Friday, January 31, 2014

MHB- Week Ten- Results

 Week ten has come and gone with another blink of the eye. I have given this week the title; Results. I really feel like I am seeing and feeling the results of consistently working out for ten weeks. I feel incredible, like I have lots of energy and my body has really tightened up. Hallelujah! I feel like I'm really reaching my goals but I want to really focus on maintaining what I have and challenging myself. Once I finish week twelve, I'd like to change from "Beginner" and move up to "Intermediate". I'll get into the details when that times comes.


 Day one was my Strength and Endurance Workout and it was amazing. I was seriously huffing and puffing like the Big Bad Wolf himself after only the first round! Rob was getting ready for work and he had to stop and ask me which round I was in. I am a noisy exerciser, I can't deny it!
Goals: I tried to do a workout with real push ups throughout the entire workout. I came close, but I couldn't do the full minute, so I switched to 'girl' push ups. (I totally resent that we are naturally weaker and have a push up named after us because of it!)
Improvements: Oh, I would say even though I was huffing and puffing during round one, I worked that much harder on myself- so the workout was more difficult and I think that's an improvement!


 Day two was my cardio and my very last Happy Fit Stroller Fitness Class with Lisa. We changed it up a little bit and did our exercise outside in a trail nearby. It was a great workout, I was sweating and out of breath. My legs were soar and we only succumbed a few injuries! I slipped doing a squat and bonked my ankle, then I was hit from behind on two occasions, one resulted in the tossing of a certain three year old. We were all okay in the end! Us moms have decided to keep the Happy Fit attitude going and we are going to continue to meet up at this trail, weather pending and we're going to do the same exercises that we did on Tuesday. Lisa even wrote a blog post of exactly what we did so we can follow it for the future. Phew! It's not over, we'll just be missing our pal, Lisa!


 Day three was Abdominal Strength and Core Conditioning Workout. Last week Rob mentioned to me that my abs should be sore after this workout. To be honest, last week they weren't. On Wednesday I was sweeping the floors hours after my workout and I felt soreness when I swept. I was really pumped that I was finally doing it right!
Goals: My v-ups in the third round could improve. There's a more difficult way to do the v-ups and that's to let your hands meet your feet up in the air instead of bringing your legs to your hands.. It's not easy to imagine, but I'll work on it for next week.
Improvements: I suppose my improvement is that my abs were sore afterwards! That was my goal from last week and I feel like I've accomplished it!


(For more of these kinds of great videos you can follow Lisa on Bloglovin' HERE or 'like' her Facebook page HERE.)

 Day four was my cardio day. I went to the gym at the fire hall and did the same cardio machine workout that Lisa posted on her blog last week.

1. Sprint for 30 seconds at a speed of 6 and an incline of 7. Walk for 1 minute. Repeat twice.
2. Do 10 push-ups on the ground.
3. Do a wall handstand for about 30 seconds.

Repeat two more times for a total of three rounds.  In the second round I brought my speed up to 6.5. and I did wall push-ups. When I went into my third round I went back down to a speed of 6 and I only walked for 30 seconds in between sprints. I did wall push-ups again and instead of the wall handstand I used the exercise ball at the gym to hold three thirty second planks.

 Here is a video I requested from Lisa. Some of my fellow bloggers showed some interest in the wall handstand and I wanted to demonstrate how simple it really is to do. So my good friend Lisa from Happy Fit hooked me up with a great video to share on my blog. Thank you Lisa!


 Day five was the Fight Conditioning Workout, the one that always makes me sweat really good. I didn't get a chance to ask Rob to take any pictures of me this morning. So you get awful mirror selfies instead. I am demonstrating a level change in the large picture because it is really difficult to take any action shots with a camera phone. I tried.. all blurry. I noticed the other day that I'm developing some pipes! That's right, I have muscles in my arms and I didn't even know it! This is very exciting to me! I also wanted to show off my bruise from one of my incidents at my last Happy Fit class the other day. I had no idea I hit my leg that hard until that bruise appeared!
 Goals: I started out the workout in a pissed off mood (never mind the details) and I wasn't totally giving it 100% but half way through I perked up and got over my bad mood. Next week, real, full punches and kicks like I'm actually striking an opponent!
 Improvements: I mentioned last week that I wanted to improve on my ground work and I did! I finally have the form figured out and it really works the core muscles. I loved it, once I figured it out!

 I'm looking forward to stepping up the workout, although it does look challenging! I'm also excited to show my comparison picture on week twelve. That's right, the picture of me when I first started on week one to a picture of me on week twelve. I'll admit, I cheat and look back all of the time and there is a difference! Yah!

