Friday, July 04, 2014

MHB- Week 29- Stand By Your Workout

 This week was broken up because of the holiday on Tuesday. I still did my usual three day workout. Tuesday was an early week bonus day off, which was great. My workouts felt good and this week I didn't cut any corners!


Day 1- Strength and Endurance. I toyed with the idea of only doing three rounds of the workout. But the time came to quit or keep going and I'm happy to report that I kept going. I didn't take any photos of the workout, so I borrowed some photos from that evening at the beach.... Good thing I did those extra rounds.


Day 2- Hill Sprints. Tuesday was Canada Day and I mentioned in my previous post that we had a glorious beach day, that lead to my iPhone's untimely death to the washing machine. Sigh. So I didn't get any pictures from my Wednesday work out because I was phone-less. I did post some pictures of our Canada Day beach day/fireworks.
 The Hill Sprints were suggested by a good friend Lisa from Happy Fit Group Fitness and I am glad she introduced me to something a little different for my cardio.
 Again I jogged to the baseball fields. I did ten hill sprints. I used the playground equipment to do a minute of the bicycle and I did 20 reps of wall push ups against one of the dugouts. Then I jogged home and one block away from home, I ran. I would say I sprinted but I was tired, so I just picked up the pace from a jog to a run. All in all; a good day!


 Day 3- Fight Conditioning. This picture pretty much sums up how I feel before I start any workout. I look like a totally tired bitch and that's who I was. But one hour later, I am the other person; just as tired but happy and content with myself. The workout did the trick.

  I'm linking up with Yoga Pants today with a true classic. I always had it on my MP3 player (when I used one) and then my iPod (when I used one) and now, I actually don't have it anywhere because I can just Grooveshark it or find it on my SlackerRadio app. The point- is that this song is very, very old fashioned. I don't totally love the lyrics but part of me is a little old fashioned and I think in any true relationship you are supposed to stand by each other so forgive me for the the blast from the  sexist past and enjoy TammyWynett's "Stand By Your Man".

Stand by Your Man by Tammy Wynette on Grooveshark


Happy Fit said...

It's true, exercise is one of my favourite mood-boosters :) Way to go! Get after those hills!! How long does it take you to run up them? You can start timing yourself and then trying to meet or beat your time on each sprint. My fave is when I try to make the last as fast as the first. Super challenging.

Amanda said...

You make me feel so lazy in comparison! You're kicking butt at this! x

Anonymous said...

Way to go! I love the happy I get after a good workout especially one that I had to drag myself into or through. Looks like you guys had a great time at the beach! We had a awesome beach day this week too. Although, ours was on Monday. We avoided the beach in favour of the pool to avoid the tourists on Canada Day. Good times were had both days.