album. My best friend played it at her wedding. Okay, and my second favorite album of theirs is Help and the third is the White Album. Yay! Oh, and amazing dresses, by the way! Sexy doesn't even begin to describe what shoulders pads do for a gal. And those colors! Nothing beats satiny turquoise. I know because I used to have Umbros of that shade.