 It's Friday everyone, and that means we get to #BackThatAzzUp with Yoga Pants with a song that I know has been heard lately. I usually like to post old tunes or songs that aren't super mainstream. But, I just really enjoy this song and the lyrics. Take a minute of your day to just close your eyes and liiiiisten.. really listen.  Enjoy, "Ain't No Reason" by Brett Dennen

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

That's All

 I can't help but feel like this is the beginning of goodbyes, or the beginning of all of the endings... That sounds so dramatic.. But, I was at my Happy Fit Stroller Fitness Class yesterday and one of the moms I know mentioned being sad because her friends are moving today. I know the family a lot less than she does, so it didn't affect me as closely. But I can understand and sympathize with how sad that would be... The line of work that they're in, relocates them every few years and I can't imagine how hard that would be on everyone. You would just get comfortable with all of your friendships you've established and get all of your routines in place and then, it's time to move again. Well my friend's sadness was a bit contagious. I already had a bit of a heavy heart driving to my class today because it just so happened to be our last class. Lisa is going to Maui for a  yoga instructor course and then she and her husband are off on their next adventure. To where, no one knows just yet. So mysterious, so cool. Another ending.

 The stroller class fit so well into my routine. We have a group of friends that would try to get together once a week for a walk at the beach, a play date at someone's home or a short walk to a coffee shop. It didn't matter what the activity, we just liked getting ourselves out of the house. But, one by one, people drifted away from the group get togethers for whatever reason; going back to work, life getting busy, moving, etc. Then, I met Lisa and she mentioned her stroller fit classes. I mentioned it to my friends and all of a sudden we had a place to go, something new and something to get us fit. Win, win, win! I will proudly brag that I ended up going to every single one of Lisa's stroller classes. There were some ladies that came and went, but there was always the same handful of us throughout. Now that Lisa is going, we've decided to keep up with the classes on our own. Obviously we won't have the gym to work in, but we will try to go to the trails nearby and do the workout routine we did on Tuesday. (More details to come on the MHB post on Friday.)

World's Best Mom; Alina is under my mittens.....
  I couldn't help but feel slightly emotional about the class ending, Lisa leaving. But I know it's more than just that. I think I'm really beginning to feel that my maternity leave is coming to an end. My days of snuggling on the couch with Alina are coming to an end. Our breakfast dance parties, our leisure walks to and from the grocery store and our one on one bonding time throughout the day is all coming to an end and I feel s.a.d. I'll be doing the dishes and I will just look over at her stuffing as many banana chunks into her mouth and I'll feel the impulse to burst into tears. I haven't yet, but I'm really, really good at avoiding my feelings. I am really, really good at directing my thoughts on other things.

Alina and I from the very beginning...
  That's all, really. I'm feeling down because I'm afraid of how bad it's going to feel to have someone else essentially raise my daughter. I know I'll get used to it because everyone does. But, for right now.. I don't feel like knowing better, I just feel like feeling sad about it. That's all.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Randomness That Was The Grammy's

Normally I don't post about award shows but I did watch the Grammy's last night. I was left feeling.. well, a few different things. In case you missed it, I have taken the time to highlight some of my favourite good, not so good and just down right confusing moments.

//1  Taylor Swift. Insert giant sigh here. Yes, she is very pretty, she is insanely fashionable and she does sing some pretty catchy tunes. But, she just annoys me. She's young, I'm not as young and I think that's why. Every time I see Taylor dancing to every song performed like she's a sixteen year old at a New Kids concert, I want to throw objects at my t.v.


Gah- sit down!
 //2  Okay so normally when a song or artist is nominated for an award, they are introduced with a clip from their video and the song that they sang. But a lot of the nominations were being introduced with videos of other people singing their songs. I was totally confused by it!

//3  Macklemore sings "Same Love" and it's moving and all of the things that I expected it to be. Then Queen Latifah comes out and starts to explain that thirty three couples are in the audience and they're all getting married at that moment. Apparently QL is a marriage officiant. Who knew! It is kind of touching to see so many couples out there, tattooed couples, same sex couples, you name it.. But then when Madonna busts out in an all white cowboy get-up and badly sings "Open Your Heart To Me" it became all too much. Rob and I looked at each other and burst out laughing. He's like, "What just happened here? Weren't we just watching Metallica sing at the Grammy's!?" Too much random!

//3  Speaking of Metallica... I am not a huge Metallica fan but I think that they're pretty bad ass and that they are total musical legends. My all time favourite song is "One" and they just so happened to perform it live with a classical pianist. It was pretty incredible and I can't imagine how it must have sounded to the people there! Good one Grammy's.. It almost makes up for Madonna...

//4  Pink! I seriously love this woman. She could do no wrong in my eyes. I love her hair, her tattoos, her kick ass attitude, her pretty face and her AMAZING voice. That woman can sing!! She did a really cool acrobatic act while singing and it was really impressive. She wasn't attached to a harness and she was pretty high up in the air. I thought her butt looked damn good too. Oh! Well, if I'm talking about butts I should mention Beyonce's butt. It was looking very, very nice as well. Just saying! (Too bad her performance wasn't as nice.. No offense to any Beyonce' lovers out there. That surf board line killed me! Ack.)

