Monday, December 29, 2014

Bring It

 That's it.. I'm depressed.

 Nah, not really. But I think everyone feels similar post Christmas blues. For some reason, t.v. land doesn't realize that Christmas is over, so the commercials are still about Christmas and holidays. I don't know what it is, but the moment the calendar flips to the 25th, those commercials and songs are instantly annoying or hold no real excitement. That's why I always say that Christmas Eve is still my favourite day during the holidays. Even when I watch Christmas movies, I love the days leading up to the big day but once it's the day, it's less interesting to me.

 Now that Christmas is behind everyone, the New Year is ahead. I often forget that Christmas means that the year is nearly over. I think for fun, I'll steal a picture from each month of 2014 and throw out a one liner or two..

January-- We just got home from our awesome trip to Thunder Bay for Christmas. Then Rob decided one fine January day to chop the Christmas tree up with his new Bear Grylls knife. Yeah, I may have written an entire blog post about it. No biggy.

February-- Not too much to report. Auntie Erin visited. (Although Auntie Erin has made a point to see Alina every month since the day she was born. Thanks Auntie- that's awesome.) We went to Auntie Wendy's (2nd cousin Wendy's) in the city for a dinner and to visit with the rest of our family

  March-- This was a big month for our family. Alina turned 1- I went back to work and Rob's folks were here to celebrate the holiday. My last weeks in March with Alina were very special.. The family was all together for the first time and our girl had a great 1st birthday.
April- Easter time! All of Alina's little friends were already walking, but Alina was not there just yet. Her Easter hunt was cute because she rode her little ride along toy from her b'day to find her treats. We went to church and had a great Easter experience.

 May-- This was the month that changed.. everything. Our hot water tank leaked into our bathroom and kitchen and that was it.. We had to move to a beach resort for a little bit while the restoration crew rebuilt our floors. Alina even learned how to walk at the resort!

June- The stay at the beach resort extended to June.  Rob helped renovate the rest of our house. In no time, we were move out ready. Little did we know... we would be moving out very, very soon.

July- Even though things were less than ordinary, we made the best of it and still decided to go to the beach, eat lots of ice cream and enjoy the summer time weather.

August-- This was a surprising month. Friends of ours had been mentioning us moving into their house for a few years. It was something that I never really considered. In the spring we decided to take a look at this house and decided that it probably wasn't the best time to be moving. Out of nowhere the renters were moving and before we knew it, we were moving into our new home! August was a very, very fun month. We moved into our dream home and had Rob's folks for a visit.

September-- That was a big month for me, personally. I started my schooling and was completely blown away by the changes that took over. Rob's family that usually lives in other parts of Canada came by at the very beginning of September for a wedding and we were lucky enough to get to visit with everyone. It was a moment in our lives where we really, really took a moment to appreciate those folks.
October-- This was a fun month. Thanksgiving in Canada, Rodney (Alina's Papa) was visiting. We had some good time with family and friends. We had the chance to truly enjoy ourselves.

 November-- The beginning of Christmas is in the air! I volunteered for the first time in my entire life. One of my friends couldn't believe that it was my first time volunteering. I feel embarrassed to admit that it was! Christmas was around the corner and I was getting super excited for the festivities!

December-- The last month of the year is all about family, friends and get togethers! I officially got a break from my schooling, so the stress was completely gone. Rob and I entertained in our new home for the holiday season and that was fun.

 So that's it. 2014 has come and gone and I feel good about it. I have this 5 year journal question book I bought last year. Each year, for five years the same questions are asked and already my answers are so much different than last year. It's amazing how much can change in just one year.

 Let's review;
  I started school in September, which took most, if not all of my time. Rob has been taking officer courses with the fire department. My mom moved away in October. Alina is changing and growing and developing each and every day, it's almost a challenge keeping up with her. If I'm being honest, which I always am here at Truth Be Told- things are going to get challenging as hell. Prepared or not, I'm doing it.

 So-- 2015 I may be a wee bit nervous with what my future holds within this year. But, at the same time- I feel ready to take on this year's challenges.

2015- bring it on bitch.


Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The Night Before Christmas

 I always get kind of sappy and sentimental during this time of year. Today, I will be at work until 4 pm which I personally think stinks a little. I think it's nuts that we are expected to work that late on a day that holds such importance to Christmas. Christmas Eve is the day to be excited about. Christmas is still coming and it's literally ONE SLEEP AWAY. All of the anticipation is built up to this day and then boom; it's Christmas. Before you know it; it's over my friends.

 I reminisce of Christmas' past and I remember last year on this day... It was very cold out and Rob's parents house was always really, really warm. So it was tough convincing me to leave the warm and cozy bubble I was in. We packed the little nine month old Alina in her snow suit and we took her 'skating'. She didn't really skate, but we did and it was really fun.

