Friday, January 24, 2014

MHB- Week Nine- Shaky

  I decided to title each week's workout with one word to describe how it all felt. This week's word is shaky. Maybe I should call it Shaky- In A Good Way. I feel like this week was really productive. Rob and I are both starting to see some results in having done this workout for nine weeks and that feels so good. If you've been following along with me during this time and you feel like RushFit might be for you try going on YouTube and searching out some exercises from RushFit to see if you would like it. There's also a little bit more information on the RushFit Program HERE with a break down of what it's all about and some customer reviews.


It wouldn't be a MHB post without my middle showing for all to see.. You're welcome Sarah!
 Day one was the strength and endurance workout. Again, it kicked my butt. I was seriously out of breath and had to take an inhaler break during the second round! There are five rounds people!
Goals: I can't quite do the burpees that they do on the video. It's a full push up and then pop up and jump and then get right back down and do it again. I hope to be able to do it, sooner than later. (Just maybe not next week...)
Improvements: I'm squatting a bit deeper during my ISO squats without breaking.(Just a bit.) It still sucks and it's still hard!


At our Stroller Class; Alina in the car, us girls doing our wall head stands (notice Alina is doing the splits.. the show off) and Lisa stretching with my girl in her arms. The middle picture comes to you from Happy Fit Group Fitness on Facebook. Click HERE to join Happy Fit on Facebook!
Day two was cardio and my favourite workout day; Happy Fit Stroller Class! I've made an executive decision to start calling Lisa, Bruce Lee because she was kicking our butts! We sprinted the length of the gym one way, ten times and walked or jogged back. It was hard but I enjoyed it because it's what I need, especially on cardio days! We did burpees, we played with the kettle bells and we did half handstands which have become one of my favourite stretches. Sadly, next week is our last class before Lisa heads away for a bit. I don't know what I'm going to do without her... My gluts may not miss her, but I will...


 Day three was my Abdominal and Core Conditioning workout. I never mind this one. I did my very best to tighten my ab muscles as much as I could for each exercise. Of course, I'm sore from yesterday's workout but sore in a good way!
Goals: To have sore abs the day after I work my abdominal workout!
Improvements: I'm getting bad ass good at round five. No joke, I can do the hindu push up well and my back bend, mountain climber and navasana have all improved.


Not the most flattering pictures.. But as you can see from my blood shot eyes, doing half handstands and trying to take a picture isn't a super easy (or smart) task. Luckily no dumb dumbs were hurt in the taking of those pictures. The last picure is HAPPY Haley after finishing my cardio. I'm always REALLY happy to be finished. I loooooathe cardio. (Today's wasn't so bad though!)
 Day four is another cardio day. So I took myself to the fire hall to use the treadmill. My good friend Lisa from Happy Fit Fitness put up a Cardio Machine Workout on her blog just a few days ago. I couldn't believe how perfect her timing was. I was just beginning to think that I needed to change up my cardio. So I sprinted for thirty seconds at a speed of 7 to begin with, and an incline of 7.5. Every thirty seconds, I would walk for one minute. Then I would sprint again two more times. (With the one minute rest (speed walking) in between.) Once I finished that I did some half handstands and ten push ups. Sadly I am not strong enough to do ten on the ground so I did wall push ups. I repeated the entire process but instead of increasing my speed in the second round, I decided to ease up on the speed because 7 really winded me, unhealthily so. I ran at a speed of 6 and an incline of 7. In the last round, I was running short on time. (Rob has to leave for school at a certain time and I have to be home in order for him to leave.) So I combined the three thirty second intervals and ran at a speed of 6 for one minute and thirty seconds. I kind of cheated, but hope to manage my time better next week.


 Day five - the final day of working out for two, glorious days- was my fight conditioning workout. The dreaded fight conditioning. I think I dread it because it's nothing like the other workouts and it is a total ass kicker. I was beyond out of breath at the end of it and I think that means it's working...! I asked Rob to take some pictures of me with our good camera while I threw out totally random combinations. I'm in the middle of a roundhouse kick in the first, some knees, getting back up from a level change and then finally a back kick. I felt like a total goof posing for the shots, but it's what we bloggers do for a good blog post picture!
Goals: Focus on my ground work in round four. I did better than last week, but next week I want to do even better. The ground work has a lot to do with jiu jitsu and it's just something I need to improve on.
Improvements: My goal from last week's workout was to change my attitude towards this particular workout. I totally did. It must have just been a mood I was in last week because this time, I was fine with waking up to get right to it.

 Now that all the sweaty, hard stuff is out of the way. (That's what she said....) I want to introduce an amazing song that Rob discovered last weekend. You can't find it on Grooveshark, so I have the YouTube video instead. Please, I beg of you, to actually check this song out because I absolutely LOVE IT and want to share it with you all! So I'm going to #BackThatAzzUp with Yoga Pants for another Friday, with a band called Wild Child and the song is "Crazy Bird".



Megan Campbell said...

Haley- those wall head stand things look intense. Show me how to do those! I'm doing that 12x30 challenge and april is all about working out so Im' trying to get back into it slowly now before that month kicks my butt! Help with ideas!

Amanda said...

OMG, I know that I physically could not do one of those wall head stands. No way. I'm so impressed. I can only do like 2 pushups- my upper body so weak compared to my lower body! You must be feeling so satisfied with yourself right now. x

Noor said...

Your abdomen is getting In&In , miss smarty! Kicks , man they're perfect (ps: you can even use them for fighting. just saying ;))

Happy Fit said...

Hey Haley, super work, you're sticking with it and that's awesome. There are so many ways to build up to handstand, here's a post I've been meaning to share about how I built up to handstand (including your fave, half-handstand at the wall):

xo L

Jade Wright said...

Awesome Haley! I am so happy to see such dedication - you continue to inspire me! :)

I loved the song Rob discovered too! We really do have similar taste :)

Hope you're having an awesome weekend xxxx

Deidre said...

I love practicing handstands against the wall - I think it's such a good way to strengthen the shoulders. I love it.

You look great!

Alex[andra] said...

Not going to lie: when I first read the title I thought it said "skanky: not "shaky." Which, of course, I thought was hilarious. But shaky, in a good way, works too!

You're such an inspiration! Keep it up!