Friday, January 17, 2014

MHB- Week Eight- Sweaty Mess

 I've come to the realization that this weekly Mission Hot Bod isn't a favourite post to read by anyone but myself and maaaaybe Lisa. (She's a fitness skank.. you know you are!) I'm going to try to keep things somewhat short every Friday because, again- how many times can a blogger write an encouraging comment to me every.single.week? I totally get it. I've also decided to abbreviate my title. I didn't really think through having to use the title- Mission Hot Bod every week. MHB is a lot more subtle. So thank you to my readers for sticking with me throughout these last two months and encouraging me along the way.


 Day One was Strength and Endurance. I don't know if the heat is up, if I'm out of shape or if I'm just working harder, but I've really noticed how much I'm sweating during all of these workouts!
Goals: The ISO Squats are ridiculously hard to do because you just squat and stay like that for one minute. That is by far, the toughest thing I probably do in the workout. Try it, it sucks!
Improvements: My goal last week was to improve on my pop ups and nope, I sure haven't. They were still just as hard to do this week as they were last. I'll keep working on it!


(Picture of me lunging Via)
 Day two was my cardio and that means; Happy Fit Stroller Class! I love this class because it's different every time. Alina gets to steal toys from  play with different babies every week. I find that when I'm working outside of my home, with other people I am much more of a try hard. It's embarrassing, but true! I try super hard to push myself to the limit and that's why I love going out to exercise! Today's class was awesome because I was out of breath the entire time.


 Day three was Fight Conditioning and it is always kicking my ass. I took the first picture while I was in the middle of the workout just to show how tuckered I was already. Then the last picture of me I was trying to show how sweaty my face was.
Goals: To get myself more motivated to do this particular workout. I'm getting the discouraging itch to just say, I'm not doing it today. But I know I can't. I've worked so hard for two months that I can't stop now just because it's getting repetitive.
Improvements: I think my ground work is improving every time I do this workout. I also think that I've finally nailed most of the combinations because I am a sweaty mess after this workout.


The view from the tread mill- not the most motivating view to 'keep going!' Another close up of my face so you can see how much I was sweating!! Gah!!
 Day four was my cardio day. It is the first time I have been back at the fire hall gym since before Christmas.  Rob leaves earlier to go to school than he did to go to work. So I had to get up earlier to get my twenty minutes in. I was sweaty, winded and wheezing. Good cardio day!
Goals: I have obvious goals; to run for the entire twenty minutes and to increase my speed throughout. (This is a long term goal because I'm only running once a week.)
Improvements: My time! I did cardio for twenty instead of fifteen and I'm proud of that.


Day four was Abdominal Strength and Core Conditioning. Rob asked me if my abs were sore after doing this workout and I answered honestly; no, not really. He said that they should be and he's right! So I tried to be aware of my abs throughout the workout, so that I made sure to tighten those abdominal muscles while working them.
Goals: To continue to be aware of what I'm working out, while I'm working. It's easy to just go through the exercise without thinking about what I'm supposed to be working out. This way- I'll make sure to work really hard.
Improvements: My glut bridge on both sides has improved. I really felt the burn and when I finished each set, my muscles were vibrating!

 Yesterday while I did my jog/run at the gym there were two songs that inspired me to keep going. Britney's Work Bitch and Rhianna's S&M. When I heard Work Bitch- I felt like she was challenging me to work it bitch! Rhianna's S&M is just so catchy and has a great beat. I wouldn't stop running until the song was over, which brought me to the end of my run. It was great! So today I feature both of those songs for my link up with Yoga Pants!

Work Bitch by Britney Spears on Grooveshark

S&M by Rihanna on Grooveshark

Venus Trapped in Mars


Happy Fit said...

I AM a fitness skank, it's so true. I love MHB - it's awesome to see you sticking with your training from week to week. I also get suuuuper sweaty when I train, I'm pretty sure it's a sign of good health...enjoy your weekend! :)

Kate @ Another Clean Slate said...

You're rocking the workouts. I need to steal some of your motivation.

Brianna said...

Girl, you're doing GREAT! Keep up the great work! Your motivation is inspiring :).

And I love both of those songs! Yeahhhh! Work it, bitch! :)

The Babbling Box said...

I need to steal some of your motivation, or all of it. Perhaps if I borrowed your bravery for posting pictures in a sports bra, showing my stomach is a big deal in my world, motivation would follow...

Noor said...

Give me some motivation ;) I think you SHOULD keep posting this post because it won't only keep you motivated but also anyone who reads this blog , would be able to get motivated .

Amanda said...

I feel so lazy when I read your weekly fitness recaps :( x

Megan Campbell said...

I love the picture of you lunging with the stroller. Hot mama's can work out and be fit!! My pump up workout song is She Gotta Donk hahahaha. When it comes on when I'm running I immediately kick it into high gear! I'm stealing your songs and putting together a spotify "Sweat" playlist for when it stops being freezing cold and I can run outside!

Alex[andra] said...

I need a good Abdominal Strength and Core Conditioning routine! How was that one??

Look at you go! You're doing awesome!

Sarah said...

I love the workout posts! They really are motivating for me. I mean, I haven't started my routine yet, but your posts keep reminding me to get off my butt! Even better, when I'm reading your workout posts while I'm at work, it looks like I'm looking at pictures of scantily clad women on the internet :)

Venus Trapped In Mars said...

Girl you are GETTING IT with your fitness!! I'm so so so proud of you!! That happy fit stroller class looks like the best idea ever.