Saturday, July 27, 2013

This Saturday

Today there was a big market going on in town. I underestimated how BIG it actually was. There was so much random stuff being sold, from tupperware to old tools, vintage furniture to children's tutu's. (And I aaaalmost bought one for Alina, but she's a wee bit small for them yet. I figured the lady that makes them is local and I could probably get A. one anytime.)
 Rob's sister, Erin and I were squealing with delight for the tutu's and princess crowns that this grandma makes as a hobby. I said her granddaughters must just loooooove her to pieces and she told us that sadly, she only had grandsons. Can you believe that?! What a waste of "THE perfect grandma in the universe!!!" to boys.

SO many pretty tutu's!
 Rob had to collect money this morning for Muscular Dystrophy through the fire department.  The girls and I decided to meet up with him as he was finishing up his shift.

Look Ma- the splits!

Proud papa!
 The market, like I said was huge and overwhelming. There was just so much to see that I'm pretty sure I missed most of it. I find that with any market, it's always things that you don't really need that are being sold (for the most part!) and I couldn't bring myself to buy anything. OH! I did buy some Epicure Spices for cooking. A lot of my local friends have Epicure Parties and I stock up on my favourites then, but I was running low on my Caesar Dressing Spice and I figured it was time to try something new! Rob bought Alina a Toronto Maple Leafs bowl and spoon for when we introduce her to solid foods next week or month. (We haven't decided when yet!)
 We grabbed a couple of cheeseburgers for lunch and everything was going great until an old lady was trying to squeeze ketchup out of a bottle and splattered some all over my khaki capris. She said, "Oh, my word..!" I quickly reassured her that it was fine. Then, I looked down at my pant leg.
 "OH MY GOD- you stupid old woman!" Is what I was thinking, but I just smiled and walked away.
 Erin and I had a favourite store that we always visited together whenever she would come to town. But, the owner closed it up and decided to sell most of her merchandise online and in markets all over the island. She was at this market and Erin wanted to buy me a pair of earrings as a belated birthday gift. Instead, I saw this awesome Amelia Earhart tank and decided that it was for me! I am so in love with it.

I love Amelia!

We headed to the beach afterwards for a couple of hours. The beach is a three minute drive away and I always feel blessed that I live here! I read my book in the back of the Westy with the hatch up and this was my view when I looked up!
Yes, that's Rob soaking up the sun.

Looks like it was a looong day for A. That is not my hairy leg- it's Rob's....

 The other day, Rob and Alina went to the mall for some shopping. I went to Chapters to spend a gift card from my mom. It was wonderful. I browsed every aisle in slow motion, smelling books and parking for awhile in front of the journals. It was so nice to get away from the demands of Alina and I never shop well with someone else with me. I always feel the urge to hurry up. After I was finished my shopping, I went to Starbucks. I ended up getting a delicious decaf iced coffee. It was so satisfying on a hot, summer day. So when I got home after the beach today, I saw that I had a sink full of dishes to do (Sigh) and as I began pouring water out of bowls and filling the sink with soapy water, I notice that the coffee press is full of my cold decaf from this morning. I almost spilled the contents down the sink but then thought of my Starbucks masterpiece and Erin's iced coffee she made this morning. I got some ice, added Rob's Vanilla Cream and bingo bango- I had a delicious, homemade iced coffee on my hands. I took a picture of it- but it doesn't LOOK quite as delicious....

But- it was so good! Talk about my NEW morning drink for the rest of the summer!
 We're taking Alina swimming at the pool tonight. Rob's pouting because I didn't want to go last minute camping two hours ago and I also opted out of a beach fire. BUT- now I remember my little promise to myself to say YES more often AND to do nice things for Rob. So it looks like I sort of crushed both of those ideas all at once. Damn it!

At the pool tonight! The sun was shining in on us the whole time.


Areeba said...

You're making me love tutus, I WANT ONE! The stary one. Gosh, the old lady. I'm glad you just remain calm.
Oh boy, keep the promise going on. I'll be keeping record now! Count me as his supporter (Sorry Haley!)

Jade Wright said...

Oooo I absolutely adore markets! I would have gone wild buying tutu's there if I had a daughter hehehe but glad you got some spices! Hope you make some yummy food <3 do a recipe post one day please I would love to see your cooking and get some inspiration for my kitchen!

Your daughter is still the sweetest little baba I have seen in so long... no wonder daddy is so proud ;)

Have an awesome week ahead!! xxx

Noor said...

Look at those tutus , SO fancy . I am wishing I was the grand daughter of the awesome lady *sigh*
Oh no , too sad to hear about the ketchup accident . I've encountered a ketchup journey to hair but it was my little cousin , what could I say ?
It's legit to add a cation of proud dad , SO proud :)

Noor @ Noor's Place