Monday, July 29, 2013

Imprints On Life

 Alina is 21 weeks old this Friday. I am not exaggerating when I say that she changes daily. It's either in her appearance, moods, sleeping and eating habits or her motor skills and the way she reacts to her crazy parents. It is highly recommended to put her on her tummy to build strength in her neck, torso and arms. It will help in encouraging her to roll over and crawl in the long run. Today, she was on her tummy for ten whole minutes. Usually she'll go on her tummy for three minutes and then lose her shit. So already, she has outdone herself and it wasn't even 12:00 in the afternoon.
 Each day and every week she is hitting new milestones. So this weekend Auntie Erin was in town and brought some paint for us to paint Alina's feet and get her footprints on paper.

With her Auntie Buggy- right before the imprinting of her hands and feet..

Paint is all mixed, just waiting for Dad..

Side Note: They don't do hand or footprints at the hospital anymore. The technology is too awesome and advanced for old fashioned ink pads and footprints!? So they told me. Which is unfortunate because it is already five months down the road and we finally had them imprinted. (Only because Auntie Erin thought of it too!!)

 So putting paint on a 20 week old's hands and feet is definitely challenging to say the least! First of all, Alina's feet are ticklish and every.single.time. anyone touches her feet.. even with one finger she clamps her little monkey toes around the finger. It's actually pretty funny, but it makes for imprinting her feet nearly impossible. We did get some good imprints but we also got some pretty funny looking ones too.

Painting her tootsies..

First one going into the baby book.. making history people!

More paint for the toes!

Open those scrunched up toes!

Monkey toes pinching..Auntie Buggy's finger!

There's a good print!

 Then the hand print painting began.. Another difficult task for sure. Hard because she loves to eat her fingers and as soon as the wet and sticky paint was on her fingers and in her hands she was squishing the paint by balling up her fists. We had to pry her fingers open and then slam her hand on the paper. She started to get a bit upset with us. The hands were next to impossible to imprint. But, we did what we could! In her baby book it looks as though she has reptile hands - LOL! Again- we tried!! (Should have: 1. Painted her feet and hands when she was a teeny, tiny baby that barely moved. 2. Painted her hands and feet while she was asleep or at least when she first woke from a nap, or after eating. She gets milk drunk and is a bit more docile.)

Getting her reptile claw-- !!

Aaaaand she was done..!

 I think it was very fitting that we had her hands and feet imprinted on paper and in her baby book this weekend because it symbolizes all of the milestones she's reaching. I know that she'll have her baby book forever and she'll see the prints on the page every time she looks through it. We made history this weekend doing it, and the prints are there for us to look at for always. I love when I'm in a moment in time and I know that it's going to be a memorable one. Like when she was born... or when she laughed for the first time. I was thinking; This is a moment! This is a memory we'll always think back to and smile. It's awesome knowing that you're in a moment while it's happening...

The end result.. Great feet.. Hil-arious hand prints!
  After Auntie Buggy left, Rob and I took Alina for a walk on the beach. Rob wanted to get her footprints in the sand, which I thought was very fitting since we had her footprints painted in her baby book.

Look how sweet and how small..

Having a great time with Dad, soaking her toesies in the cold, ocean water..

 So Rob put her foot in the sand and then walked away and I noticed his footprint and her's... So I stuck mine right beside it to complete a very cool picture..

Puts things in perspective, when  you see how much she has to grow..
Even as I slipped my footprint in the sand yesterday- my foot looked huge in comparison to A's. It shows how much she has to grow to catch up to me. Yet, I still have so much to learn myself. We are constantly learning and growing and that is what is so remarkable about human life. Or, any life really.

I took this picture last month of our feet...
Then I saw this picture on the camera and realized her dad took the exact same one yesterday with his feet!

 Fingers and toes- everything grows and grows...

Saturday, July 27, 2013

This Saturday

Today there was a big market going on in town. I underestimated how BIG it actually was. There was so much random stuff being sold, from tupperware to old tools, vintage furniture to children's tutu's. (And I aaaalmost bought one for Alina, but she's a wee bit small for them yet. I figured the lady that makes them is local and I could probably get A. one anytime.)
 Rob's sister, Erin and I were squealing with delight for the tutu's and princess crowns that this grandma makes as a hobby. I said her granddaughters must just loooooove her to pieces and she told us that sadly, she only had grandsons. Can you believe that?! What a waste of "THE perfect grandma in the universe!!!" to boys.

