Monday, February 20, 2006

My Shining Star *


Update, Update!!

So much has gone on in my the few short weeks..or even months I guess..

Where to start..

Okay, sooooooo.. in a nutshell Rob is amazing in many different ways. I love his sister like my very own.. she is too much fun and I love spending everyday with her in one way or another..

I am living with Rob and have admitted to it to everyone. I got my license switched over to a B.C license which isn't a big deal but really signifies that I am moving on with my life. On the license it has Rob's address on it.. Another big step for me..hehe.

The best is coming... AND I got a car!! Yah!! Remember when I was talking about how much I wanted my very own vehicle. Well I finally have one and it all happened so suddenly. I got a great deal on it and the car runs beautifully. It's not new but it is in fantastic shape for it's age. It runs wonderful, it's spacious and I finally have my FREEDOM!!

I am getting all of my medical coverage and everything very shortly so I don't have to worry about any of that anymore. I am just doing very well and life is certainly good.

A friend of mine at work told me that she doesn't look at life as a learning experience or .. seeing it as making mistakes and learning from them.. she said that it's our journey. We all have our own journeys that we take .. and what we do in it.. is all apart of it. And I like exactly how she worded it.. life is our own personal journey. Everything we do in supposed to be done that way..

Things are all coming together and I am beginning to think that Rob is my lucky charm. Since we started seeing each other life has really come together for me. He completes my journey.

As for this weekend.... we went to Victoria to visit Kyli and Joe and it was wonderful. A success for sure. They love us, and we adore them to pieces as usual. It was a very great trip.

Me and Erin - She said she felt like a lesbian..

Us before the bar at Ky's Apartment

Me and Ky at Irish Times

Dancing ... (note the guitar...Rob's Dream Guitar)

The view's THAT way

Brother and sister..can you tell..

My Lucky Charm..

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


This would be Rudi about fifty three years ago. He was still living in Germany, shy four years of deporting to Canada on a big ass ship. Mom decided just to check out his birthday horoscope today... he would've been fifty six. And that write up is what she found. We thought that it was quite powerful...

Today is a tough day as we have a few more to re live and then, that is it for another year. I hear that each year it gets a little bit easier than the last. I also hear and feel that this year is the hardest and worst of them all. Now I have been told that we will truly grieve because we fully believe now, that he is gone. My mom phoned Rudi's mom today, and I knew that she would not be kind. Mom and Grandma have never seen eye to eye. Grandma is extremely head strong and somewhat cruel. Some German traits I guess she couldn't shake when coming over. So she wasn't very kind on the phone which made mom cry harder. The sick thing is that I knew that this would happen but I also knew mom wouldn't be satisfied until she phoned. She thought that she was doing the right thing and in a sense YES completely. But Grandma didn't see it that way and totally cut her off. Oh tried.

I haven't really spoken outloud to Rudi since he died. But recently when Rob drove me to the ocean.. just to sit and sort my thoughts.. I talked to him then. Rob went out exploring because the tide was way out. I sat in the truck and told Rudi how I felt and asked for him to please give me some kind of ANYTHING to show that he's still around. There have been a couple of tiny signs that could be shaken off as coincedense and I am patiently waiting for my major one. I need it and hope that he comes through on my request.

February 7, 1950 Rudolf Michael Wirth was born in Zeven, Germany. As you can all see he is extremely his little leiderhaasen smiling all sweet for the picture. I didn't even know they had cameras back then. Hehe, I am only kidding. That was a little dig that I had to do on this day making fun of how old Rudi was. He loooooved that. Haha.

Today is a special day in our lives. And it will always be.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Rob and I the other cute! Posted by Picasa
Kyli and Me the other night!! Posted by Picasa