Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Moving Forward

Yuck. This weekend has left a bit of a bad taste in my mouth. I'm not really going to get into it. All I can say is that in the end, the entire living situation with Little J and her friend resulted in a big ugly blow out. It was unkind and unfortunate.. but it happened and there's no erasing that now. All I can really say is that I hope that we all get something good out of the negative situation we faced on Saturday.

Now that the girls have their own place Rob and I have a quieter home. I miss having the girls around because they were like my own little, live-in friends. But for now, that is not the case. I am finding more Haley time now that the house is down to two. Rob doesn't get off of work until 5 and I usually get about... two hours to myself. And I have been using the time to do my exercises...that I have roughly made up for myself. I hope to improve my little routine with knowledge..and ways that I can work on different parts of my body. We are also turning the spare bedroom into a comfy, little guest room especially for when Rob's parents come in April. But also the room is for me to have my own space which is also something that I downplayed when the girls lived here...but now am realizing how great it is going to be to have.

Today for instance, I came home from work and got right into my exercises. I took my time and stretched, doing some embarrassing stretches, almost yoga style that I would NEVER do in front of another human being in my life. Not even Rob. Then I showered and for some reason hung out in the bathroom putting my makeup on, and doing my hair into different updoes. I sound like such a little teenager... But I didn't care it was fun. I put a little outfit together, quite fashionable. I would even take a pic and poste it if I could. I actually look like I know what I'm doing for once. I am getting bolder I can say that. That's what this island does to people...brings out that little quirky side in everyone. Or the "who gives a fuck" side.. I should say..

Life is still going well.. I get my new car on Friday hopefully. Either way I get it within the week. I am sad with the way that the girls moved on.. but I am happy for them despite everything that happened.. I hope that they are excited about starting out on their own as well.

What can I say about it all.... Every little thing is gonna be alright..


holli said...

I think as a couple, it's probably healthier for the two of you to have your own space.. and bond in that way. But that's just my opinion. Less fraternity house - more small family feel.

It sounds very peaceful.

You should have taken pics!

Mama said...

You still sound great! Peaceful in the house of a couple is a good thing. Good for you on the excersizes! Pass that motivation down here LOL! Congrats on the car...did u get it? I miss u! BIGHUGS!!

Anonymous said...

I think having a place just for you and Rob is a great idea. Even though you miss 'the girls' I think the couple arrangment is so much healthier for your relationship!

Suz said...

Sorry about the fallout with the girls but i agree with the others its probably better for you and Rob that you have the place to yourselves.

WTG on the excerises!

Hugs Suz