SO many pretty tutu's!
 Rob had to collect money this morning for Muscular Dystrophy through the fire department.  The girls and I decided to meet up with him as he was finishing up his shift.

Look Ma- the splits!

Proud papa!
 The market, like I said was huge and overwhelming. There was just so much to see that I'm pretty sure I missed most of it. I find that with any market, it's always things that you don't really need that are being sold (for the most part!) and I couldn't bring myself to buy anything. OH! I did buy some Epicure Spices for cooking. A lot of my local friends have Epicure Parties and I stock up on my favourites then, but I was running low on my Caesar Dressing Spice and I figured it was time to try something new! Rob bought Alina a Toronto Maple Leafs bowl and spoon for when we introduce her to solid foods next week or month. (We haven't decided when yet!)
 We grabbed a couple of cheeseburgers for lunch and everything was going great until an old lady was trying to squeeze ketchup out of a bottle and splattered some all over my khaki capris. She said, "Oh, my word..!" I quickly reassured her that it was fine. Then, I looked down at my pant leg.
 "OH MY GOD- you stupid old woman!" Is what I was thinking, but I just smiled and walked away.
 Erin and I had a favourite store that we always visited together whenever she would come to town. But, the owner closed it up and decided to sell most of her merchandise online and in markets all over the island. She was at this market and Erin wanted to buy me a pair of earrings as a belated birthday gift. Instead, I saw this awesome Amelia Earhart tank and decided that it was for me! I am so in love with it.

I love Amelia!

We headed to the beach afterwards for a couple of hours. The beach is a three minute drive away and I always feel blessed that I live here! I read my book in the back of the Westy with the hatch up and this was my view when I looked up!
Yes, that's Rob soaking up the sun.

Looks like it was a looong day for A. That is not my hairy leg- it's Rob's....

 The other day, Rob and Alina went to the mall for some shopping. I went to Chapters to spend a gift card from my mom. It was wonderful. I browsed every aisle in slow motion, smelling books and parking for awhile in front of the journals. It was so nice to get away from the demands of Alina and I never shop well with someone else with me. I always feel the urge to hurry up. After I was finished my shopping, I went to Starbucks. I ended up getting a delicious decaf iced coffee. It was so satisfying on a hot, summer day. So when I got home after the beach today, I saw that I had a sink full of dishes to do (Sigh) and as I began pouring water out of bowls and filling the sink with soapy water, I notice that the coffee press is full of my cold decaf from this morning. I almost spilled the contents down the sink but then thought of my Starbucks masterpiece and Erin's iced coffee she made this morning. I got some ice, added Rob's Vanilla Cream and bingo bango- I had a delicious, homemade iced coffee on my hands. I took a picture of it- but it doesn't LOOK quite as delicious....

But- it was so good! Talk about my NEW morning drink for the rest of the summer!
 We're taking Alina swimming at the pool tonight. Rob's pouting because I didn't want to go last minute camping two hours ago and I also opted out of a beach fire. BUT- now I remember my little promise to myself to say YES more often AND to do nice things for Rob. So it looks like I sort of crushed both of those ideas all at once. Damn it!

At the pool tonight! The sun was shining in on us the whole time.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Nice Gestures Anyone?

