Monday, July 28, 2014

My Toddler Is An Addict

 My not-so-much-a-baby girl is an addict. She is so young, yet she can't help how her addiction makes her feel. It causes uncomfortable impulses like walking up to complete strangers and touching their feet. That's right; she's a shoe addict. She can't get enough of them. It doesn't matter if it's an old sandy, dirty daddy sandal or a brand spankin' new pair of Carter's too big to wear sparkling Nonna special. Now that Alina's Nonna has caught wind that Alina is obsessed with footwear, it's becoming a monthly gift.

A pair of Nonna specials! One of her very favourites..
 Alina will bring me my Toms while I'm getting ready to go somewhere because she just knows that her mommy will eventually need some shoes with her outfit. She could be at the peek of a complete and total meltdown and then I flash her her shoes and she will instantly brighten up. The shoes are also a reason for a fit because she isn't too eager to remove them.

  Shoes! from HJunks on Vimeo.

 We bought her those light up shoes when we were in Victoria a couple of weekends ago and it was more of a gift for us just to see her reaction. I'm so glad Rob recorded it so I could share it!

 I wonder if her shoe addiction will carry into adulthood. Will she be like Carrie Bradshaw, and have a closet full of shoes and an empty fridge?! Who knows... What I do know is that it's a really incredible experience being a parent. I get to see Alina's little personality unfold, her interests become clearer and I'm starting to really figure my girl out! Me thinks that this Christmas there will be a few shoe boxes wrapped under the tree...

Resemblance.. ?

Alina rocks the bright pink and blue mary janes in any occasion..

So.. ask your mom! Did your interests show early on in your life?! 

Were you a shoe wearing, purse slinging one year old?


Monday, July 21, 2014

Victoria Weekend

 What a weekend! Rob surprised me with a trip to our favourite place; Victoria, B.C.!! We haven't been there since right before I found out I was pregnant. My mom just got back from her visit with my sister in Nova Scotia on Wednesday and Rob had her babysitting Alina overnight Saturday.

 On our way to Victoria-- Showing off a really great hat I found at my all time favourite shop; Oscar and Libby's -- Rob snapping shots of me walking downtown Victoria with my new hat!

 In our hotel checking out the view-- We were sooo excited to be out without the wee one, in our city again!!--Showing off a very delicious beer that is brewed in Victoria.

 We had a few stops before our final destination- I had to snap shots of us drinking yummy drinks out in the sun!

 We had a huge meal at Earl's- steak and prawns for me and a full rack of ribs for Rob!-- Posing at our favourite pub; Irish Times!!-- The music was a little too chill for us at Irish Times so we headed over to Darcy's Pub where the music was happening!--I got a picture with this strange individual. He had a full on mullet and he was also wearing a tutu... I couldn't decide if he was just goofing around or completely serious. He acted very offended when I asked to get a photo with him!

 The next day I ate at The Noodle Box for some spicy Kung Pao and it was pretty delicious. It was one of my sister's favourite places to eat at and so I had to snap some shots to text to her. I'm a brat, what can I say!?-- Rob's sad face to show how he was feeling Sunday morning. Luckily it just took a Tim Horton's breakfast sandwich and some fresh air to get him feeling better again!-- We returned home to a very happy little girl.

 I had an incredible birthday weekend. I got a new hat, some sweet Toms shoes and a fresh pair of grey tights. AND of course some great times spent with Rob in Victoria to add to our collection.

What would be your ideal birthday weekend?!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Knockin' On 30's Door

 Hey, it's my birthday! I'm knock, knock, knockin' on 30's door.. That's right, I'm 29 today. I had this great idea to go through a bunch of my journals to my birthdays, to see what I did on each birthday. But, that turned out to be a lot more work than I anticipated. So instead, I looked through old pictures and came up with some great birthday moments to share.

 First of all, what is with kids and birthday cakes and blowing out the candles? We all have a birthday. We all get our own chance to snuff out our birthday candles, yet each child has 'helped' blow out the candles on most occasions, especially when it comes to siblings.

 I want to quickly explain my brother's outfit in the middle picture. My grandma was always knitting us sweaters. Each birthday we would get a new one. So that year, my brother opened up that purple sweater and has never lived it down. It was super cute and really well made, but not the best thing for a ten year old boy!

 Then there's the question of what I want for my birthday this year. Honestly, I'm boring and don't really know what. We have so much going on around here, that my birthday completely snuck up on me. I recently washed my cell phone and assured Rob that replacing it could be my birthday present. I also thought about getting the Pharmacology text book that I need for when I start school in September. I'd like to get a chance to look it over, before school officially starts. All in all, pretty lame. Perhaps old gifts could inspire me to come up with something..

Having my birthday in the heart of summer has always been a bonus. I could always get a cute summer dress to add to my collection. (Which is actually pretty sad at this point. Make note: buy more dresses!) 

Cleaning supplies... I could upgrade my pots and pans or a get a new set of tupperware for left overs. Even at four I look a little put off by this gift... Good girl. 