Beyonce' Wins!

  //5  I already acknowledge Blake Shelton for being a major country music star and that was solidified when I saw him perform with country music legends, like my all time favourite; Willie Nelson. I absolutely adored "Mama's Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys"..!! They were showing everyone in the crowd and it looked like it was being enjoyed by everyone. I don't care what anyone says- classic country, is the best country!

//6  Pharrell you are insanely talented, richer than I could ever dream of being. I believe he won four Grammy's and every song that man leans up against turns into a hit!  So, having said all of that- I just can't get over the hat he wore! Ugh, he looked like a Canadian Mountie! It's okay because he's so cool that he makes everything alright. But still.. I couldn't stop gawking at it!


 I am 100% going to be tuning in on Sunday, February 9th for the Grammy's Beatles Special!! I can't wait and hope to post about them soon after.

 My mom's birthday was on Saturday and I spent the day with her. We watched a movie at her place and I brought her some goodies over.. (Corn chips, Zero Alcohol Beer, Licorice, etc.) Then I brought her back to my house to have lasagna and to present her with the very first birthday cake (shaped) that I've ever made. I was pretty excited about it.

I used a great tutorial on how to make the star shaped cake without a star pan and it turned out better than I expected! You can check out the blog post HERE.

Alina's close up snarky face is to show how many teeth she's getting in! Wowzers! The other is her in her Baby Bjorn with Rob.. 'playing guitar all by herself'..!
  "When You Wish Upon A Star..." is a saying from Pinocchio. My mom's favourite character of all time is and always has been, Jiminy Cricket. So the saying was relevant plus, I wished for something to do with my mom months ago and my wish came true.

Did you see the Grammy's and what did you think of it!? 
If someone was going to make you a special birthday cake.. what would it be of!?

Friday, January 24, 2014

MHB- Week Nine- Shaky

  I decided to title each week's workout with one word to describe how it all felt. This week's word is shaky. Maybe I should call it Shaky- In A Good Way. I feel like this week was really productive. Rob and I are both starting to see some results in having done this workout for nine weeks and that feels so good. If you've been following along with me during this time and you feel like RushFit might be for you try going on YouTube and searching out some exercises from RushFit to see if you would like it. There's also a little bit more information on the RushFit Program HERE with a break down of what it's all about and some customer reviews.


It wouldn't be a MHB post without my middle showing for all to see.. You're welcome Sarah!
 Day one was the strength and endurance workout. Again, it kicked my butt. I was seriously out of breath and had to take an inhaler break during the second round! There are five rounds people!
Goals: I can't quite do the burpees that they do on the video. It's a full push up and then pop up and jump and then get right back down and do it again. I hope to be able to do it, sooner than later. (Just maybe not next week...)
Improvements: I'm squatting a bit deeper during my ISO squats without breaking.(Just a bit.) It still sucks and it's still hard!


At our Stroller Class; Alina in the car, us girls doing our wall head stands (notice Alina is doing the splits.. the show off) and Lisa stretching with my girl in her arms. The middle picture comes to you from Happy Fit Group Fitness on Facebook. Click HERE to join Happy Fit on Facebook!
Day two was cardio and my favourite workout day; Happy Fit Stroller Class! I've made an executive decision to start calling Lisa, Bruce Lee because she was kicking our butts! We sprinted the length of the gym one way, ten times and walked or jogged back. It was hard but I enjoyed it because it's what I need, especially on cardio days! We did burpees, we played with the kettle bells and we did half handstands which have become one of my favourite stretches. Sadly, next week is our last class before Lisa heads away for a bit. I don't know what I'm going to do without her... My gluts may not miss her, but I will...


 Day three was my Abdominal and Core Conditioning workout. I never mind this one. I did my very best to tighten my ab muscles as much as I could for each exercise. Of course, I'm sore from yesterday's workout but sore in a good way!
Goals: To have sore abs the day after I work my abdominal workout!
Improvements: I'm getting bad ass good at round five. No joke, I can do the hindu push up well and my back bend, mountain climber and navasana have all improved.


Not the most flattering pictures.. But as you can see from my blood shot eyes, doing half handstands and trying to take a picture isn't a super easy (or smart) task. Luckily no dumb dumbs were hurt in the taking of those pictures. The last picure is HAPPY Haley after finishing my cardio. I'm always REALLY happy to be finished. I loooooathe cardio. (Today's wasn't so bad though!)
 Day four is another cardio day. So I took myself to the fire hall to use the treadmill. My good friend Lisa from Happy Fit Fitness put up a Cardio Machine Workout on her blog just a few days ago. I couldn't believe how perfect her timing was. I was just beginning to think that I needed to change up my cardio. So I sprinted for thirty seconds at a speed of 7 to begin with, and an incline of 7.5. Every thirty seconds, I would walk for one minute. Then I would sprint again two more times. (With the one minute rest (speed walking) in between.) Once I finished that I did some half handstands and ten push ups. Sadly I am not strong enough to do ten on the ground so I did wall push ups. I repeated the entire process but instead of increasing my speed in the second round, I decided to ease up on the speed because 7 really winded me, unhealthily so. I ran at a speed of 6 and an incline of 7. In the last round, I was running short on time. (Rob has to leave for school at a certain time and I have to be home in order for him to leave.) So I combined the three thirty second intervals and ran at a speed of 6 for one minute and thirty seconds. I kind of cheated, but hope to manage my time better next week.


