Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Pass The Sunscreen Please

Soooooooooo.. there are a lot of things that 'people' fail to tell you when discussing having a baby. There's the usual, unhelpful, unwanted advice or statements like; "You better get all the sleep you can get now because you won't be getting any!" "You have no idea how much your life is about to change!" Actual, helpful tips would be more appreciated but it's really rare to get when you're pregnant. For some reason everyone wants to share the horror stories or their own, personal experiences related to your situation or not.

 There are always huge learning curves along the way. I just discovered one little tip now that summer is starting to make an appearance. Getting a sunburn with a one year old is a very bad idea. Luckily my sunburn wasn't severe and it wasn't all over my body. But still. My one year old does not take into consideration that my skin is on fire. So when she is tracing her scratchy little nails over my necklace on my very red chest, it's less than pleasant. But, it's sweet, so I let her. Ridiculous- yes! But when my girl wants to cuddle and be sweet, I can't resist. I can just imagine future burns that will prove to be more of a challenge with a wee one around.

World's worst tan line.
 Imagine the evening after a full day out in the sun with little sunblock.. All I ever want to do is slap some cool lotion or aloe vera all over my skin and just lay on the couch in my underwear or a light nightie. Insert crazy toddler. The kind that likes to roughly drop books into my lap or shove sharp edged toys my way. The kind that loves a pre bedtime cuddle and one that almost always builds up a little sweat. Sunburns are so HOT.. I shudder at the thought.

  For all of you future moms to be ... remember to wear sunscreen when you have babies. Not because skin cancer is scary (even though it is) but because toddlers don't care if you skin is on fire!

This may or may not be an old picture of my very, very burnt ass after an exceptionally long day out at the beach with little to no sunscreen on. Imagine what that ass would have felt like squished against a couch cushion with a hot toddler on its lap...

In the land of social media everyone documents everything. Do YOU have a picture of a brutal sunburn out there on the interweb!?


Lisa-Jade said...

I know exactly how you feel!! I had a really nasty sunburn last year, after spending the day without any sunscreen... Libby wanted to spend the night in my arms. Never. Again. Suncreen. Every. Time.

Jade Wright said...

EINA!!! (Afrikaans for OUCH!!!)
Jeez lady that looks awful... moisturize a lot to prevent peeling!!!! XXXX

Amanda said...

So true! Those little nails can feel like claws at the best of times! x

The Babbling Box said...

That sounds miserable. I thought having a sunburn while teaching in a room with no AC was the worst. I saw another blogger post that apple cider vinegar on a sunburn fades the burn and prevents peeling.

Helene in Between said...

OUCH! this pains me so much. but yes i definitely have been burned a few times before!

Megan Campbell said...

OUCH! I hateeeee sunburns. Its like you can't function, you can shower or get dressed or walk around normally without it burning!

Get Rob to rub you down with a little aloe ;)