Wednesday, July 24, 2013

My First Link Up- What Inspires You!?


So this is my first Link Up since I re-entered BlogLand last month. I am up for trying out new things and it's kind of fun supporting my fellow bloggers.

Here goes.. 5 things that inspire me to write:

My fellow bloggers inspire me to do new and creative things in BlogLand. If it wasn't for these outgoing, unique ladies, I wouldn't be here trying out new and exciting posts, like this one today!

Helene in Between

Helene from "Helene In Between" always has new and exciting stories to share with BlogLand. She's going to Tomorrowland in Europe I believe tomorrow- so you can see what I mean about exciting...!? I live vicariously through her and so many other bloggers!!

The Life And Times Of Jade Lee Wright

 Jade is one of my favourite bloggers. She has an outgoing, yet laid back attitude towards life. She travels the world and shares all of her stories with you. She recently posted about appreciating blog friends and I wanted to give her a shout out as well.. We've never met- but I can see (Clearly) that she is beautiful on the outside (hubba hubba, lol) and definitely beautiful on the inside! But in all seriousness, she is a real sweetheart and every once in awhile she posts some great recipes too! Bonus!!

The Baloney Bin

  This is Sarah from The Baloney Bin. Hi-lar-ious! I enjoy a good chuckle and I am always checking my Bloglovin' in hopes that Sarah has posted something new! I love her writing and her humour. 

 photo agreetingsheadshot2_zps85c8917f.png
Awkward Giraffe
This is Eloise from Awkward Giraffe. As you can see my awesome blogging skills had me stealing her profile picture from her blog- but that's okay, right!? I love Eloise's writing because she swears like a sailor and is real, real, real! I can also relate to Eloise probably the best out of all of my blogging pals..! 

I don't have a picture for my next blog friend. I have actually known Ali since I was a young girl. She was friends with my mom. She used to have my sister and I over for sleepovers. We'd pig out on chips and dip, they'd drink wine and smoke cigarettes and we'd watch movies and talk about grown up things. I loved loved loved spending time with Ali. She made me feel so grown up! She is the reason why I started my blog up again. She sent me a link to her new blog, I got totally attached to it and got that itch to start writing again. So really Ali, I have you to thank for getting me back in the game!!

 I have other favourites but I should probably move on to #4 before I bore all of my followers (12..!)

My daughter, Alina!! Of course she would be an inspiration to me. I am learning everyday having her around. She inspires me to improve and having her in my life has opened my eyes to a whole new world. (Insert Jasmine and Aladdin's duet here..) One minute I think I have her all figured out and then the next, she's completely changed on me! It's exciting, it's scary and frustrating and wonderful all at once..! I'm sure there will be many more posts about my little one to come....!

My girl getting her crazy on!

To record my life in another way! Everyday that I'm here, something new happens. The weekend arrives and friends or family come for a visit or we decide to go on a camping trip in our new Westfalia van. I like recording my life on this blog. I've always enjoyed sharing my day to day on here. I write in a journal, I wrote in a pregnancy journal and have a baby book that I keep track of important milestones in, yet I always enjoy posting on my blog for all to read. I love to write and my blog is just another excuse to do it!

To get all the shit in my head out! out! out! I have feelings and inspirations or doubts.. I mean, everybody does but not everyone chooses to write about them in a public forum. I've always been better at writing how I feel. All of my family members have received a letter from me at some point in their lives a few times. I've either expressed issues or concerns or expressed how much they meant to me; in writing. Ask me face to face and I stumble or can't get it out. Writing in my blog is an outlet. It's like cracking my knuckles. I can't help it, I just do it naturally. 

Dealing with tragedy. When I first started this blog, my step dad had recently passed of brain cancer. It happened so fast that I didn't know how to deal with it. So, I started my blog to write it out. Write how I was feeling. Write about him when I missed him the most. I had some really deep posts when he first passed.. Then my dad passed of bladder cancer five years later. The tragedy returned and I wrote about it some more. It felt so good to get how I felt out in words. Some of my favourite posts are from those sad, lonely days... "Outside Looking In", "In With The Good Out With The Bad", "You're Running Through My Thoughts Today", "Our Fallen Fathers"

My step dad Rudi and I on my 3rd birthday- grillin' burgers. (Yes, I realize his outfit is hilarious! It's okay, it was the end of the 80's...)

My dad and I at my sister's wedding.

 So there you have it folks! My inspirations to my blog! I may not have the most intriguing posts, or the most exciting life- but I do say how it is in my world.. I do share my feelings and I definitely have a great post here and there that I can proudly say is mine! (Thanks to Helene and Sarah for hosting this link up!)


Helene said...

I'm honored on so many levels! Thank you so much for choosing this as your first link up! And thanks so much for saying I give any inspiration since that inspires me!! And yes! I eave tomorrow!

Noor said...

Great to see you in bloggy activities girl , my biggest inspiration are indeed my fellow mates .
You should say your little one DA star of blog , as it's legit.
Noor @ Noor's Place

Venus Trapped In Mars said...

Dealing with tragedy is actually why I started my blog too. I didn't necessarily want to talk about it, but it was just a creative outlet for me to focus on something else other than grief!

libys11 said...

great sources of inspiration!! totally checking those girls too! :D

Animated Confessions

Jade Wright said...

Oh wow!! Haley that is so sweet of you!! Thank you!!! <3
You are such a gem! <3

Just got back online today and you've done TWO new posts for me to enjoy already! Yippeee xxxxx

Jade Wright said...

Oh wow!! Haley that is so sweet of you!! Thank you!!! <3
You are such a gem! <3

Just got back online today and you've done TWO new posts for me to enjoy already! Yippeee xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Oh Haley - Thank you! You know you always inspired me - even when you were a little girl. Now you are grown up and gorgeous and totally fabulous. I knew you would be. And now more than ever I love reading about your Grown Up Life!
Big Hugs. xoxo