 Day five - the final day of working out for two, glorious days- was my fight conditioning workout. The dreaded fight conditioning. I think I dread it because it's nothing like the other workouts and it is a total ass kicker. I was beyond out of breath at the end of it and I think that means it's working...! I asked Rob to take some pictures of me with our good camera while I threw out totally random combinations. I'm in the middle of a roundhouse kick in the first, some knees, getting back up from a level change and then finally a back kick. I felt like a total goof posing for the shots, but it's what we bloggers do for a good blog post picture!
Goals: Focus on my ground work in round four. I did better than last week, but next week I want to do even better. The ground work has a lot to do with jiu jitsu and it's just something I need to improve on.
Improvements: My goal from last week's workout was to change my attitude towards this particular workout. I totally did. It must have just been a mood I was in last week because this time, I was fine with waking up to get right to it.

 Now that all the sweaty, hard stuff is out of the way. (That's what she said....) I want to introduce an amazing song that Rob discovered last weekend. You can't find it on Grooveshark, so I have the YouTube video instead. Please, I beg of you, to actually check this song out because I absolutely LOVE IT and want to share it with you all! So I'm going to #BackThatAzzUp with Yoga Pants for another Friday, with a band called Wild Child and the song is "Crazy Bird".


Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Name Game

  I have been wanting to write a post about Alina's name for awhile now. Then, just the other day Noor wrote a post about her name. Helene also wrote a post about how to pronounce her's. They both inspired me to combine my name and Alina's into one post.

 I was born first, so we'll start with my name. Haley. (Pronounced hay-lee.) The origin of my name is pretty basic and boring. There are two general meanings; hay, as in the scratchy, yellow, dry stuff that horses eat. That's pretty pathetic. But the other meaning is; heroine. Not the drug that junkies pump into their veins at an alarming rate. But, the female hero. Oh yes, I'll take that.. That's much better.

 My dad named me because my mom got to name my siblings. Kyli is my sister and Lincoln is my brother. I think they got some pretty cool, original names.  My mom had mentioned in the past that she was thinking about naming me Lara, which is pretty. But, it was decided that he would get a chance to name the third and final baby. They didn't know what I was going to be, until I came out one Tuesday morning in July. (My mom was on her way to bingo the day before and had to head to the hospital instead. Sorry mom, I bet that was the night you were going to win it all!) Long story short- I was born and my dad named me Haley. He explained years and years later that he had a huge crush on t.v. actress Hayely Mills, as a boy, so he named me after her. Do I find it strange that my dad named me after some girl he had the hots for? Nah, not at all!

  My dad also told me that I was not only named after Hayely Mills. He told me that Halley's Comet appeared in the sky, in March of 1986. (Eight months after I was born.)  He said that Halley's Comet comes every 75-76 years. The next time it is scheduled to come it will be 2061. He said he imagined me as a 76 year old woman, sitting in my rocking chair, rocking back and fourth on my front porch. He told me that when I was looking up at the very comet I was named after, for the very first time, to think of him- my dad, the one who named me. I can't imagine how long it will be before I'm 76 but one thing's for certain; I will be sitting out on my front porch, waiting for that comet so that I can silently thank my dad for my 76 years of life, with a pretty kick ass name.

  I like my name. It's not super strange or completely unheard of but it's also not one of the most popular names out there. It starts with an H which I also like. I find that there aren't that many girl names that begin with the letter H. So I instantly feel special for that. (Silly, I know.) My name isn't all that hard to say. But, for some reason a lot of times when I introduce myself on the phone at work, people never hear me right. "The ___________ ___________ Pharmacy. Haley speaking." Now, you would think that it's a basic name. Easy to say, easy to hear. Nope. I get Amy all of the time. That's fine. Amy does sound like Haley. I get that. But one name that people have said more than once  (Okay twice, but still!) is Kiwi. First of all; who the hell names their kid Kiwi? Second; who the hell named their kid Kiwi in the mid eighties. I mean, weird names are a recent thing. Cocoa, Apple, etc. Lastly, Haley does not sound like Kiwi!!!! For the most part though, people hear my name and I am pleasantly surprised when they compliment it. It's nice to hear that people like it.