Tomorrow marks an anniversary for my husband Rob and I. We both moved from our home towns on July 26, 2005 to move to Vancouver Island. We moved for entirely different reasons of course. We had no idea we would meet months later, in a pub surrounded by all new acquaintances. But we did. It was pretty awesome too. Awesome is a total understatement when I think of the past eight years. It's pretty unbelievable that we met each other. Not because our town is so big, because it isn't. Not because there were tons of people our age living here, because there weren't and still aren't. But when I moved out here, I had a boyfriend. We went on a trip to see all of his family so he could say goodbye days before leaving for the island. On our drive home, we got into a roll over accident and he totaled his brand new truck. He had to stay and figure out what he was going to do about it. I had the choice in front of me; to stay with him and meet up with my mom later. Or, go with my freshly widowed mom to start our new life. I chose my mom and that would have to be the BEST decision I've made to date. If I hadn't done that, who knows what my life would be like today. My ex never came. He called a few weeks later to say he wasn't going to come. He couldn't move away and that he had met someone else. (He didn't tell me he met someone else, but I found out.) He broke up with me and I was devastated! SO- If we didn't get in our car accident and if I hadn't decided to go along with my mom solo .. then I never would have been dumped at that particular time... and I never would have had my eyes open for that new, dark haired, BLUE eyed, hotty at the pub. I would not have asked my cousin and her friends who he was, over and over again.
 I think when a couple meets in their early twenties like we did, there is A LOT to learn. We had to learn to live together, we had to learn to grow up together.. We had to get over little things that ultimately didn't matter. It was a challenge but well worth it. So July 26th is always an important day. It's the first date that really kick starts the beginning of "Us".
 My post today is to ask for advice and suggestions. Rob brought it to my attention last night, that I don't do nice things for him. Ever. Of course I denied this accusation as soon as it left his lips. But, after mulling it over in my head, I decided that he was right. I'm not sure if it's because we've been together for so long. I think part of the reason is because I was pregnant for nine months and Rob was always doing nice things for me. I think I got used to these thoughtful gestures and didn't really notice when they were continuing after I had Alina. I was pregnant and felt like I deserved this special treatment because I was huge, tired, carrying his baby and going through all the "fun" involved with being pregnant and losing control of my body. I didn't think to return the favours because he was the lucky one NOT pregnant. So now, it's been nearly five months since I had Alina and I still have that attitude in my mind. I don't have it on purpose. But I haven't really been considering him much. It's quite awful when I think about it. But I also think it's nice that he brought it to my attention because I know that if he didn't this could have possible gone on for years!
 This year for his birthday I woke with the flu. I was in the bathroom all night and morning. My body ached and I felt hor-ri-ble! The worst, I had felt in a long, long time. So I sort of called off his birthday in my mind. I was sick, he would understand. We went out to buy the Westfalia van. But once we returned home, I was done for the day. I snuggled up on the couch and felt sorry for myself. I didn't make him dinner, I didn't bother grabbing him a pre-made cake, nothing. He was obviously very disappointed. Now when I think back to it, I certainly could have done something. He was right to be upset and disappointed. I justified it because I was so sick. I see my side but I see his side more, now that it's months ago.  He also made a point of all of the nice things he does for me. He buys me my favourite juice if he sees it at the store or he'll grab a frozen yogurt after work and makes sure to bring me one too. It's the little things that make me feel good about me. But I forgot that he needs some of these little things too.
 This is where you blogging friends come in. I need your help! I am going to start Operation Do Nice Things For Hubby tonight. I have massage oil to give him a nice back massage before bed. He just started working out last week and his back has been pretty sore. Normally he would beg me to give it a rub and I would roll my eyes, moan in disdain and I would half heartedly give him one that would last two minutes. I know that you all don't know him, so you don't know what he likes. But, I almost need a somewhat grand gesture. Or even things that you have done for your loved ones. Any ideas are very much appreciated.
 It's sad that the people we love the most, are the ones that get the worst in us. A person could bump me when I'm in an awful mood and I would probably say sorry to them. But if Rob did I'd probably lose my shit. I am always thoughtful towards others. I just had a bunch of baby pictures of Alina developed to send to my grandmother in Alberta. I like to do things for others. So why wouldn't I think to do them for him!? I feel quite bad about my behaviour. I'm determined to set things right. With your help, I'd like to get started right away!

Look at how cute he is.. He deserves nice things!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

My First Link Up- What Inspires You!?


So this is my first Link Up since I re-entered BlogLand last month. I am up for trying out new things and it's kind of fun supporting my fellow bloggers.

Here goes.. 5 things that inspire me to write:

My fellow bloggers inspire me to do new and creative things in BlogLand. If it wasn't for these outgoing, unique ladies, I wouldn't be here trying out new and exciting posts, like this one today!