 Something practical. I could always use a pair of jeans. Again, my face gives me away. I'm not even holding them up right. Greedy little shit wants to know where the goods are.

Aaaand there's the good stuff! A Flinstone Kids Playhouse complete with figurines. Score! In real life, fast forward twenty five years and what this girl still wants is a house to play in!

Perhaps for this birthday I'll just have to settle for what really counts...

... CAKE!!! to share with family of course.

  I have to work on my birthday but I do get lunch on the house. So I'm looking forward to that. Rob informs me that he has something planned for the weekend but my in-laws sent me a couple of presents to open on my birthday. My mom gets back from visiting my sister in Nova Scotia today as well. I'm sure I'll be seeing her at some point. To be honest, I'm just happy to be here. I have a newly renovated house to come home to, insanely warm weather to enjoy by the beach and my sweet, little family to laugh with. Happy 29 to me. 

Monday, July 14, 2014

Summer Living

 This is what summer is all about; making memories. I was so busy making some pretty great ones this weekend, that I failed to make a proper blog post!

Friday, July 11, 2014

MHB- Week 30- Lame Wrist

This week I feel I was a bit of write off because of my stupid wrist. I have no idea what I did to it, but it's really not working out so well during my RushFit workouts. So I did all the exercises that don't include having to put my body weight on my wrist. Unfortunately there were a few exercises that I had to miss. I still kept did the workouts and I suppose that's all that counts. I just hope this wrist starts to feel better by next week!


 Day1- Abdominal Strength and Core Conditioning. I was a bit of  a wuss this day. I didn't use any weights on my right wrist and I quit after three rounds. I know the workout and knew what was coming. Round four and five is all wrist so I just called it a day. I'm glad I still woke up and worked out, even if I couldn't do my best. The selfie is to show how ridiculous my hair gets after a workout..!


 Day 2- a jog to daycare! I was lazy that morning and slept in, instead of heading out to do my hill sprints. Bad girl. But when I was feeding Alina her breakfast I decided that I would be super ambitious and walk/jog Alina in her stroller to her daycare. It's not too far and there's a wicked hill. I timed myself and it wasn't too long but I was cutting it close because by the time I got home, I had a chance to change my clothes and run out the door to walk to work! Alina enjoyed the stroll and it was nice to get out before work with her and exercise!


 Day 3- Strength and Endurance. Again, I had to keep my wrists out of it. But I decided to use the 8 lb weights on both sides this time. I was also able to do all five rounds. Rob took that picture of us last night before Alina went to bed. We were both sitting the same way, watching some t.v. (I know, I look so lady like.)

 Happy Friday everybody!! What do you have planned for your weekend!? We're going camping on Saturday!

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Brown To Grey

 Take a look at the make over our little house endured over the last couple of months... We are very proud and can't believe that our once orange house inside and out could be so nice!

 This comparison shot shows the tile floors that Rob installed years ago that we thought looked really good compared to the linoleum that was there before. The nearly orange tile went really well with the ugly brown closet doors.. what?! How could we have not seen how hideous that was!? Our Auntie Betty who works in the flooring department at Slegg Lumber where we got our new tiles and laminate urged us to get grey no matter what. Grey is in! We had our doubts but trusted her and oh my goodness, was she ever right! The difference is just shocking. I absolutely love it.

 This just shows the hallway going into the entryway and how well it blends. The doors to the right show where our old brown doors used to be that hide our washer and dryer. Looking pretty good!

  This comparison isn't really accurate because of the different angles and because the living room was a bit messier in the one photo. BUT- you can see the difference in the floors. Brown to grey.

 I mean, let's just take a minute to admire the differences in this room. It's just seriously So.Much.Better! I now love my bathroom and can't wait to finally soak in that tub in luxury!

It's just so inviting...

 This is where all the madness took place. The hot water tank would be to the left in that closet. The before picture is more of the hallway under construction but again it just goes to show how beautiful that area has now become. It is so much more inviting. I love it.

 I don't have any new photos of our bedrooms, but they didn't really change all that much. It really is all about the little things making all the difference. We've lived here for nearly ten years and there is this window in our living room that is yellow. It's very 70's retro and I've always disliked it. But Rob decided to make it look more appealing by painting inside trim white and adding on a newer, better trim to match all of our new trim throughout the entire house. What a difference!!

 Okay, okay now I'm getting a little out of hand with my comparison pictures. The point of this entire post is to show everyone what our newly renovated home looks like. We're super proud of all that we've accomplished over the many years in this house. There are so many memories made here that will never be forgotten. We're going to be busy in the next few weeks, doing grown up stuff. You've all been warned- I may not be able to come out and play for a little bit. But I'll be back regularly soon! If I don't comment on your posts it's because I'm grounded and doing my chores!

Monday, July 07, 2014

Us- The Movie

 Who would play you and your family in a movie!? This was in no way, my idea. In fact, I down right stole it from my good blogging buddy Amanda from Rhyme and Ribbons. Her post inspired me to totally copy her. I told her I was going to do it, so I think that makes it okay..