  Alina (pronounced ah-leen-ah) was born at 7:39 am. It just so happened to be the first gorgeous, sunny day that we had had in at least a week. I remember minutes before she was born, opening my eyes and seeing the morning sun pouring into the room through the windows. It literally made everything in the hospital room golden. It was honestly the most breathtaking thing I've ever seen.
 Rob and I chose the name Alina when I was about six weeks pregnant. We were watching "Game of Thrones" and someone's name was Lena in the credits. I commented that I liked that name and then Rob replied, "How about Alina?" I liked it right away, but we made sure to keep our ears opened for any other names. We had two boy names chosen and the name Alina in mind when we were having her. Out came our baby girl and she was Alina immediately. It wasn't until a few weeks later that I looked up the meaning of Alina and it means; light. It was like that sun shining in on us moments before she entered the world was meant for her.. It was her grand entrance...

Alina and Noor have something pretty special in common; their name's meaning. You can read all about it  HERE

 I feel like Alina brightens up a room with her smile and her charisma. I feel like everything happens for a reason. I saw the name Lena and Rob thought of Alina moments later... It just so happened to mean light and then our girl just so happens to be the very light, the twinkle in our eyes that brightens up our everyday.

The first picture of Alina on Rob's iPhone and the last picture I took of Alina today!
 It's the name game! Do you like your name? 
What is the meaning of your name?
Were you named after anyone special?
Is this too many questions.....!??! 

Monday, January 20, 2014

Just A Touch

 I posted about my boobs  back in October. It felt really amazing to just vent about how good it was feeling to be wearing a regular bra again. I know, mom talk isn't always super interesting to read about. But, I promise- it's just about my boobs. Who doesn't like a good read on boobs, right?! Well, I am officially finished breast feeding everybody! Sound the trumpets, sprinkle me in confetti and pass me a glass bottle box of wine! I can't describe how in-credible it feels to have my boobs all to myself again!! Alina was cut off last weekend and my one, poor boob was hard as a rock for a good week. I won't get into too much detail other than the fact that I was sooooooore. But now... today, it's the first day that my boob feels like MY BOOB again. They BOTH feel like they used to and I couldn't be happier. To all of you girls out there that have your original boobies; enjoy them. Do me a favour and sneak an extra long peek at them the next time you take a shower. Take a look and commend your 'girls' for looking their finest. You know when someone asks what your best physical quality is? Well I would say, that my finest quality would be my boobs- my own personal favourite. Obviously I am my best critic because I see them all of the time. They are a nice size and perky. When you get pregnant, wowsers. Your boobies are sure to change... Before I even knew I was pregnant that was the first thing I noticed; my boobs were huuuuuge. Once the baby was born; my boobs were gigantic. Now, that the baby has had her way with them and I am ten months past my little peanut being born.... they are back to their normal size. But, and I'm not going to lie.. they're a bit softer. They are still nice-ish.. they just sort of hang a touch lower. Just a touch. I promise, I'm okay with this little change. I love my kiddo enough to admit that.. it's worth the little drop in boob height. I also want to be clear that I wouldn't use the word; saggy to describe them either. That is not what they are. But, because they had a good perk to them before; there is certainly a difference today.

Yup, that's 'them'.. In all of their B Cup supportless bra glory.
 AN-Y-WAYS! This post was not going to be about my boobs again! I just wanted to quickly celebrate the fact that they were mine all mine again! Today's post is about . . . (stalls while she tries to think of something to write about...) my insecurities about returning to work!

 So, I haven't really made an annoucement because I'm not super excited about it. I officially return to work, full time on March the 3rd. It's a Monday. I will be 100% back to work at the beginning of March. I don't mind the idea of returning to what I used to do, before I had baby girl. But I am feeling... insecure about where I stand. I know that the ladies that have taken my place are doing really well since I left. Before, I was the one that knew how to do everything, literally.. Now, they know how to do it all, who is the one to take the step back to let me in? It doesn't really matter. I don't need to worry about it now. I just need to go in with a positive head on my shoulders. My boss, or the manager of the store I work in, moved to the Cayman Islands with his family back in July. He was seriously the best boss I could have ever asked for. A nice, (a total understatement) level headed, crazy smart, friendly, kind and understanding man. That's who I called boss. Now, I will be working for someone different. He's actually someone I used to go to high school with back in Alberta. (Small world, I know!!) I'm not sure how that whole dynamic will turn out to be like. But, I do have a pretty good feeling about it. I think I'll fit back in nicely. It's just natural for me to have these feelings.. the unknown!

The only picture of me at work- my cousin came to visit years ago, with her new baby.
 What I'm the most sad about is obviously not seeing Alina all day, anymore. I'm going to go from seeing her from 8 am to 8 pm. Twelve entire hours with my girl to .. wait for it, because it's that astonishing; four hours a day. I plan to wake her at 7 am and to take her to daycare for 8 ish.. Then I'll see her hopefully by 5 pm (as long as people don't come in last minute and make me late and that doesn't include my five minute walk home) for three whole hours, which also includes me making dinner and cleaning up. Oh my goodness, that just doesn't seem like enough time. But, such is life. I need the benefits that come with working and let's face it; we need my steady income.

