Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Moving Forward

Yuck. This weekend has left a bit of a bad taste in my mouth. I'm not really going to get into it. All I can say is that in the end, the entire living situation with Little J and her friend resulted in a big ugly blow out. It was unkind and unfortunate.. but it happened and there's no erasing that now. All I can really say is that I hope that we all get something good out of the negative situation we faced on Saturday.

Now that the girls have their own place Rob and I have a quieter home. I miss having the girls around because they were like my own little, live-in friends. But for now, that is not the case. I am finding more Haley time now that the house is down to two. Rob doesn't get off of work until 5 and I usually get about... two hours to myself. And I have been using the time to do my exercises...that I have roughly made up for myself. I hope to improve my little routine with knowledge..and ways that I can work on different parts of my body. We are also turning the spare bedroom into a comfy, little guest room especially for when Rob's parents come in April. But also the room is for me to have my own space which is also something that I downplayed when the girls lived here...but now am realizing how great it is going to be to have.

Today for instance, I came home from work and got right into my exercises. I took my time and stretched, doing some embarrassing stretches, almost yoga style that I would NEVER do in front of another human being in my life. Not even Rob. Then I showered and for some reason hung out in the bathroom putting my makeup on, and doing my hair into different updoes. I sound like such a little teenager... But I didn't care it was fun. I put a little outfit together, quite fashionable. I would even take a pic and poste it if I could. I actually look like I know what I'm doing for once. I am getting bolder I can say that. That's what this island does to people...brings out that little quirky side in everyone. Or the "who gives a fuck" side.. I should say..

Life is still going well.. I get my new car on Friday hopefully. Either way I get it within the week. I am sad with the way that the girls moved on.. but I am happy for them despite everything that happened.. I hope that they are excited about starting out on their own as well.

What can I say about it all.... Every little thing is gonna be alright..

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Still in awe that I am living here. I don't think I will get over this until years from now, when I can honestly say I've lived here longer than in Alberta. Everything is different.

In Victoria there's this huge four story mall that is not even really visable when walking the streets of Vic. Apparently every store along the strip is part of the mall once entered, but I didn't realize this until I walked into "The Bay"... It was like the part in Harry Potter when he sees Diagon Alley for the first time.. There are different shops everywhere, not to mention the place is packed... Or..how about Munchkin Land in the Wizard of Oz. Except for the whole .. black and white to colour... It was just so unexpected.. Rob and I looked from left to right and then alllllll the way up to the fourth level. I have never seen a mall like this one. Everything feels different. The people, the weather, beliefs... clothing..culture.. it's so diverse.

My life alone has changed... Meeting Rob has completely turned my world upside down.. I can't even explain it. When I think of him.. it doesn't matter if I am sweating from making three turkey bacon wraps with everything on it.. to go, or doing my excruciating ab work outs on the living room floor..I smile. That man will always be able to do that for me. I will think of him..or I will have a flashback of a face he made the night before and I can't help but smile. The great part of it all, is that I don't even realize I am smiling until I think about it.. or someone asks me what I'm smiling about.. It really is a beautiful thing..

So I am basically at a point in my life where I am amazed at how quickly everything changed.. at how happy I am..

I have ambitions and goals now that I never had before. Things that I never dreamed of doing..or ideas that I never thought I was capable of .. I am a new person and I have Rudi to thank, for ultimately sending us here, alone, without distractions from former boyfriends, or friends..

Just mom and I.. alone to face this new, refreshing life.. surrounded by the never ending water..that is our life..

Who knew breathing could ever feel this good?

Monday, March 13, 2006

Sunshine of Tomorrow

So many things going on..

The weather is a bit more crisp. But it is definetly changing and I really am looking forward to this summer.

Rob and I went out on our Sunday.. to Little Mountain to look at our beautiful view and take some pictures with Rudi's old camera. It takes beautiful pictures! We also took pictures of the view from all of these different roadside turnouts on our way to Nanaimo of the ocean. I just love it.

Rob and Erin are butting heads quite a bit lately and it is hard on the middlemen...aka, Amanda and myself. Like I mentioned before Amanda is Erin's buddy that is living with us for awhile. She's a total sweety. I have my own opinion of the entire situation with Rob and Erin, but it's between them and I keep my mouth shut..to both of them. I am a good listener..and I like to leave it at that. They'll get through it and then Erin and Amanda will move on and that is what will save their relationship. It's going to be okay though. It's another challenge for Rob and I .. and we are getting through it just fine.

The update on the '86 Honda Accord needs a new transmission. Luckily, Grannie and Grandpa have a sweet older couple next door that are selling their car. It's a '96 Sunfire, only owned by them, automatic, four door, perfect interior, 140 000 km, new tires and windshield, frequently checked oil, tranny fluid and flushed rad , etc.. good on gas and they want to move and sell their vehicle A.S.A.P.. for $2000.00 WOOOHOOO So I will have it in my possession on April 1st!

Everything worked itself out again and I can't help but think that someone is watching over us. Rudi likes Rob, I can tell. He'd let me know if he didn't like him. Or if he thought it was going nowhere.. (remember the roll over...hmm, hmm...) He approves. I know this because Rob knows that he needs to prove to Rudi still that he's a good man for me and he's told me that.

Things are going to be good. Rob's mama and papa are coming for a visit in April. I look forward to meeting Mama J. So much that the anticipation is getting the best of me. The woman responsible for Rob and Erin. Hehe..it'll be great.

The sun is shining on Tomorrow..

Looking out at Little Mountain

Rob looking out

Our ocean view

Look at that cutie face..

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Breakfast Fix

Mmmm, a big and greasy breakfast can make anyone feel better.. And that is what I am solely relying on today. Kind of ridiculous when written out and read but..so be it!

This weekend was supposed to be a scream and it was more of a yell..maybe a calling out..

My buddy Katie came to visit me and she got to see where I have been living for the last seven months. She has been to the island before but not with me living on it. She enjoyed herself I think. She got to meet some of our friends that we've made. It made me realize that Rob and I do have more friends than we thought. Yah us. Rob's buddy from T.B was visiting for the night as well and Erin's friend Amanda AKA our new roomy arrived this weekend as well. It was a full house but we love the company.

Our trip to Vic was supposed to be the highlight.. Rob got a speeding ticket for going 20 over.. That was kind of a dick move on the copper's part..but what can ya do. Then, THEN.. my car starts making a funny noise when we go to start off at red lights and what not.. After we get to that point, it is okay, but until then it's revvin' like a bitch. Sorry to Ruby, my lil' car...but she has to calm down or we won't make it home today. Oh yes, I am still in Vic at Ky and Joe's. We have to take it easy all the way home and hope for the best until we can see if any auto shops are open today.. SUNDAYS suck for car problems by the way..

Soooo, here I am waiting patiently, anticipating and dreading this shady drive home...my belly's a rumblin' because I am starved. All I can think about is my damn breaky! And so now I am told it is time to make my eggs.