Monday, December 29, 2014

Bring It

 That's it.. I'm depressed.

 Nah, not really. But I think everyone feels similar post Christmas blues. For some reason, t.v. land doesn't realize that Christmas is over, so the commercials are still about Christmas and holidays. I don't know what it is, but the moment the calendar flips to the 25th, those commercials and songs are instantly annoying or hold no real excitement. That's why I always say that Christmas Eve is still my favourite day during the holidays. Even when I watch Christmas movies, I love the days leading up to the big day but once it's the day, it's less interesting to me.

 Now that Christmas is behind everyone, the New Year is ahead. I often forget that Christmas means that the year is nearly over. I think for fun, I'll steal a picture from each month of 2014 and throw out a one liner or two..

January-- We just got home from our awesome trip to Thunder Bay for Christmas. Then Rob decided one fine January day to chop the Christmas tree up with his new Bear Grylls knife. Yeah, I may have written an entire blog post about it. No biggy.

February-- Not too much to report. Auntie Erin visited. (Although Auntie Erin has made a point to see Alina every month since the day she was born. Thanks Auntie- that's awesome.) We went to Auntie Wendy's (2nd cousin Wendy's) in the city for a dinner and to visit with the rest of our family

  March-- This was a big month for our family. Alina turned 1- I went back to work and Rob's folks were here to celebrate the holiday. My last weeks in March with Alina were very special.. The family was all together for the first time and our girl had a great 1st birthday.
April- Easter time! All of Alina's little friends were already walking, but Alina was not there just yet. Her Easter hunt was cute because she rode her little ride along toy from her b'day to find her treats. We went to church and had a great Easter experience.

 May-- This was the month that changed.. everything. Our hot water tank leaked into our bathroom and kitchen and that was it.. We had to move to a beach resort for a little bit while the restoration crew rebuilt our floors. Alina even learned how to walk at the resort!

June- The stay at the beach resort extended to June.  Rob helped renovate the rest of our house. In no time, we were move out ready. Little did we know... we would be moving out very, very soon.

July- Even though things were less than ordinary, we made the best of it and still decided to go to the beach, eat lots of ice cream and enjoy the summer time weather.

August-- This was a surprising month. Friends of ours had been mentioning us moving into their house for a few years. It was something that I never really considered. In the spring we decided to take a look at this house and decided that it probably wasn't the best time to be moving. Out of nowhere the renters were moving and before we knew it, we were moving into our new home! August was a very, very fun month. We moved into our dream home and had Rob's folks for a visit.

September-- That was a big month for me, personally. I started my schooling and was completely blown away by the changes that took over. Rob's family that usually lives in other parts of Canada came by at the very beginning of September for a wedding and we were lucky enough to get to visit with everyone. It was a moment in our lives where we really, really took a moment to appreciate those folks.
October-- This was a fun month. Thanksgiving in Canada, Rodney (Alina's Papa) was visiting. We had some good time with family and friends. We had the chance to truly enjoy ourselves.

 November-- The beginning of Christmas is in the air! I volunteered for the first time in my entire life. One of my friends couldn't believe that it was my first time volunteering. I feel embarrassed to admit that it was! Christmas was around the corner and I was getting super excited for the festivities!

December-- The last month of the year is all about family, friends and get togethers! I officially got a break from my schooling, so the stress was completely gone. Rob and I entertained in our new home for the holiday season and that was fun.

 So that's it. 2014 has come and gone and I feel good about it. I have this 5 year journal question book I bought last year. Each year, for five years the same questions are asked and already my answers are so much different than last year. It's amazing how much can change in just one year.

 Let's review;
  I started school in September, which took most, if not all of my time. Rob has been taking officer courses with the fire department. My mom moved away in October. Alina is changing and growing and developing each and every day, it's almost a challenge keeping up with her. If I'm being honest, which I always am here at Truth Be Told- things are going to get challenging as hell. Prepared or not, I'm doing it.

 So-- 2015 I may be a wee bit nervous with what my future holds within this year. But, at the same time- I feel ready to take on this year's challenges.

2015- bring it on bitch.



Amanda said...

I get the post- Christmas blues as well. But what a great year it's been for you! x

Jade Wright said...

Aw I loved this post Haley - such a great idea to make photo collages for each month and do a short summary!! It was such a feel good read too and amazing to see Alina slowly changing!! <3

Gorgeous :)
You should go to your local camera store and ask them to make a calendar with the photo collages of each month. I think it'd be great! :)

Hugs and love to all your side special lady xxxx

Noor Unnahar said...

Love seeing your whole year squeezed into a post. May 2015 bring you a lot more happiness and adventures.