Thursday, January 16, 2014


 This is my fourth time participating in the "Boys Behind The Blog" link up with Mal and Stephanie. Five questions are posted on the girls' blogs on the first Thursday of the month and on the third Thursday, you answer the questions and link-up. Ask any male in your life the questions- your brother, husband, dad, son, etc. It's really fun to snoop around on other blogs to see what their people are saying. I usually find, that whatever my husband has said, is almost always the weirdest.

 This month I am featuring my husband Rob again. I have posted about my brother Lincoln in the past. Last month, I interviewed my father in law over the Christmas holidays. Rob was somewhat annoyed with the questions this month because they were 'too hard' to answer!

 I write down Rob's answers with zero filter, swears and all. So what you see is what he truly said and of course, I can't have a post of just Rob talking. I have to throw in my two cents as well.

//1 What was your favourite movie of 2013?
Rob: So basically I would say that there weren't a lot of good movies in 2013. But World War Z was pretty good and Prisoners was good.

 I'm impressed that he remembered these two right off the top of his head because yeah, these probably were the best we saw in 2013. WWZ was great because I had no idea it was like a zombie sort of take over movie and Prisoners was just heart wrenching, make you feel sick to your stomach with worry for the characters. 

 2. What is your all time favourite movie quote?
Rob: My all time favourite.. how the f*** can they ask me that?... (Trails off) Jeeeeesus.. It's too hard. I can't say my favourites because there are just too many. But keeping with recent movies I would say....
"I'm burying you!"

"I am not gay!"

(To watch just the funny part that we like- watch until 16 seconds in and then it gets pretty offensive after that!)

3. What is your favourite type of movie?
Rob: (Sighs) Suuuuuuuuuuuus----------pense. 
  Yes, he said it just like that, full of suspense..

4. What is your New Year's Resoloution? 
Rob: For Haley to watch more hockey. What is my New Year's Resoloution.....? oh the one that came out of my mouth was to say what I really think. You can elaborate on that one Haley. I guess I didn't make one this year.
Me: Yes you did, you idiot! You are the worst husband ever...
Rob: Oh yeah, yeah! To help out my family more!

I'm an Oiler's fan but because Rob watches so many Toronto Maple Leafs games- I told him that I wouldn't mind a jersey of my own. So it looks like I can now watch 'more hockey' this year- in my new T.O. jersey!

Sigh. Yes, his resoloution I guess for a whole day was to help me out around the house more. I can see now that it didn't really stay fresh in his mind which means bad news for me... We're only three weeks into January and he already forgot! Oh and to explain, Rob always says what's on his mind. He likes conflict, as in; if something needs to be returned and he doesn't have a receipt he wants to challenge the customer service. If someone is unhappy with their cell phone plan he wants to call your cell phone provider and talk until he can get you the best deal possible. I have no idea why he enjoys that sort of thing so much, but ... he does. So when saying he would like to say what he really feels it is sort of terrifying. !!

5. Finish this sentence; This year I will ...
Rob: rock. 
Me: You're an idiot.
Rob: No, this year I will work out and finish school.
Me: .. become a journeyman electrician!! Yah!

I have to clarify; I asked him if I could take ONE picture and he reluctantly said okay. I told him it wasn't for my blog, but for my baths. LOL- GROSS-TMI! I was kidding people! But, I am not authorized to use these photos- if Rob actually reads my blog, I will find out because I will be in trouble for posting this. Heehee- sometimes it feels good to be bad!
  I swear, I don't call my husband an idiot as much as it seems! He was just in a goofy mood the night I asked him the questions. He just needs me to call him nasty names so he can answer my questions properly! But I promised I wouldn't leave anything out, even me being mean to him! Yes, Rob's first day of his 3rd 'Year' of Electrical was yesterday. He's doing back to back courses, so he will be finished by June and we can't wait. It's going to be a bit of a stretch having him go to school, work out, go to fire practice, go to any calls (don't see that happening too often) and to go to work on the one day off of school that he gets. Oh and help me around the house and be a dad... I think I can kiss that New Year's Resoloution good bye... He's going to be stretched pretty thin and his stress level will probably reach its maximum. Yah for him. Double yah for me! Wish us luck!

 Having said all of that, I want to state for the record.... that I am incredibly proud of my husband. He is a goof, he is a TOTAL smart ass most of the time and he is so ambitious. I couldn't ask for a better man to be in my life. I know, I know- barf. But please, grab your barf bags because it's true.. Rob is the most hard working person I've ever met. He is passionate about everything that he does. He works hard, he cares hard and I feel blessed that he's mine all mine. Oh, well- ours .. Sorry Alina..


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Heather @ Heathers Hurrah said...

LOL! It's funny because I thought these questions were actually easier than some of the other ones, but I guess it can be hard to narrow movies down :)
I love that new year's resolution and I'm sure he will think of it from time to time and make efforts! I found it difficult sometimes when I was home on mat leave because I was home alllll the time and stuff around the house mostly just fell to me to do, but we eventually worked out a decent system that made me feel less overwhelmed by it all :)
Also...sounds like I need your husband around to fight some fights for me sometime! I *hate* those situations where you have to confront someone about the service they are giving you!

Alex[andra] said...

I had to laugh at the title because Andrew likes to (jokingly) call me that. In that way. Eeeediot. Eeediot then turned into "eeedi."

What happened was, one day he was about to call me and "eeediot" but I shot him a dirty look and said, "Don't even think about it." So he finished his sentence by saying, "Eeedi."

Me: "What?"

Andrew: "Eeedi. You're an eeedi."

Haha. Boys.

I still need to see World War Z! And I liked his suspense response. That was funny.

Look at those arms! What what!

Helene in Between said...

I watched world was z the other day and literally couldn't sleep i thought about it so much. also world war z was good too! Nice picks!

Amanda said...

I though World War Z was good! I enjoyed it- it was really intelligent for a zombie film! Rob never fails to crack me up. But seriously you showed be proud, it's amazing that he's graduating this year!

For some reason I read suuuuuuuuuus----------pense as suuuuuuuuuuuus---------penis. And I did a weird double take. xx

Noor said...

Hahaha he never fails to make this Boy Behind blog post a hit . There's no fun movie I got to see in 2013 but probably some horror one like The Conjuring WON my heart!