Thursday, December 04, 2014

OMG OMG OMG -- I'm Back!

 It feels so great to be back! I'm finished my two modules now and I just can't believe how amazing it feels! I love it.

 On Wednesday I had my final for Management and Drug Distribution Systems. It was harder than I anticipated or at least studied for. I was a wee bit nervous about my lack of studying. However... it was okay because I passed! Hurray! I couldn't be more exhilarated with this news!

 There were a lot of things that I really wanted to blog about over the last few months. I have been neglecting my Crazy Shit Rob Does posts and believe me-- he's still doing crazy shit! I've been meaning to THANK ever so sincerely Sarah from Venus Trapped In Mars for designing my blog. She always does a great job with her blog designs and I can't thank her enough for making my blog look more professional. Sadly the change came when I was the busiest and had zero time to acknowledge her and appreciate her for her efforst! I want to also ask her how to add my Post Series to my sidebar since I never had the time to ask.. So they're there but empty and they still have the title.. Post Series. So embarrassing.....

 I want to throw in a couple of more Wanna Read My Journal?! volumes as well as catching up with those seasonal posts that get us all excited for that upcoming holiday!! I miss my blog peeps.. Amanda at Rhyme and Ribbons, Noor and Areeba- my twin overseas sistahs, Miss Jade and her wild adventures in South Africa, hilarious and wonderful Sarah from Baloney Bin.. my Baltimore loving Soup.
 Those are just a few of my favourites. I seriously have missed these girls and keeping up with their lives and their stories. Thanks for keeping up with mine and I look forward to catching up with all of you. 

 Christmas is upon us and I feel so excited for our first Christmas in our new home! The tree is up but not fully decorated.. just lights. It looks amazing. Rob even put it up on a pedestal AND he used our hedge trimmer to make it 'perfect'... Alina's words when she saw it in a whispering voice, "Woooooow."

The house- so far.....!


Jade Wright said...

Awww so glad you're back Haley! Thank you so much for the little mention - you are too sweet!

Ahh wow Alina must be absolutely loving Christmas time with the gorgeous twinkling lights and Chrsitmas trees! If it weren't for this bloody postal strike that has been happening in SOuth AFrica I'd have sent you and Rob and Alina a little 'with love and merry christmas package!' It may be slightly late. I'd love to send you something. Wrote you a letter long ago but I have been nervous to send it with the striking in SOuth Africa. Bleh!

Can you believe it's Christmas time already!? Wow!!! And a day after Christmas it's Jenson's FIRST birthday!!! What did you do for Alina's first birthday? I'm needing some ideas - I got him a little Rolling Stones tee-shirt which is too adorable - I'm thinking a teddy bear picnic rock n roll style hahahaha

Amanda said...

I've been missing you too!

Is Alina excited about Christmas? She might even remember this year's! How crazy is that!

So what's next for you now? xx

Noor Unnahar said...

I am so proud of you to have done both exams excellently. Ask me how hard it is to manage life with studies and normality, it's really H-A-R-D.
Hope you guys have the best of all Christmas events. Keep us posted, I know very little about xmas traditions so I'd love to know more.
And thank you for the mention :)what a sweet surprise.

Megan Campbell said...

Hi Hi Hi Hi HI! Missed you!
Congrats on finishing up your assignments and yay for passing!! So exciting! I know you can relax and enjoy the holidays now.
I bet it must be so special to watch a little kid take in Christmas and all the lights and joy in the air. I mean I still look at the Christmas tree in awe at the ripe age of 24 ;)
We saw the Washington Monument lighting ceremony last night (check out a pic on Insta)- now THAT was breathtaking!
Glad you're back lady!

Areeba said...

Missed you a lot Haley! Studies make your online life terrible, I know how does it feel. But yayyy you're finally back in action ;) And WOW these bling-blings are so pretty! Thanks for giving me this shout out, big Canadian sistah!!