 I suppose I should start with myself. Many, many, many people have told me that they think I look like Drew Barrymore. I don't really see it. But, I suppose if a lot of people think so, I must!

 I had a really hard time finding a celebrity that looks like Rob. He said that he was never told in his life that he looks like anyone famous. So I had to really ponder this. I remember watching "Something Borrowed" and I felt like the star, Colin Egglesfield reminded me of Rob because of his big smile, light eyes and dark hair. In some scenes the back of his head really reminded me of him as well.

 As for Alina, I had to come up with a famous toddler actor that people would recognize. In the event that our movie would take place right now, I decided to go with a pretty obvious choice; Boo from Monster's Inc. In case the movie of us happened when Alina was older, then I went with a less obvious choice; Frances Bean Cobain. Now I only think Alina looks like Frances in this one picture I found of her. She has a number of different looks, but this 15 year old Frances is what I imagine Alina might look somewhat like one day.

 The movie of us would be interesting, that's for sure. I also think it would most definitely be a comedy.

This question has been asked before- but if you haven't answered, who would play you in your own movie?

Alina caught wind of this movie and she's already on TWO of her phones with 'her people' discussing when we can get in touch with Boo... Babies!!

Friday, July 04, 2014

MHB- Week 29- Stand By Your Workout

 This week was broken up because of the holiday on Tuesday. I still did my usual three day workout. Tuesday was an early week bonus day off, which was great. My workouts felt good and this week I didn't cut any corners!


Day 1- Strength and Endurance. I toyed with the idea of only doing three rounds of the workout. But the time came to quit or keep going and I'm happy to report that I kept going. I didn't take any photos of the workout, so I borrowed some photos from that evening at the beach.... Good thing I did those extra rounds.


Day 2- Hill Sprints. Tuesday was Canada Day and I mentioned in my previous post that we had a glorious beach day, that lead to my iPhone's untimely death to the washing machine. Sigh. So I didn't get any pictures from my Wednesday work out because I was phone-less. I did post some pictures of our Canada Day beach day/fireworks.
 The Hill Sprints were suggested by a good friend Lisa from Happy Fit Group Fitness and I am glad she introduced me to something a little different for my cardio.
 Again I jogged to the baseball fields. I did ten hill sprints. I used the playground equipment to do a minute of the bicycle and I did 20 reps of wall push ups against one of the dugouts. Then I jogged home and one block away from home, I ran. I would say I sprinted but I was tired, so I just picked up the pace from a jog to a run. All in all; a good day!


 Day 3- Fight Conditioning. This picture pretty much sums up how I feel before I start any workout. I look like a totally tired bitch and that's who I was. But one hour later, I am the other person; just as tired but happy and content with myself. The workout did the trick.

  I'm linking up with Yoga Pants today with a true classic. I always had it on my MP3 player (when I used one) and then my iPod (when I used one) and now, I actually don't have it anywhere because I can just Grooveshark it or find it on my SlackerRadio app. The point- is that this song is very, very old fashioned. I don't totally love the lyrics but part of me is a little old fashioned and I think in any true relationship you are supposed to stand by each other so forgive me for the the blast from the  sexist past and enjoy TammyWynett's "Stand By Your Man".

Stand by Your Man by Tammy Wynette on Grooveshark

Thursday, July 03, 2014

Why You Shouldn't Wash Your iPhone...

 ... because it will die. I washed my iPhone on Tuesday. It was a glorious Canada Day at the beach, spent with my little family and our friends. Alina loved splashing in the ocean and we were thrilled with her reaction to the whole experience.

 Like any mom, I was concerned with all of the sand collecting in our bags, on our towels and especially on ourselves. So the first thing we did, was plunk Alina's sandy ass into the tub to be squeaky cleaned. Once her dad took her out to dry, I sneakily slipped into the tub and rinsed myself off as well. I hurried out with an armful of sandy clothes to be washed immediately. If I can avoid a house full of sand I will just about do anything to accomplish it. And by anything, apparently I mean anything.. In my rushed attempt at keeping the house sand-free I dumped my precious iPhone temporarily living in a pocket of my jean skirt right into its untimely death. I didn't just fall into a puddle of water or drop into a toilet. Nope, I tossed it into a LARGE cycle of clothes filled with sandy particles that were just tiny enough to wedge into every nook and cranny my iPhone had. So the idea of anything being restored off of the phone was lost. My pictures and videos of Alina during our precious time together are all lost. I not only dumped my iPhone into three cycles of beachy, sandy water, I failed to back it up as well. Apparently people do that all of the time, including Rob. Well... didn't I learn something.

 But there's no point in dwelling in it now. The point, in fact is that I need to be more mindful of the things I apparently can't live without. Seriously, I had one day without a phone and I felt like something was definitely missing.

 We went to the mall after work and I got myself a new iPhone 5S. Rob said that would pretty much have to sum up the worst punishment for someone ruining a perfectly good phone. He's right because I'm pretty excited about my new one!

 Introducing, my new phone- the one I will never, ever carelessly toss into another load of laundry (at least that's what I told Rob. The iPhone 6 comes out in September.......) :