Wednesday, May 16, 2007

My Now Time

As for today I feel like I am frozen in time. I went to the gym early this morning, before work. I don't know what's up with me lately. Either I'm coming down with something or I just feel shitty enough to not go to work. So I phoned in and have a full day all to myself. No work. No cleaning up. No nothing. This is my now time.

I get to sit around and think about what is to come this month. Our weekends are filled from here on out. The beginning of summer is practically here. It was 20 last night, which is pretty damn warm for us these days. I am beginning to remember what it is like to have those hot summer nights again. I'm really looking forward to the warm weather. I feel like it is so anticipated all year long and now that it's finally coming everyone is eager to get their flip flops on and their jackets off. Last weekend it was supposed to be record highs. But it was cool, windy and overcast all day Sunday. I noticed that people had high hopes and still wore their sandals, shorts and short sleeved shirts. That's how I feel too. I just want Summer to get here and stay. Goooood summer...that's it.. STAY.

This weekend is still up in the air. But it is a possibility that Rob will be getting his upper body painted for a possible celeb-sited /funky party in Vancouver. Rob a model- who would've thought? But I think it has potential of being a complete blast. Rob's cousin Sam does an amazing job Body Painting for various parties and get togethers all over Vancouver. So this will be a great experience for me to get to see her at work. She's also getting married in July, which is another written off weekend this coming summer.

Rob's 23rd birthday is the weekend after. Kyli and Joe are coming for that. They'll be coming camping with us for Saturday night and then up early for some surfing on Sunday morning. Rob has high hopes that I'll really enjoy surfing. I certainly hope I do too. As long as he doesn't push too much, I should be okay. For some reason, if he's too hopeful and expectant I usually disappoint. So we'll have to wait and see.

Mother's day was kind of a flop. Rob and I kept busy, but I had really hoped to see some of my mom. She did a surprise ten minute drop in at 8:00 when we were watching a movie. It was really nice to see her. I was surprised at how bummed out I was not having seen her on mom's day. I got her a really nice card letting her know that I want to see more of her basically, because I do. Now that she's doing so well, she's a tough person to get an appointment with! My entire family is hard to get a hold of these days.

My dad has been really great this year. He's really pulled through on the whole Being My Dad. I guess it wasn't his time to shine when I was growing up because I had Ruder. But now that I don't..he's stepped up to the plate with every intention of good. He's doing well and I really feel close to him more than ever at this point.

As for the rest of my day off, away from work and life.. I think I'm going to waste it in our newly dressed bed. Bed in a Bag; $140.00 Just perfect timing..nice cool, crisp sheets to slip into..while I watch the Price is Right..and other day time t.v.

Time stands still for a few more hours, before Rob is home from work.. before any interruptions. I get to lay in bed thinking about what is to come. I need this time to prepare for a very busy summer.

Kissin' Mom on Mom's Day.

Dad- jammin'