 Even though I'm working until late, I know that Christmas Eve will be happening for my family at the house. Rob's sister and her family are spending Christmas with us this year. So we have a five year old that Alina adores, to watch experience Christmas in her own five year old way. Alina already took well to receiving a present from Santa last weekend. So I think she just about has it all figured out..

Merry Christmas to everyone! Enjoy this special day and night leading up to the big one!


Monday, December 22, 2014

A True Reward

 What says Christmas more than driving out into the woods to buck some wood for the household?! Nothing, that's what! Well, the weather was the opposite of a typical winter's day. It was sunny and crisp, no snow and no rain! It was seriously perfect.
 We had some friends over last night to celebrate Christmas coming and for an excuse to get together. It was fun and we had some drinks. I didn't wake up hung over but I was a bit parched and slow to get out of bed. Alina's Auntie Erin is in town for the holidays and she decided to take her for the day. Rob informed me that this was our last chance before Christmas that we had to get some wood because we were running dangerously low.

 I grudgingly agreed to go with him. I know it's a lot of work, and doing it alone is not an option. He lured me into it with the promise of Tim Horton's for breakfast. (You can pretty much convince me to do anything with the treat of Timmy's.) I wasn't so sure that things would go well. Rob and I are great friends, we've built this life together and we for the most part, get along great. However, when we are doing actual physical activities such as gathering and chopping wood, we tend to butt heads a little bit. We ended up getting along great this time around. Either I got nicer or we've both just grown into this couple that can contently spend the entire day together searching for, bucking, loading, chopping and piling wood.

 One thing I noticed was how different men and women are. The entire time I was full of questions..

"Where are we going?"
"How much further?"
"Do you want me to stand over there or help you?"

 Rob was obviously his very focused self. He would patiently answer my questions and never once did he get annoyed. I love him for that. 
 Weeks ago, he went with a friend to do exactly what we did. There was a way better selection there when they went and it was a pretty quick process. The logs of wood are so heavy and at one point, Rob picked one up and threw it closer to the truck. I actually yelled to him, "You're so strong!" Then I burst into giggles. What a girl thing to say. "Good job honey, you're so strong.." I am betting his friend never uttered those words when they went together. Girls are so encouraging. 

 Girls just want to communicate, that's all. I like to know where I'm going, when I'm going to get there and once we're there, what the game plan is. Boys, well they're much simpler. Man chop wood. Man build fire. Man warm, keep woman warm. Basically.

 Overall, it was a very positive experience. The weather has been the total shits lately with crazy winds and downpours of rain all day and all night long. It was so nice to be outside and in the sun at this time of year. While Rob was finishing the last log, he left me a little surprise engraved in the wood. Awww, it's like that one time when he gave me that token for no reason.. I'm a sucker for those little cute affectionate gestures.

  I'm not even done! We got home and we had His and Hers blocks of wood to chop on, so that we could both chop at the same time. Once we were finished we piled it all for the cold days to come. There is nothing more rewarding than providing warmth for your house, with wood that you went out and gathered and chopped yourself!

 Guess what I'm doing right now... 

... just enjoying some of my hard work.


Sunday, December 21, 2014

MHB- Week 37- Focus

 Well, my intentions are good. I want to keep active and run three times a week. However, Wednesday came around and I somehow convinced my half asleep self that I was far too tired and 'sick' to run that morning. I was tired, but sick? My nose gets stuffy in the mornings so I sleep with my mouth opened and then my throat is pretty sore. I think that's what I misinterpreted as 'sick.' What a cop out, half asleep me..

 I do need to focus on the running, not so much the episode of Gilmore Girls that I happen to be watching. I found myself slowing to a speed walk, to stop the treadmill from squeaking, so I could hear the dialogue. Terrible!

 I cheated and forgot to snap a picture Friday morning, so when I got to work I snuck in a quick Hiya- it's Friday picture!

 Not much more to report, other than that I am trying to ignore my desires to sleep in (with Wednesday as an exception) and I'm doing what I do!


Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas Magic In The Air

 This is by far my most favourite time of the year. Our house was made for cozy winter nights. It's made for giant Christmas trees and twinkling lights that illuminate the front yard. I love coming home to a crackling fire warming the rooms and a house filled with a mixture of Christmas music and Alina's little voice.
Everything is so magical in the eyes of a child..
This weekend was filled with Christmas related activities. We finally put decorations on the tree and we went to this gorgeous seaside garden that hosts a Christmas light festival. Every year the members and volunteers outdo themselves. We took her last year, but this year she was a bit older and really appreciated the light displays. She also was excited to see Santa, that is until it was her turn to sit on his lap... Although, he did get a high five out of her.

 We also went to pick out a couple of Christmas trees from our friend's tree lot. Rob had an idea to put two trees on each side of the front door and it turned out really nice. Again, another excuse to get together with friends and eat Christmas crap food! (My fav..!)