Helene in Between

Helene from "Helene In Between" always has new and exciting stories to share with BlogLand. She's going to Tomorrowland in Europe I believe tomorrow- so you can see what I mean about exciting...!? I live vicariously through her and so many other bloggers!!

The Life And Times Of Jade Lee Wright

 Jade is one of my favourite bloggers. She has an outgoing, yet laid back attitude towards life. She travels the world and shares all of her stories with you. She recently posted about appreciating blog friends and I wanted to give her a shout out as well.. We've never met- but I can see (Clearly) that she is beautiful on the outside (hubba hubba, lol) and definitely beautiful on the inside! But in all seriousness, she is a real sweetheart and every once in awhile she posts some great recipes too! Bonus!!

The Baloney Bin

  This is Sarah from The Baloney Bin. Hi-lar-ious! I enjoy a good chuckle and I am always checking my Bloglovin' in hopes that Sarah has posted something new! I love her writing and her humour. 

 photo agreetingsheadshot2_zps85c8917f.png
Awkward Giraffe
This is Eloise from Awkward Giraffe. As you can see my awesome blogging skills had me stealing her profile picture from her blog- but that's okay, right!? I love Eloise's writing because she swears like a sailor and is real, real, real! I can also relate to Eloise probably the best out of all of my blogging pals..! 

I don't have a picture for my next blog friend. I have actually known Ali since I was a young girl. She was friends with my mom. She used to have my sister and I over for sleepovers. We'd pig out on chips and dip, they'd drink wine and smoke cigarettes and we'd watch movies and talk about grown up things. I loved loved loved spending time with Ali. She made me feel so grown up! She is the reason why I started my blog up again. She sent me a link to her new blog, I got totally attached to it and got that itch to start writing again. So really Ali, I have you to thank for getting me back in the game!!

 I have other favourites but I should probably move on to #4 before I bore all of my followers (12..!)

My daughter, Alina!! Of course she would be an inspiration to me. I am learning everyday having her around. She inspires me to improve and having her in my life has opened my eyes to a whole new world. (Insert Jasmine and Aladdin's duet here..) One minute I think I have her all figured out and then the next, she's completely changed on me! It's exciting, it's scary and frustrating and wonderful all at once..! I'm sure there will be many more posts about my little one to come....!

My girl getting her crazy on!

To record my life in another way! Everyday that I'm here, something new happens. The weekend arrives and friends or family come for a visit or we decide to go on a camping trip in our new Westfalia van. I like recording my life on this blog. I've always enjoyed sharing my day to day on here. I write in a journal, I wrote in a pregnancy journal and have a baby book that I keep track of important milestones in, yet I always enjoy posting on my blog for all to read. I love to write and my blog is just another excuse to do it!

To get all the shit in my head out! out! out! I have feelings and inspirations or doubts.. I mean, everybody does but not everyone chooses to write about them in a public forum. I've always been better at writing how I feel. All of my family members have received a letter from me at some point in their lives a few times. I've either expressed issues or concerns or expressed how much they meant to me; in writing. Ask me face to face and I stumble or can't get it out. Writing in my blog is an outlet. It's like cracking my knuckles. I can't help it, I just do it naturally. 

Dealing with tragedy. When I first started this blog, my step dad had recently passed of brain cancer. It happened so fast that I didn't know how to deal with it. So, I started my blog to write it out. Write how I was feeling. Write about him when I missed him the most. I had some really deep posts when he first passed.. Then my dad passed of bladder cancer five years later. The tragedy returned and I wrote about it some more. It felt so good to get how I felt out in words. Some of my favourite posts are from those sad, lonely days... "Outside Looking In", "In With The Good Out With The Bad", "You're Running Through My Thoughts Today", "Our Fallen Fathers"

My step dad Rudi and I on my 3rd birthday- grillin' burgers. (Yes, I realize his outfit is hilarious! It's okay, it was the end of the 80's...)

My dad and I at my sister's wedding.

 So there you have it folks! My inspirations to my blog! I may not have the most intriguing posts, or the most exciting life- but I do say how it is in my world.. I do share my feelings and I definitely have a great post here and there that I can proudly say is mine! (Thanks to Helene and Sarah for hosting this link up!)

