Sunday, July 14, 2013

My Answer Is YES!

 The other day the movie "Yes Man" was on tv and I decided to watch it. It's about a guy that doesn't like to commit himself to anything, including his job, love life and friends. So he goes to a seminar about saying YES to everything, literally. The movie itself is alright. The moral of the story is basically that saying yes to life is more beneficial than saying no. After watching the show I decided that for the rest of the day I would say yes if anything came up. Hours pass and I have long since forgotten my little vow to myself for the day. Rob has been on the computer for a little while, he seems distracted, like his wheels are turning and I know that he's up to something. He tellss me to keep an open mind and asks if I would be interested in going to Salt Spring Island over the weekend for some camping. Normally camping is a yes for me. But Alina has been difficult to get down to bed in the evenings and I have been reluctant to do anything out of our schedule. We started the ferber method of getting her to go to sleep at night. It has been working- although I didn't want to change her schedule because Friday would only be her fifth night.. (But that is for another post entirely!) The point is, I wasn't sure about going to another island, for two nights with Alina being somewhat unpredictable at bedtime. BUT- I remembered my little promise to myself and I decided that I would just say YES and not worry about it.
 So this Friday, Rob, Alina and I putt putt-ed in our '85 Westy to Salt Spring Island. I prepped a couple of meals beforehand. I had the van all loaded up by the time Rob got home from work and we were on the road within twenty minutes.
 Rob worked on Salt Spring Island for about eight months last year, helping with the electrical for the new library that was being built. He spent many hours on the island, but was unable to venture off on his own to see what the island was all about. He was very excited to take Alina and I there to show us the beauty of this place.
 Salt Spring Island is in between the mainland and Vancouver Island. It is the largest and most populated of the Gulf Islands. It is also the first of the Gulf Islands that I have visited so far.  After my little vacation I think we'll be looking into visiting a few more. The ferry ride is only about ten minutes, which was perfect for Alina's first.

Alina's first ferry ride!

Our family's first weekend trip.

 We arrived on the island and I instantly felt that Salt Spring is a tight community. It's the beginning of the summer and the island was full of tourists and happy locals soaking up the sun. We went to our campsite and we were a little reluctant at first. The sites were on the small side and the only thing between us and our neighbour was a rickety fence that I could see through fairly easy. Our neighbour was snoozing on a lawn chair when we arrived. I joked that he looked like Father Time or Rip Van Winkle. But once we were settled in, we realized that it didn't matter who was beside us because we were having a good time. We decided to check out downtown Salt Spring while the sun was still out. We walked all around the harbour and decided that this little island reminds us of a more chilled, laid back Victoria. We sat outside by a fire at the Oystercatcher Bar and Grill and had a beer to celebrate our mini holiday. The best part, was that Alina was allowed out there with us.

Sitting outside, enjoying the fire.

The umbrella couldn't have said it any better.

  Saturday was a very busy day for us. We woke and made breakfast in the van and it turned out delicious. Nothing is better than a breakfast made while camping. We decided to check out the Salt Spring market. Talk about a huge turn out! Apparently hundreds of people show up for this market every week during the summer months. We are walking around browsing at different stands and I see a man signing cd's. I recognize the c.d's; "Baby Beluga", "Banana Phone". These are all songs that I have been playing for Alina on her c.d that a neighbour bought for her. It takes me a minute before I realize that the children's songwriter and singer, Raffi is there at the market, signing c.d's! I couldn't believe it. Honestly, before I had Alina I heard of Raffi and knew of his songs. But I didn't care or really think anything of him. But once I listened to the songs a few times, I really started to like his music. It's really upbeat and fun for kids.. and okay, for ME. I enjoy making my coffee in the morning and tapping my toes to "Banana Phone".  It's catchy and Alina really seems to like it. "Baby Beluga" was my graduation song in kindergarten that we had to perform to our proud parents. I sing that song to Alina at her nap times during the day, and she usually drifts off after the second or third time I sing it. I was so excited to meet Raffi!! I couldn't believe that he was there.

Rob making us yummy breaky.

The delicious result!

Alina and I meeting Raffi!!
Rob showed us the library he worked so hard on all of those months ago. It looked like a ton of work was put into the library. What a gorgeous project to be a part of!

Proud Papa showing off his mad skills!

I wish I took pictures inside. What a modern, beautiful place to read in!
 We decided to check out a bunch of beaches and took tons of pictures of our visit. We had a really nice break from regular life and I think that's what we enjoyed so much about our little trip. I'm so glad that I decided to say YES to something I wasn't totally sure about. Alina did do some crying, but fell asleep within thirty minutes both nights. (with us checking in on her frequently of course!) It turns out she can sleep anywhere. She is happy wherever she is, as long as she gets to hang out with her Mom and Dad. We both agreed that this weekend really proved how much she's already growing up. She was out all day Saturday in the warm weather and she was a champ! We joked that she napped whenever she had the chance because there was no telling where her crazy parents would take her next!

Yup, her Dad put her in a tree stump..

Just chillin' on a log.

In another tree.

Happy Little Family.
 So I'm not necessarily going to start saying YES to everything. But I am certainly going to consider saying YES to more in life. I have nothing to lose and it could make for some really memorable stories. I mean, I met Raffi!


Areeba said...

This film sounds watch worthy. Woot, so many lovely photographs! :)

Brianna said...

I'm visiting from Helen's blog - I happened upon your comment about today's post (or possibly a previous post...) and decided to check out your blog! Looks like your sweet little family had a fabulous weekend! It's refreshing to be reminded to be inclined to say 'yes' more often! :) Great post.


Lisa-Jade said...

You're a gorgeous little family! I really like reading your blog Haley. Your daughter is BEYOND adorable. Enjoy every moment (which I'm sure you are), they grow up so fast, that much is true.

Haley said...

Lisa-Jade: Aww, thanks so much. She is already growing so fast.. It's hard to keep up. But like you said I am enjoying every second!
We did have a great weekend.. !! Saying YES and not worrying was a really good thing that time! I need to remember to do it more often!