  I'm so looking forward to the holidays this year! I can't believe we're almost ONE WEEK until the big day. Rob's sister and her family are coming up next week and I'm excited for the company.

What are you doing for the holidays!? 
Do you have any holiday traditions you absolutely MUST do this time of year!?

Friday, December 12, 2014

MHB- Week 36- I'm Back (for now..!)

 Well, I had to quit with my Mission Hot Bod posts because well, life got insane and I just had to stop getting up early to work out. It's crazy how you can go and go and go with doing something for almost ONE YEAR and then all of a sudden, you just stop. Without even realizing it; it's been a few months.
  So here I am.. back at it. It's my first week and I'm just easing into it. I'm not getting into Rush Fit because that seems too huge of a commitment if I'm being honest. I'm running on the treadmill while watching reruns of Gilmore Girls! It's honestly so much easier doing it that way because I hardly think about how tired or out of breath I am feeling.

 Monday- I ran on the treadmill for thirty minutes, watching the pilot for Gilmore Girls. It felt great to get back at it and especially now with the holidays upon us. I'm going to continue to enjoy holiday treats BUT I will still run even if it means nothing to my body. This way, I can feel less guilty about Christmas crab dip and chips... Mmm.

 Wednesday- Same as Monday. I ran and ran.. and took a couple of walking breaks. Feels good to be back at it!

If Alina keeps eating those banana chocolate chip muffins she might have to start running on the treadmill too....
 Friday-  Today I had off because Alina has another cold. It was brought to my attention that she needs to stay home for the early days of her cold. So I had Thursday and Friday off with her. We ended up sleeping in until 8:30. During Alina's nap I decided to run because I didn't get a chance to in the morning when I was sleeping... I watched my Gilmore Girls and ran the full thirty minutes and it was awesome because I was so distracted by my show. I love it. Later on in the day, I chopped a big bin of wood so I could have a cozy fire during the day. I realized after, as I was carrying it up the stairs that that in itself is a workout.


Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Holiday Hair

  'Tis The Season for... Christmas parties! My HAIR IDEAS Pinterest board came in handy last weekend. I needed some inspiration and I sure found it. The Freckled Fox posted a pin linking this great hair style to her blog. I followed her easy steps and I ended up really loving my hair!

 I didn't have anyone take my photos while I was creating the hairstyle. (Plus, wouldn't that be so weird? I always feel like a major ass when Rob is taking my picture for my blog...! I am the world's worst model.) The up-do is really, really easy. The best part is that for a moment, it looks really awful and then there's one last step and boom- it's great!

 I look so mad...
  The hair turned out great and I would seriously consider pinning some of the Freckled Fox's pins because she has some great hair tutorials out there.


 As you can see from my picture and the goddess that is the Freckled Fox.. the outcome was much different. However! I still feel like my hair looked fancy enough for my Christmas party.

  I have another Christmas party coming up and I think I'll be doing another hair tutorial. I'll be sure to keep the blog world posted...

 What do you do for your Christmas parties? Do you have that awesome sister or friend that just knows how to do hair? Or do you get brave and attempt it yourself?! 

Monday, December 08, 2014

Christmas Movie Magic

 Christmas isn't Christmas, without the classic movies to accompany the days leading up to it. I don't know about the rest of the world, but I know that in my household, the Christmas movies are taken very, very seriously. For example, if we see a Christmas movie on t.v. that we really love we can't watch it. Oh no, not unless we're both there willing to watch it together. IF the movie is on in the early days of December, like now, then it has to be ignored and saved for a time closer to Christmas. Weird- I know. But that is us.

 Some animated Christmas shows I personally get excited over are Prep & Landing, Shrek The Halls and Arthur Christmas. I'm such a kid. I am absolutely loving that I can share these with Alina now. She's already starting to get into them with me.

 Then, there are the classic cartoons from the past. How The Grinch Stole Christmas, Mickey's Christmas Carol, A Charlie Brown Christmas and my all time favourite; A Garfield Christmas. I'm sure there are more favourites out there, but those ones I seem to watch every year. Those movies are special because they actually take me back to that time when I was just an innocent kid, believing in exactly what my parents told me. A place where time seems to stand still when waiting for Christmas to arrive, a time when magic and the spirit of Christmas lived and thrived inside of me. Christmas movie magic.

   There are the classic films that are a must-see during the holidays like National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation and Home Alone. Both of those absolutely can not be watched without the other and NLCV is saved specifically for Christmas Eve. We watch both of the Home Alone movies, even though the first one is better. We also have to watch A Christmas Story. That one takes me waaay back to being a little one too. I would say that those are the classics.
 Then there are the movies that are secondary to the classics, but still important, like The Santa Clause, Elf and Bad Santa. If I don't see the secondary films I'm okay with it.
 The movies that are set during the Christmas holiday, but aren't completely centered around Christmas are also fun to watch during this time of year. (Or in my case, all year round.)  The Holiday, The Family Stone; which I adore and Love Actually; a true classic.