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Tutu Cute!

  So I start my post today, with this picture of Alina.. Now Alina and I both are not girly girls. I can already tell that she's not just by the way she acts. (Or so I think, so far...) I am for sure not a girly girl. But I am female and with that, comes that automatic desire to see a baby in a tutu. I don't know what it is.. But as soon as I put her in this bathing suit, for the first time I started squealing in delight. I'm not even exaggerating, I actually squealed like Miss Piggy. "Keeeeeeeermy!!" Okay, maybe I didn't say Kermy.. but I did squeal. She just looked too damn cute. I couldn't help myself. I texted my sister in law Erin immediately after taking the picture and she reacted just as I suspected. I'm not sure what it is. But some things you just can't NOT say Awwwww to. Here, I'll give you just a couple of examples:

Soooo sweeeeeeet!

A baaaaby piiiiiggy!

It's not just a puppy..... but it's in a sleeper!!!!!

 Ha! I know that the majority of my readers are women and I also know that you all squealed and or "awwwwwwed" for at least one of these pictures..! You know you did!! Admit it!
 I don't get why us ladies are such softies, but we just are. I like that about us too, though. As much as my bestie is tough as nails she still has that softy side to her. She still oooh's and awww's over anything furry. We are a sensitive bunch even if we don't like to admit it. (How hard is it to spell sensitive, seriously!?!?!?! I'll tell you... hard! Thank goodness for the little red squiggle lines under a misspelled word!)
 When I was turning 22, I called it my 2- 2 Birthday. My cousin, clever as she is.. Made me a tutu to wear all night. We had mainly family and some friends over for a fire in the backyard, with cake and plenty of drinks. Again, not a girly girl- buuuuut I wore that tutu all night long and maybe I wore it the next day. Okay, I did wear it the next day. I loved that tutu and I'm sad that I actually let my husband throw it away one "Spring Cleaning Sunday" years ago.
 My point is... even my baby girl who doesn't even know what her foot is, other than something to constantly stick in her mouth and drool all over, seems to understand that a tutu is something to be very, very, very happy about.

The only picture I could find from that birthday, with juuuust a wee bit of my 2-2 tutu showing! I clearly hate every minute of having my picture taken in it.....

Beyond happiness people...

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Some Bluesy Thoughts

 I can't help but feel a bit old. It's not because I turned 28 last week either. I started my blog eight years ago when I was the ripe age of 20. I blogged about getting hammered, bitched about being recently dumped and about the problems I thought were pretty huge at the time. I still lived at home with my mom and we were having major issues. The place we moved into was a lot and I mean, A LOT smaller than the house we were living in before. I think the close quarters and the whole leaving our lives behind and starting anew with each other was a pretty big factor.
 I have just recently rejoined the blog world. I still had my blog but I rarely wrote posts because my life became busy and I wasn't giving myself any time to write. Now that I am back I feel like the blog world has really changed. Or maybe I was never really apart of it like I thought I was. My blog visually is very amateur, I get that. It's still just a Blogger Template and I have slowly just started adding little features to the side bar. It's a work in progress and I am still learning how to add all of these subtle touches to my blog. I can't help but compare mine to some of the young ladies' blogs that I now follow. I sort of feel out of my league. I actually feel more like I've returned to high school. But in high school I would say I was doing better than I feel I am doing in Blog High School. In real high school I had a group of friends that I really enjoyed spending time with. We drove together to school, skipped classes and went to parties like most teenagers do. In Blog High School I feel like the nerd that gets stuffed into her locker. Not that my fellow bloggers are mean spirited or bullying me. But they all seem to be so popular, getting 30 comments a day or having hundreds to thousands of followers! I am still confused about all of the Link Up blogs and the giveaways and sponsors. I don't totally understand it all. Part of me wants to contact someone to help me create a beautiful, new looking blog so that I will have somewhere I am proud to write at everyday. Part of me wants to figure out how to do a link up so that I can have more friends. The other part of me wants to stay true to my old blogging self. The girl that didn't even know having followers was an option eight years ago. The girl that simply wanted to write.
 I hate admitting it, but I want more followers! I want more people to comment on my posts. I think my problem is that I want all the things that I don't yet deserve. I have to put more into my blog to get what the other bloggers are getting out of theirs. If there were two of me.. this is what we'd say!
 I'm trying to figure out what my point is in this post today. I suppose it is that I am feeling slightly inadequate and over my head here in blogland. But that I do understand why I am not as successful as my fellow bloggers. I haven't put in the time.. I mean, look at me.. This is what I'm doing while I blog.. Looks like more of a laid back hobby than a full time ordeal..

