Monday, June 30, 2014

A Hair Outing

Happy Hair Cut to me! I don't know when it happened. When did a haircut become an event in itself? I mean, if someone asked me what I got up to this weekend I would tell them that I got my hair cut and coloured on Saturday. It doesn't really matter because I think I will always be excited and look forward to a future haircut. In fact, I'm already delighted at the prospect of my next one.

 I have been going to the same hair place since my wedding in 2010. The lady that usually cuts my hair always gives me a great deal, refuses my tips, talks a lot of smack about others and is full of loads and loads of B.S. Yet, she's like the bartender at the bar.. I always open up and yap my face off when I go to see her. I have no idea why, but I enjoy my hair cuts for that reason. I endure her staring at herself in the mirror while she talks to me just so I can selfishly blab whatever I feel like blabbing about. It feels good, plus I always come out looking great!

 She no longer works Saturdays, so she sent me to her daughter in law to do my hair. I was apprehensive because I didn't really know what I wanted with my colour and wanted to ask my hairdresser's opinion and I was nervous that it was going to be quite expensive. The hair cut turned out nice, the colour was good and it was indeed much more expensive. I wish she had given me more highlights but we weren't sure how they'd turn out, so she gave me two under all of my layers. Her company was the best part though. She was really down to earth and we had our baby girls in common. We had plenty to chit chat about and it was really enjoyable. I don't think I've ever really enjoyed the company at a hair cut as much as I did on Saturday. Do you ever get that with another girl where you think- we would so be friends. (Outside of blogging of course.) But then, never act on it. It's kind of awkward right? I always feel kind of desperate but I do know for a fact that we're all the same. We could all use a new friend!

 The haircut turned out to be the highlight of me entire weekend. The rest was less than impressive. We've been busy putting our house back in order and doing the odd jobs here and there to make this place look sell-able. We had a lot of painting of doors, baseboards, closets and more doors to do. I'll update and post pictures once everything is finished!


Jade Wright said...

A new haircut is exciting and important for us ladies! Everything about it... the incredible scalp massage (if you aren't put with a she-hulk haridresser that is....), the complimentary tea, the really nice smelling shampoo and conditioner and reading all the lady magazines I can't afford to buy myself hahaha.

I love the hairdresser.

I think the blonde bits looks great - very fresh and summery Haley! You look amazing!

Why are you trying to make your house look sell-able?? Are you moving?

Brianna said...

You're smokin' momma! Love, love, love the new look! And yes, a haircut is definitely a big deal to us ladies...always!


Amanda said...

I love it! I think it suits you and looks awesome! x

The Babbling Box said...

Love the new haircut, my hair dresser of 8 years left the state and I am feeling kinda lost in the world not knowing how or where to try and replicate that relationship.

I am completely with you on the whole meeting someone and thinking we could be great friends but never doing something about it. It drives the mister crazy. But I always feel so desperate if I start calling/texting someone to hang out. It's a double edge sword that gets me every time.


Lisa-Jade said...

Haley! Your hair looks amazing!

Noor said...

It looks GORGEOUS. That blonde shade is so fresh , you're rocking it already.
Good hair dressers are really rare , I am usually bored with them #sadstory

Areeba said...

Whoop Hayley! You're totally rockin' the new hair cut!

Anonymous said...

Love the haircut and the streaks are fabulous! I totally need to find a new hairdresser here. I miss my old one!

Rachel said...

I love the peekaboo highlights! Very cool!