 So during the holiday season, I am very busy watching my favourite Christmas specials because they bring me back and completely get me into the holiday spirit.  What are some of your family's must-sees during the holidays?!


Thursday, December 04, 2014

OMG OMG OMG -- I'm Back!

 It feels so great to be back! I'm finished my two modules now and I just can't believe how amazing it feels! I love it.

 On Wednesday I had my final for Management and Drug Distribution Systems. It was harder than I anticipated or at least studied for. I was a wee bit nervous about my lack of studying. However... it was okay because I passed! Hurray! I couldn't be more exhilarated with this news!

 There were a lot of things that I really wanted to blog about over the last few months. I have been neglecting my Crazy Shit Rob Does posts and believe me-- he's still doing crazy shit! I've been meaning to THANK ever so sincerely Sarah from Venus Trapped In Mars for designing my blog. She always does a great job with her blog designs and I can't thank her enough for making my blog look more professional. Sadly the change came when I was the busiest and had zero time to acknowledge her and appreciate her for her efforst! I want to also ask her how to add my Post Series to my sidebar since I never had the time to ask.. So they're there but empty and they still have the title.. Post Series. So embarrassing.....

 I want to throw in a couple of more Wanna Read My Journal?! volumes as well as catching up with those seasonal posts that get us all excited for that upcoming holiday!! I miss my blog peeps.. Amanda at Rhyme and Ribbons, Noor and Areeba- my twin overseas sistahs, Miss Jade and her wild adventures in South Africa, hilarious and wonderful Sarah from Baloney Bin.. my Baltimore loving Soup.
 Those are just a few of my favourites. I seriously have missed these girls and keeping up with their lives and their stories. Thanks for keeping up with mine and I look forward to catching up with all of you. 

 Christmas is upon us and I feel so excited for our first Christmas in our new home! The tree is up but not fully decorated.. just lights. It looks amazing. Rob even put it up on a pedestal AND he used our hedge trimmer to make it 'perfect'... Alina's words when she saw it in a whispering voice, "Woooooow."

The house- so far.....!

Monday, December 01, 2014

I Got A P!

 Well.. back in September I started two courses to get me started on my journey of becoming a registered/certified pharmacy technician. I had my Pharmacology final a couple of weeks ago and I felt completely freaked out that I was going to bomb it. I mentioned in my last post what the final included. If you didn't read that post, then I'll just tell you... a lot. I was pretty nervous and hoping that I had studied enough.

 The day of the exam, I felt okay. I drove myself into the city and as I got closer and closer to the university I got more unsure of myself. I found parking easier than I expected and ended up being parked directly beside the building that I needed to find. I stood at the elevator with a girl on a mission, trying to act all casual like I always went to university on a Thursday morning. No big deal. A girl walked up beside me and pushed the elevator button. I looked at her and said, "Hey.. thanks. These elevators work better when you push the button, huh..." She was very nice and said that people forgot to push it all of the time. Amateur!

 My good co-worker and friend Jody is also taking the course and she was there waiting for me, trembling in her seat with nerves. We were both utter messes but we gathered ourselves together to get this final completed. It was go time and we both put our heads down and worked our little minds to the max! I found the exam much easier than I anticipated. I think it felt easy because I studied my ass off and we were allotted three hours to complete it. 

 Once I finished the exam, I headed straight to the college pub. Rob went to this university last year and told me about the campus pub. So as soon as I was finished, I followed Rob's directions and found myself waiting outside the door for the pub to open. I had myself a celebratory drink and I felt great!

  It was my first taste at secondary school and if I could relive my early twenties I'm sure I would push myself to physically attend college or university. I liked the vibe I was getting and it felt like something I would be really into. Learning and having fun. I'm a geek but that sounds like a pretty great package to me.

 I managed to snap a selfie in the one area that wasn't swarming with students. As you can see from my selfie- I was soooo happy to be done that final! It took a week to get the results back. Unfortunately I didn't get my mark for the final, so I'll never know. All I was waiting for was either a P or an F on my transcript. Pass or Fail. I find that to be so utterly underwhelming. After all of that hard work I was hoping for at least a percentage in the course or from the final. Music and streamers would also be nice. But, I did get what I was looking for; a P. I passed! This coming Wednesday is my final in Management and Drug Distribution Systems. I'm still nervous about this one because it is difficult to study for. However, I'm going over my notes that I do have and I am really hoping that it will be enough!

 Wish me luck and soon, oh so soon, I will be off for the month of December celebrating Christmas and being a normal person for a bit. I'm very much looking forward to it....!