 I also feel a bit old for the demographic that I have been following. The bloggers that I read about are all in their early- mid twenties and they all seem to have such happening lives. I suppose I am just feeling a bit old for that reason too. I am following some young girls that have different priorities and responsibilities. I love being a mom. It really is such a blessing to have a little person that depends on me and loves me for everything that I am. BUT having said that.. I think it's the fact that I know I can't just get up and go do whatever I want anymore. I have someone that relies on my 24/7 and I feel like that weight of responsibility is getting to me a wee bit. I feel a twinge of envy reading about these young ladies that go out with their girlfriends on weeknights, getting hammered and eating out at posh restaurants or fun sounding bars, dancing all night long. It's silly really, I know. I had my fun times when I was in my early twenties. I drank and danced and partied as much as the next guy.. I suppose I am just feeling a little "Old Balls" these days. I just felt like writing about it.. 
 But hell, the sun is shining, my baby girl is napping and I am about to open beer #2.. Life is good for this little, 28 year old mama.. Just felt like posting some bluesy thoughts, no biggy!

What is getting you down lately?

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

28 Years Later

This is me, approximately 28 years ago..
 This morning at 7:06 I turned 28 years old.  I don't feel older because of my age today. I do however, feel older because I became a mom this year. Waking up this morning, I realize that even though it's my birthday it is still Alina's day. Everyday is her day. She is my number one concern and priority and she doesn't care if I was born 28 years ago today! She still cries when she's hungry and fusses when she is bored.

Alina all dressed up for Mommy's birthday. I wonder who dressed her up....

 I think for my Birthday Post I will list 28 things I have learned about myself and fun facts about me.. After all, birthdays are supposed to be different than any other day. So why not make my blog a bit different today too!

