Monday, June 02, 2014

School's Out Surprise

 Rob turned 30 last Wednesday and immediately following that, he took his IP code exam. I decided that celebrating both together would be the best idea. He was way stressed out on Wednesday studying, to properly enjoy his birthday. So I made plans to surprise him after school on Friday. A few weeks back when we were watching the American Idol finale, he mentioned that he wanted the same treatment that the American Idol gets when he wins. Confetti falling from the sky, his name in big letters declaring that he wins and some sort of celebratory theme music blaring. Well, I did what I could with my resources. It was a little bit more low key than the American Idol finale, but I think it did the trick.

 I saved some packaging foam 'peanuts' from work to be used as the confetti. I rigged up a box above the door, so that when Rob walked through it, the box would open and the confetti would fall on him. I made a big sign that read; Rob Wins and I had the Pink Floyd song, "Brick In The Wall" playing on repeat. I had my mom take Alina for the day and overnight. She was over early in the morning and I was busy loading up her car with all the things she'd need. I came home at lunch time to make sure everything was in place and sadly the tape didn't hold well and my whole contraption had fallen to the ground. I quickly rigged it up with better tape and hoped that it would hold until Rob got home.

 In the end, the whole thing worked! Rob walked through the door and the confetti fell, he read his sign, heard his song and read the note that I left. It read that he was to relax and do whatever he pleased until I got home. We had dinner reservations at Brown's Social House. The hockey game was playing, the place was packed and the food and drink was pretty damn tasty. I told Rob that the night was all his. He chose to return to our town and hit up the newest pub. It was recently made over and it looked expensive and very modern. The drinks were good, the service was mediocre and the clientele was more than a little douchey and pompous. We went home, drank beers and sat around a camp fire. It was bliss. We listened to music while Rob burned his notes from school. It was the perfect night. The baby was content, having her first sleep over with her buddy, Baba. We were busy celebrating Rob's 30th year and most importantly the fact that he finished school.

Rob finds out his mark in a couple of weeks but he feels pretty confident that he did well. I'm so relieved and excited to start enjoying this summer. (After the floors are redone of course.. after that though- fun in the sun!)

I know- it's another recap post! But I was proud of my surprise to Rob and had to share! 

Have you ever pulled off a pretty cool surprise for someone?


Brianna said...

Such a fun treat for Rob's big accomplishment! And a milestone: the big 3-0! You're such an awesome wife :).

Jade Wright said...

haha that is kind of 007 style going on there, when he opens the door and the peanut confetti got released!!!

It was a lovely surprise and I have no doubt that he loved it - you also look stunning with your hair down xx

Lisa-Jade said...

I am loving your posts Hayley! Between Sock Hands and your super sneaky / totally romantic gesture, it's so great to get a glimpse into your life.
Have a great week ahead and I can't wait for the next post :)

Amanda said...

That's so awesome! I bet Rob felt so lucky! (Your hair looks very long and gorgeous in that picture, but the way!) xx

Megan Campbell said...

You are the cutest wife ever. I am so impressed with your surprise for Rob! What a fun birthday!

Rachel said...

Aww, I love the confetti over the door trick that you rigged up--that totally took some skill!! I'm a fan of orchestrating surprises...I've played my part in a number of surprise parties...basically I'm admitting that I'm really good at lying...