We've been busy cuddling for the last few weeks. As soon as I realized that was something Alina liked to do... it became one of our favourite things.

  Needless to say; we've been spending a lot of our recently very precious time together snuggling up on the couch. I have been loving the closeness. Alina wasn't a super cuddely baby but ever since we returned home from Ontario, she's been my little snuggle bug. I don't hate it...

 Don't mind me; I'll just be the one cuddeling up with my baby daughter not counting the days until March the 03rd, with my softer, lower sitting breasts and best friend by my side.. Wish me luck that the days don't soar by.

It is no fun talking about my breasts all on my lonesome.. so let's hear it.. are you happy with your breasts overall? 
What is your favourite physical quality about yourself?

Friday, January 17, 2014

MHB- Week Eight- Sweaty Mess

 I've come to the realization that this weekly Mission Hot Bod isn't a favourite post to read by anyone but myself and maaaaybe Lisa. (She's a fitness skank.. you know you are!) I'm going to try to keep things somewhat short every Friday because, again- how many times can a blogger write an encouraging comment to me every.single.week? I totally get it. I've also decided to abbreviate my title. I didn't really think through having to use the title- Mission Hot Bod every week. MHB is a lot more subtle. So thank you to my readers for sticking with me throughout these last two months and encouraging me along the way.


 Day One was Strength and Endurance. I don't know if the heat is up, if I'm out of shape or if I'm just working harder, but I've really noticed how much I'm sweating during all of these workouts!
Goals: The ISO Squats are ridiculously hard to do because you just squat and stay like that for one minute. That is by far, the toughest thing I probably do in the workout. Try it, it sucks!
Improvements: My goal last week was to improve on my pop ups and nope, I sure haven't. They were still just as hard to do this week as they were last. I'll keep working on it!


(Picture of me lunging Via)
 Day two was my cardio and that means; Happy Fit Stroller Class! I love this class because it's different every time. Alina gets to steal toys from  play with different babies every week. I find that when I'm working outside of my home, with other people I am much more of a try hard. It's embarrassing, but true! I try super hard to push myself to the limit and that's why I love going out to exercise! Today's class was awesome because I was out of breath the entire time.


 Day three was Fight Conditioning and it is always kicking my ass. I took the first picture while I was in the middle of the workout just to show how tuckered I was already. Then the last picture of me I was trying to show how sweaty my face was.
Goals: To get myself more motivated to do this particular workout. I'm getting the discouraging itch to just say, I'm not doing it today. But I know I can't. I've worked so hard for two months that I can't stop now just because it's getting repetitive.
Improvements: I think my ground work is improving every time I do this workout. I also think that I've finally nailed most of the combinations because I am a sweaty mess after this workout.


The view from the tread mill- not the most motivating view to 'keep going!' Another close up of my face so you can see how much I was sweating!! Gah!!
 Day four was my cardio day. It is the first time I have been back at the fire hall gym since before Christmas.  Rob leaves earlier to go to school than he did to go to work. So I had to get up earlier to get my twenty minutes in. I was sweaty, winded and wheezing. Good cardio day!
Goals: I have obvious goals; to run for the entire twenty minutes and to increase my speed throughout. (This is a long term goal because I'm only running once a week.)
Improvements: My time! I did cardio for twenty instead of fifteen and I'm proud of that.


Day four was Abdominal Strength and Core Conditioning. Rob asked me if my abs were sore after doing this workout and I answered honestly; no, not really. He said that they should be and he's right! So I tried to be aware of my abs throughout the workout, so that I made sure to tighten those abdominal muscles while working them.
Goals: To continue to be aware of what I'm working out, while I'm working. It's easy to just go through the exercise without thinking about what I'm supposed to be working out. This way- I'll make sure to work really hard.
Improvements: My glut bridge on both sides has improved. I really felt the burn and when I finished each set, my muscles were vibrating!

 Yesterday while I did my jog/run at the gym there were two songs that inspired me to keep going. Britney's Work Bitch and Rhianna's S&M. When I heard Work Bitch- I felt like she was challenging me to work it bitch! Rhianna's S&M is just so catchy and has a great beat. I wouldn't stop running until the song was over, which brought me to the end of my run. It was great! So today I feature both of those songs for my link up with Yoga Pants!

Work Bitch by Britney Spears on Grooveshark

S&M by Rihanna on Grooveshark

Venus Trapped in Mars

Thursday, January 16, 2014


 This is my fourth time participating in the "Boys Behind The Blog" link up with Mal and Stephanie. Five questions are posted on the girls' blogs on the first Thursday of the month and on the third Thursday, you answer the questions and link-up. Ask any male in your life the questions- your brother, husband, dad, son, etc. It's really fun to snoop around on other blogs to see what their people are saying. I usually find, that whatever my husband has said, is almost always the weirdest.