28 Random Facts & Life Lessons:  

  1.  I insisted on being married barefoot! 
    See- those are my tootsies!
  2. Never feel sorry for yourself! It isn't good for you and it feels even worse!!
  3. My husband bought me a ring when we first started dating with an aquamarine stone in it. He thought it was the prettiest one. I joked that it was his blue eye watching my every move. I just realized that Alina's birthstone is aquamarine. Talk about foresight there Daddy-O! 
  4. Dieing is unknown, intimidating and terrifying but I believe that it is the most peaceful experience for the person passing. 
  5. I SUCK at feelings. Even when Rob and I watch American Idol or The Voice, I always fast forward a lot of the people's personal stories, and exclaim; "We don't do feeeeeelings!!" (At the same time... I will admit I do watch the heartbreaking stories.. and sometimes cry when they're reeeeeally sad.)
  6. When I'm upset I push hugs away- until I am ready. 
  7.  I have no sympathy for those that complain about things that they can change! 
  8. My best friend has always been and will always be my sister. 
    Kyli on her way to see the Dixie Chicks!!
  9. Whenever people post pictures of a delicious meal, I can't help but think that the food is now poop. I know..!! Soooo gross!! But I can't help it!
  10. I really hope and pray that Alina and I will be close as mother and daughter when she is my age! I think that will have everything to do with me and how I am to her..
  11. The best gift I could receive would be a private reading with Theresa Caputo  (It's a compilation of a number of readings, but the first few minutes should give you an idea of how AMAZING she is!)
  12. The only way to get what you want in life is to get up and go for it!
  13. I have a cherry, apple and pear tree in my back yard! Oh and a raspberry bush in my back lane against my fence. Luuucky!
  14. You can't change your parents- so stop trying to!!!
  15. My two dreams have come true.. I wrote a children's story and it is now a published book! I am a mom to a beautiful baby girl! .
  16. Be nice. Honestly, I get by really well by being nice MOST of the time. 
  17. At the same time: STICK up for yourself when you need to! When I'm nice, people might think that I'm a push over. Well I used to be, but I am certainly not anymore.
  18. I'm proud to say that I like my husband. He's my best friend.
  19. The smell of freshly cut grass reminds me of Summer. The smell of pine trees reminds me of Christmas and Winter! Smelly dog poop reminds me of Spring. Recently chopped fire wood smells like Fall!
  20. My favourite drinks are Strongbow, Iced Tea Coors Lite and Granville Island's Raspberry beer! Yuuuum. OH and any kind of Bellini! 
  21. I am Canadian and am totally stereotypical and love hockey.. It's true! My favourite team has always been the Edmonton Oilers because I grew up a few hours from Edmonton, Alberta baby!
  22.  I don't like getting flowers because they eventually die and then I have to take them out of the vase and throw them in the garbage. I feel like I'm literally throwing money into the garbage! 
  23. While I was pregnant last year, I wanted a baby girl. Aaaand, I got her folks! 
  24. Delivering a baby isn't as awful and horrible as everyone will tell you. Learn to filter all of the advice received while pregnant. People don't hold back and like to scare the hell out of you. 
  25. I look up to my Grannie. She has been through a lot in her life. She has always been nothing but kind and loving towards me and my cousins. She really is the best Gran around. And I used to always brag to kids in my school that my Grandma wore jeans and swore.
  26. When I am up at 2 or 4 or 6 breastfeeding Alina, I often think about how lucky I am. Then I just sit her up and snuggle her furry head, planting kisses all over her brow.
  27. I need to learn how to chill out more often. I want so much to worry less and become a more laid back version of me. Hopefully by the time I'm in my late thirty's or forty's I'll be able to say that I did just that... chilled out.
  28. And my last thought today.. A perfect evening would be... spent with my sister, drinking whatever.. wine, yummy beers or delicious fruity drinks.. eating all kinds of appetizers; spanikopita, quiche, you name it..watching old episodes of Gilmore Girls and yapping about the past three years until the sun comes up. (Our husbands responsibly taking care of our babies elsewhere)  
   There you have it folks! My list of 28 random things about myself. I got an awesome Samsung Galaxy Tablet 2 for my birthday from my super awesome hubby first thing this morning. (Not so super awesome thaaat early, but I enjoyed playing with it while Alina slept in. Thank you Alina, for sleeping in by the way!)
My girl showing off my birthday present today!
   My mother in law phoned to wish me a happy happy. I am saving her card and gifts sent from Thunder Bay for later. I always like to have something to look forward to all day. Rob's grandma sent me a card that I am also saving. My Gran gave me my yearly 20 buckskins to "Buy yourself some beer.. or something!" (Which I did and am promptly drinking as I type.)
My brother texted well wishes from the shitter at work, I shit you not. Brothers are still gross at 32. But then later he phoned and had a list of cute "Haley Facts" to fill me in on. A couple of examples were that "Haley was born in 1985, I don't remember what time.." and "Haley liked to play with Polly Pockets." It was honestly the cutest thing ever. I will also add that it was probably one of my favourite moments from today.
This was a birthday present from my brother when I turned 10. I have kept it all of these years because it meant that much to me that he went out and bought me a gift with his own money. This year, it was reminiscing with him that made me feel special once again.

  My bestie phoned from work to sing me happy birthday. She is always the first person to phone and this year, she was the first person again!
 All in all, the day has been quiet. I haven't really done anything, other than check the mail for a card from my grandparents in Hinton. (Nope.) I walked around town because it is a gorgeous day, but I didn't have a need to really do anything else. Rob is running around like a crazy, sweaty mess at work trying desperately to get off early so he can spend my day with me. I love that guy.
My bestie calls me Old Balls because she's still the ripe age of 26. It was more fun for me when I was legally in the bar at 18 and she was still her sweet 16 year old self. I believe the tables have turned..
 I am so glad my birthday is in the heart of the summer. I love that I have this birthday off because I am on maternity leave. I don't have to answer to annoying customers, trapped in doors today. So I sit here with my Raspberry beer and smile.. and soak up this gorgeous day of my birth!

Enjoying the sun- on my b'day!