Friday, January 10, 2014

Mission Hot Bod- Week Seven

 This week was much better performance and effort-wise if I do say so myself. It feels really awesome to be back at it again after all of the craziness that is Christmas and bad, bad, bad food. I will say in my defense that I didn't eat any sweets. I didn't eat any of Andrea's baked goods that were displayed on the table the entire time we were visiting. I didn't eat any of the neighbour's baking or any of Aunt Emma's. (Even though I did eat her cream pie and egg nog...) I only caved when it came to eating the salty snacks. I ate two servings of my crab dip and far too much of Andrea's freakin' delicious, homemade appetizers. (Bacon wrapped tenderloin, fried won tons, egg rolls, etc.)  I didn't set goals against booze. I drank whatever I wanted and as much as I wanted. Having said that, I don't think we went too crazy. All in all; I think I did pretty damn good over the holidays.


 First I apologize for the poor quality of the pictures on Monday. I was trying to take some during the workout which is kind of a 'no no' considering I shouldn't be focused on taking shaking, crap quality pictures for my blog. But, that's all you get. My doughy tummy dieing as I do more ab twists. (I totally made up that term, I have no idea what they are really called.)
  Day One was Strength and Endurance. I did alright. Again, I wasn't totally focused on all of the workouts like I should have been, but oh well..! I just needed to take some pictures so that I had something to show for my Monday workout!
Goals: I need to work on my pop-ups. It is damn hard to just pop up over and over again from the knee position!
Improvements: My air squats are improving. I go much deeper into my knees and the heels of my feet. It burns, but feels great!


In the second picture- this little guy is #PhotoBombing my picture of Lisa!

 Day Two is always Cardio but I go to my Happy Fit Stroller Class. We took a bit of a break over the holidays and it was so nice to be back. Alina and I missed our friends, plus there were a couple of new mom and baby faces to meet. Lisa introduced a few new exercises that I really enjoyed. I am naming them because I can't remember their real names; the monkey swagger was a good one. My gluts and the backs of my legs were super sore the next day because of that swagger and of course, the lunges we did. The wall headstand type deal was a great way to stretch out the body. Plus I do the same exercises every week with RushFit so it's really refreshing to try new things with Lisa. I'm not setting any goals or noting any improvements until I feel like I really need to.


Note on the bottom left picture of Alina.. she has a top tooth.. You can juuuuust make it out. (On the top right.)
 Day Three I mixed it up a little bit. Instead of doing a workout, I used it as my Rest Day that I was technically supposed to do on the fourth day. But my legs were sore from Happy Fit, so I decided that the third day would be my rest. I caught up on blog reading while Alina slept in. I snuggled once in the morning and again in the afternoon with my girl. She's into snuggling!!!! Bonus for me!!!! Then we went to Baba's for a surprise breakfast visit. While I was surprising her, she was surprising us with a visit. Luckily one cell phone call later, she met us at her place. We had a nice rest day.


  Day Four was Abdominal Strength and Core Conditioning. This is always one of my favourite workouts because I really want to tighten up my stomach. I had a human being nesting in there for nine months! Shit be getting stretched! Rob was getting ready for work and chatting away at me while I worked, so I encouraged him to snap a few pictures for the post. After my workout, Alina snuggled up on me and it was bliss. Later on in the day, we went for a walk to the grocery store and I packed the groceries in a backpack while I pushed her stroller. Talk about good exercise!
Goals: Looking at the picture of me doing the backbend, I can see my form could improve.
Improvements: On the other hand, I am able to hold the backbend for the full thirty seconds that is required. So woohoo there!


HAHA- this does not show in any way how difficult this workout is.. Looks like I am just standing bending my body all weird! Oh well!!
 Day Five was The Fight Conditioning. This one always kicks my ass and makes me wheeze like the little dork in grade school after recess.
Goals: My coordination still blows. I have to focus and not get discouraged in my mind because then I just freeze up and by the time I figure out what I'm doing 'Eric' is onto the next exercise.
Improvements: Ground work. Round four sucks. It's all on the ground and some of the maneuvers I have to do are tricky. But I've been doing them and actually getting better.

 Last week I put up a picture of my tummy looking very trim and then I felt bad because in all honesty, I was totally flexing. So keeping up with my name; Truth Be Told, I figured I should be honest and throw a picture that shows my stomach when I'm letting it all hang out and my stomach when I'm flexing...

 Because... let's be honest here- my stomach looks wicked good in the right picture and a bit doughy and flab-ilicious in the left picture. I'm doing better but I'm not there yet!! There's still work to be done!!

 It's Friday and so we are going to #BackThatAzzUp with Yoga Pants with a classic tune that always puts me in a good mood! "I Hear You Knocking" by Dave Edmund..

I Hear You Knocking by Dave Edmunds on Grooveshark

Oh and I posted twice today. If you have a second to VOTE  for the picture you think is the best- for a contest we're entering - I would very much appreciate it!! Thanks!!


Melissa said...

I'm a fatty! should do a work out like yours.

Megan Campbell said...

Sooo I feel like a lazy bum when I consider my walk to work and to the grocery store a workout. I love that you are kicking butt and sticking with it! And Alina cuddles as a reward for completing a workout is pretty great!

Amanda said...

You look fabulous and you're such an inspiration! You should be so proud of yourself! x

Noor said...

Boom boom , you're rocking it . Seriously , the bends I am seeing here are awesome . Keep it going on Haley.

Jade Wright said...

Wow you can seriously see the results! I have been so bad bad bad...... In my 2014 journal I keep jotting down times when I can schedule in a jog or something but the weathers but so horrid here that I've put it all aside!!! Week after week..... and instead replaced it with pringles and bar one chocolate bars and delicious pastas........ and wine... lots of wine... Damitall.

This morning I felt REALLY guilty though because the weather wasn't bad but I still turned my early morning alarm off and ignored my bodies cries to go for a run and I slept in.. But then I hooked my feet under my bed at 7am just before my shower and did 100 situps. My tummy already hurts. This is going to be a looooong process to get back to being toned and feeling good after a crazy Christmas season. PLUS for lunch today I ordered KFC..... three different meals.. all for me..... OH GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD.
To be fair I did give up after the chips, 4 spicy wings, poppers and a coca cola.... I have a twister meal for later! Bleh.

I MISSED YOUR BLOG HALEY!!!!!!!!!!!! I have so much catching up to do! :)

Lisa-Jade said...

Whoo! Go Haley! You're doing so great and what a plus that your reward is snuggle ups!!
I can't wait to see more pics of toothy Alina, she's going to look so adorbs :)

Anonymous said...

Way to go, Hayley! You are doing really well.

Sarah said...

The backbend is lookin good! You are really nailing these workouts! I ate horribly over the holidays. Just horribly. I am now getting back into a healthier mode and feel so much better for it.