Thursday, July 03, 2014

Why You Shouldn't Wash Your iPhone...

 ... because it will die. I washed my iPhone on Tuesday. It was a glorious Canada Day at the beach, spent with my little family and our friends. Alina loved splashing in the ocean and we were thrilled with her reaction to the whole experience.

 Like any mom, I was concerned with all of the sand collecting in our bags, on our towels and especially on ourselves. So the first thing we did, was plunk Alina's sandy ass into the tub to be squeaky cleaned. Once her dad took her out to dry, I sneakily slipped into the tub and rinsed myself off as well. I hurried out with an armful of sandy clothes to be washed immediately. If I can avoid a house full of sand I will just about do anything to accomplish it. And by anything, apparently I mean anything.. In my rushed attempt at keeping the house sand-free I dumped my precious iPhone temporarily living in a pocket of my jean skirt right into its untimely death. I didn't just fall into a puddle of water or drop into a toilet. Nope, I tossed it into a LARGE cycle of clothes filled with sandy particles that were just tiny enough to wedge into every nook and cranny my iPhone had. So the idea of anything being restored off of the phone was lost. My pictures and videos of Alina during our precious time together are all lost. I not only dumped my iPhone into three cycles of beachy, sandy water, I failed to back it up as well. Apparently people do that all of the time, including Rob. Well... didn't I learn something.

 But there's no point in dwelling in it now. The point, in fact is that I need to be more mindful of the things I apparently can't live without. Seriously, I had one day without a phone and I felt like something was definitely missing.

 We went to the mall after work and I got myself a new iPhone 5S. Rob said that would pretty much have to sum up the worst punishment for someone ruining a perfectly good phone. He's right because I'm pretty excited about my new one!

 Introducing, my new phone- the one I will never, ever carelessly toss into another load of laundry (at least that's what I told Rob. The iPhone 6 comes out in September.......) :


Amanda said...

Ha, that probably is the worst way to teach someone a lesson. It is a shame that you lost your pictures though :( Good thing you've uploaded some to your blog! x

Heather @ Heathers Hurrah said...

Aww sorry about your phone! That sucks! I backup my photos using Google Plus, which does it automatically on my android and might work for you too although I think iPhones have a different way of doing it :)
Hope you like the new one though! LOVE your new haircut!!! Happy belated Canada Day to my across-the-country blogging buddy :)

Anonymous said...

That is a horrible fate to suffer. I mean, imagine after all that trauma having to get a brand new phone! ;-) I am going to drop mine in any pool, lake or toilet as soon as the 6 comes out. bahaha.

Jess @ The Sushi Box said...

Ughhh, that sucks! I was gonna recommend dunking your phone into a bucket of rice (heard that works wonders) but the mention of sand is deadly - I lost my camera to sand after a nice day at English Bay :(

My friend constantly forgets her iPod whenever she does laundry and I remember she went through about 3 iPods in one grade.

Jade Wright said...

Bleurghhhh.... Noooo!!! RIP Iphone.. oh so easily replaced ;) haha
I'm devastated about your photos and things stored on the old one though?? Is there NO way of recovering it??? Can't you take it to some genius boffin with technology.. surely there's a way?
Bwahaha I did absolutely loved your shamed, learned my lesson face ahahaha - Rob must have been seriously rolling his eyes.