 This month I am featuring my husband Rob again. I have posted about my brother Lincoln in the past. Last month, I interviewed my father in law over the Christmas holidays. Rob was somewhat annoyed with the questions this month because they were 'too hard' to answer!

 I write down Rob's answers with zero filter, swears and all. So what you see is what he truly said and of course, I can't have a post of just Rob talking. I have to throw in my two cents as well.

//1 What was your favourite movie of 2013?
Rob: So basically I would say that there weren't a lot of good movies in 2013. But World War Z was pretty good and Prisoners was good.

 I'm impressed that he remembered these two right off the top of his head because yeah, these probably were the best we saw in 2013. WWZ was great because I had no idea it was like a zombie sort of take over movie and Prisoners was just heart wrenching, make you feel sick to your stomach with worry for the characters. 

 2. What is your all time favourite movie quote?
Rob: My all time favourite.. how the f*** can they ask me that?... (Trails off) Jeeeeesus.. It's too hard. I can't say my favourites because there are just too many. But keeping with recent movies I would say....
"I'm burying you!"

"I am not gay!"

(To watch just the funny part that we like- watch until 16 seconds in and then it gets pretty offensive after that!)

3. What is your favourite type of movie?
Rob: (Sighs) Suuuuuuuuuuuus----------pense. 
  Yes, he said it just like that, full of suspense..

4. What is your New Year's Resoloution? 
Rob: For Haley to watch more hockey. What is my New Year's Resoloution.....? oh the one that came out of my mouth was to say what I really think. You can elaborate on that one Haley. I guess I didn't make one this year.
Me: Yes you did, you idiot! You are the worst husband ever...
Rob: Oh yeah, yeah! To help out my family more!

I'm an Oiler's fan but because Rob watches so many Toronto Maple Leafs games- I told him that I wouldn't mind a jersey of my own. So it looks like I can now watch 'more hockey' this year- in my new T.O. jersey!

Sigh. Yes, his resoloution I guess for a whole day was to help me out around the house more. I can see now that it didn't really stay fresh in his mind which means bad news for me... We're only three weeks into January and he already forgot! Oh and to explain, Rob always says what's on his mind. He likes conflict, as in; if something needs to be returned and he doesn't have a receipt he wants to challenge the customer service. If someone is unhappy with their cell phone plan he wants to call your cell phone provider and talk until he can get you the best deal possible. I have no idea why he enjoys that sort of thing so much, but ... he does. So when saying he would like to say what he really feels it is sort of terrifying. !!

5. Finish this sentence; This year I will ...
Rob: rock. 
Me: You're an idiot.
Rob: No, this year I will work out and finish school.
Me: .. become a journeyman electrician!! Yah!

I have to clarify; I asked him if I could take ONE picture and he reluctantly said okay. I told him it wasn't for my blog, but for my baths. LOL- GROSS-TMI! I was kidding people! But, I am not authorized to use these photos- if Rob actually reads my blog, I will find out because I will be in trouble for posting this. Heehee- sometimes it feels good to be bad!
  I swear, I don't call my husband an idiot as much as it seems! He was just in a goofy mood the night I asked him the questions. He just needs me to call him nasty names so he can answer my questions properly! But I promised I wouldn't leave anything out, even me being mean to him! Yes, Rob's first day of his 3rd 'Year' of Electrical was yesterday. He's doing back to back courses, so he will be finished by June and we can't wait. It's going to be a bit of a stretch having him go to school, work out, go to fire practice, go to any calls (don't see that happening too often) and to go to work on the one day off of school that he gets. Oh and help me around the house and be a dad... I think I can kiss that New Year's Resoloution good bye... He's going to be stretched pretty thin and his stress level will probably reach its maximum. Yah for him. Double yah for me! Wish us luck!

 Having said all of that, I want to state for the record.... that I am incredibly proud of my husband. He is a goof, he is a TOTAL smart ass most of the time and he is so ambitious. I couldn't ask for a better man to be in my life. I know, I know- barf. But please, grab your barf bags because it's true.. Rob is the most hard working person I've ever met. He is passionate about everything that he does. He works hard, he cares hard and I feel blessed that he's mine all mine. Oh, well- ours .. Sorry Alina..


Boys Behind The Blog

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Votes Are In

 Well the results are in for the little poll I took on my personal Facebook account and on my blog. I posted a picture of six of our favourite images of Alina and I asked which picture is the best. Thank you again for all of your answers. We had a pretty good turn out! 122 votes in total. (Some people chose more than one answer, so we just used all of the answers!)

This picture Rob took this summer and we thought she was making a sweet face.

This is Rob's favourite picture. Alina was watching a band play Christmas music at one of our lights festivals before Christmas. She was in a trance...

This was taken months ago, when I put this bathing suit on Alina for fun. Then I squealed with delight and had to take a few pictures.

