Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Still in awe that I am living here. I don't think I will get over this until years from now, when I can honestly say I've lived here longer than in Alberta. Everything is different.

In Victoria there's this huge four story mall that is not even really visable when walking the streets of Vic. Apparently every store along the strip is part of the mall once entered, but I didn't realize this until I walked into "The Bay"... It was like the part in Harry Potter when he sees Diagon Alley for the first time.. There are different shops everywhere, not to mention the place is packed... about Munchkin Land in the Wizard of Oz. Except for the whole .. black and white to colour... It was just so unexpected.. Rob and I looked from left to right and then alllllll the way up to the fourth level. I have never seen a mall like this one. Everything feels different. The people, the weather, beliefs... clothing..culture.. it's so diverse.

My life alone has changed... Meeting Rob has completely turned my world upside down.. I can't even explain it. When I think of him.. it doesn't matter if I am sweating from making three turkey bacon wraps with everything on it.. to go, or doing my excruciating ab work outs on the living room floor..I smile. That man will always be able to do that for me. I will think of him..or I will have a flashback of a face he made the night before and I can't help but smile. The great part of it all, is that I don't even realize I am smiling until I think about it.. or someone asks me what I'm smiling about.. It really is a beautiful thing..

So I am basically at a point in my life where I am amazed at how quickly everything changed.. at how happy I am..

I have ambitions and goals now that I never had before. Things that I never dreamed of doing..or ideas that I never thought I was capable of .. I am a new person and I have Rudi to thank, for ultimately sending us here, alone, without distractions from former boyfriends, or friends..

Just mom and I.. alone to face this new, refreshing life.. surrounded by the never ending water..that is our life..

Who knew breathing could ever feel this good?


Mama said...

Check you out, girly! You are so in looooove! LOL! And I think you sound wonderful!

Tell your mom hi.....and did u get my new email addy? BIGHUGS!~m

Suz said...

Love this post Haley! G/F you definitely are in love and you sound wonderful.

Iam so happy for you!

That mall sounds like it would be a fun place to explore.

Hugs Suz