The WINNER! This fall Rob was outside and I dressed Alina up and brought the camera out. We snapped a zillion photos.

We were watching a hockey game and she was just in this really sweet photogenic mood. So we grabbed the camera and started snapping!

This was the day Rob was decorating the outside of the house for Christmas and we saw a few photo opps...
 Thanks again for the participation and I will update if we win the Thunder Bay Chronicle Journal Cute Baby Contest. I know Alina is a cutie but I also know that the chances of us winning are slim. There were a lot of babies born in 2013 that were featured in the newspaper. It's just fun to participate!

  I know, I know.. like I haven't posted enough pictures of my kiddo already. But this is my all time favourite picture of my girl. I had to share! Thanks again!!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Foot Touch

 I was lying in bed the other night and Rob crawled in after me. When my mom moved back to Alberta quite a few years ago, she was downsizing. So she gave Rob and I her king size bed. It's HUGE. Rob and I can both easily star fish all night long comfortably. I wonder if that's why they call it a King Size bed.... because we seriously feel like kings when we sleep. It's luxurious and delicious.. if sleeping could be described by that word.

 I noticed when life gets busy, we do not. Okay, that's probably getting a little too personal but let's be honest- that's just the way it is. We've been married for over three years, dating for over eight and we have a baby.. Often we get into bed and Rob will watch some "Mountain Men" or "Man Vs. Wild" on his tablet and I'll browse my iPhone for a few minutes before surrendering to sleep. I'll give him a kiss and say my goodnights and Iloveyous and that will be it. But, there's one thing I notice we do and that is .. we touch feet. Does anybody else do this in bed with their significant other? I guess if I'm being honest- we don't always touch feet. But, it's definitely something we do a lot. My foot touches his foot... and then all is right with our worlds and we can sleep soundly.

 I begin to fall asleep and it's like our feet have a mind of their own. My foot starts to wander to the middle of the bed at the exact moment Rob's foot does.. They meet in the middle and stop as soon as they touch and just exist there in that neutral spot in bed together. Like, ''ahhhhh there you are....''

 I remember the other night when it happened I thought; "Do a lot of people do this? I'll have to blog about it and find out." So here I am blogging about something not so much intimate, but sort of in a way... I don't blog about fights I have with Rob or friends or family because that's not what my blog is for.. I don't blog about my marriage in a personal way because it isn't anyone's business.. I don't talk about my sex life, because that's personal. I don't talk about the specifics of where I live because I don't think that's safe. I will however, blog about my love for my life, my daughter and my husband and how much we've connected in life that a simple foot touch is all we need at the end of a long day..

  I've known Robert since I was 20 years old, a new girl in town.. just looking for some attention, for someone to play some pool with and maybe even someone to kiss.... We've come a long way. He invited me to his house because he was having a 'big' party for someone's birthday and it ended up being just the two of us, my cousin and her friend. They left, seeing that Rob and I were hitting it off. I remember they called me and I faked concern; "Where are you guys going, without me!? You're seriously just going to leave me here!!!?" To which my cousin replied; "If you're unhappy, we'll come back and get you..... No response? Okay- well, have fun!" Best. Situation. Ever.  I got off of the phone and acted like my cousin had totally ditched me. I remember the first thing Rob said to me; "Well, we better get you into some more comfortable clothes!"  He gave me a pair of plaid pajama pants and his black "Summerfest 2004" t-shirt. I went to the bathroom and (remember when you used to be so drunk you would talk to yourself in the mirror??) I looked at myself in the mirror- in his p.j's and gave myself a "OhMyGodICan'tBelieveThisIsHappening!!!!!!" look. It was amazing. We went to the backyard and sat on the hammock between the two trees and shared our first kiss. We kissed until our mouths were raw and unable to kiss anymore. I love that feeling of a fresh, new start with someone.

First picture of us ever taken and I stick my tongue out and throw up the 'rock on' sign? Ugh. This second picture of us is so old that it's from a camera with film and I scanned the pictures onto the computer a million years ago!
  I have no idea what the point of this post really is... I guess I just felt like sharing my story of Robert and Haley today. It's one that I enjoy telling. We were so young, so clueless as to what we were really getting ourselves into. I mean, we were creating history.. the very story we would tell to our grandkids one day!

 Our first kiss was in the hammock in the backyard. The very backyard that I look out at in the morning when I am showing Alina what kind of a day it is. Alina and I share our daily snuggles in the exact spot where Rob sang "Tiny Dancer" to me for the first time. In labour, I stood in front of the bathroom mirror and convinced myself that I could do this! The same bathroom mirror that I talked to myself in, on the first night I ever spent here. I love the history that our house holds.. the important moments our walls have witnessed.

 So here's to a good love story.. A story worth sharing and a story worth remembering from time to time. We touch feet because we may be busy but we still love to touch the other, even if it's in a small way...