Monday, November 17, 2014

Anybody there?

 Knock knock- anybody there?

Yeah, that's how it's been around these parts. I have totally been missing in action from all things not school related. I have taken an absence from cleaning and even making suppers in the last week and for all of next week. Rob is going coo coo picking up my slack. Is it wrong that I am seriously enjoying seeing him struggle? Not because I'm a nasty person but because I do the cooking all of the time and YES he now sees that it is a lot of work.

 I have a final on Thursday and it's not any of the BIG provincial finals that I have to take. GULP. But, it's the beginning and I'm nervous as hell. It's 100 multiple choice questions and I have to get 70% to pass the course. I am beyond exhilarated that the final is only on half of the course and not the entire course. THAT would be insanely intense.

 I'll just give an overview of what is expected of us to know and yes I realize that this will probably cause my 38 followers' eyes to glaze over in boredom BUT, I have just can't stop myself..

Treatment of -

Gastrointestinal Tract Infections

Fungal Infections

Pain (there are about oh... twenty opiods to remember.. no big deal.)

Women's Health (Hormone Replacement Therapy and Reproductive System and Contraceptives)

Men's Health (Erectile Dysfunction and Prostate)

Viral Infections (Treatment of Herpes, Hep and HIV and Cancer) This one makes my butt pucker up in anticipation.

Bacterial Infections

Those are the subjects that are being covered but then we have to know- pharmacological therapy, all of their drug classes, generic and brand name, doses and strengths, auxillary labels (Take on Empty Stomach, etc.) and adverse effects or reactions. All terms and definitions that are associated with each subject example; trigeminal, nociceptive pain, dermatophytes, etc.)

 So there it is. I'm going crazy but at the same time, I feel like I serve some kind of purpose studying this stuff. It's the first time in my life, that I've actually TRIED at anything school related, outside of high school. It's not easy, but if it was, then everyone would be certified pharmacy technicians.

 So, while I've had my nose in my books Rob and Alina have been really building on their cute, little daddy-daughter relationship.

Rob thought it was time to let Alina drive one of the fire trucks.

 Rob had to work last Saturday and I needed some time to study, so I pawned Alina off with our friends Kim and Cam and Alina's best little buddy Abigail. Alina was not super pleased that I was ditching her on one of 'our' days together. (Nothing a Tim Horton's muffin can't fix!)

 But, even though I'm busy, I will always make some time for my little monkey butt.. I don't know why I call her that.. but I just do. You're welcome Teenage Alina...

  I'm behind on replying to my emails and comments but I really appreciate the comments and love from my blogging peeps. I am also sorry that I haven't been able to read my favourite blogs. But I will try to catch up soon enough! Be patient with me, like the rest of my world has been and I promise that I'll be back sometime very soon! Until then.. Wish me luck!!!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Ohhh Sick Days

 I think I've commented on 'Sick Days' before.. But this Thursday I was the selected parent to hang out with Alina on her 'sick day'. Our daycare provider is very nice but I find that she.. well she gives us a bit of 'tude' when we bring Alina in with a runny nose. I work in pharmacy and the pharmacist assured me that children, depending on the viral infection are mostly contagious 1-4 weeks BEFORE they show signs of sickness. So if Alina showed up with a runny nose, the rest of the kids are hooped because they were all swapping spit 1-4 weeks before that. She's still just a tad contagious when she first starts her cold, but she was mostly contagious weeks before. AKA- she can go to daycare and I don't have to feel so damn guilty about sending her kind of mucous-y. I get it. Sick kids need more tlc. But our Alina is by far, the happiest sick kid that ever lived. She was in great spirits, but  I decided as a courtesy to our daycare provider, to keep her home.
 I can't lie. It's awesome spending extra time with Alina. She is a wonderful kid, full of personality and spunk.

First thing in the morning, in our oneisies during 'sick day'!
 It was also my very first day of building a fire for our house all day long. Our new house is big, with vaulted ceilings and our heating situation isn't like it was. So we have gotten used to heating our home with the fireplace. Sooooo.. it was officially my first day of keeping the house warm with fire. Of course I have pictures to prove it...

This is a picture I took to text Rob to show him how well I was doing, keeping a fire going ALL day long!

 Today really gave me a taste of what it would be like to be a stay at home mom. I love Alina so much. But I will admit, that I don't mind having somewhere to go, somewhere to be needed.. Although, I will admit- that my girl needs me every day too. It was really great to spend some extra time with Alina, but I'm glad she goes to daycare everyday. It gives her variety, it socializes her with kids her own age and it's different from her surroundings.

All in all, we had a good day together. After nine, she was all excited and happy that we weren't leaving the house. We weren't following our usual routine.. It was a mom and Alina day. I will always appreciate those days, even when they don't happen too often. Cherish each one- was my sister's advice that day!

My kid- the genius!

Thursday, November 06, 2014

Excuse me.. are these your underwear?

 Funny story! Got to love a random story in blogland... that is for sure.

 So Rob, Alina and I were enjoying some cranked tunes in the living room. Which is something that we never do. Rob started out by putting one song on and then Alina reacted by jumping up and 'dancing'. (Whiiiiiich consists of her putting her head down, hands on her belly and walking around and around in a circle. It's a bit strange, but we all have our quirks.) For a minute, I almost thought that I heard some kind of a ping pong noise through all of the music. Then it hit me; the doorbell! It was our old neighbour, the very neighbour that ended up buying our little house. He bought it to rent out. Side note: the young couple that moved in are having their first child in four weeks. So we couldn't be happier with who is now living in our old house.
 Our neighbour said that he didn't want to interrupt us because it looked/sounded like we were having a lot of fun. (Blush...) But he wanted to stop by because his tenants discovered that we left an entire load of laundry in our dryer. !!!! ( old load of laundry from the end of July.)
 That would be an entire load of laundry equipped with;
2 pairs of Rob's underwear
2 pairs of MY underwear (GAAAASP!!! Come on girls, we all know what our underwear looks like.. it's not that it's all that bad, it's just.. well, not what you want total strangers to be seeing!)
2 GOOD towels. You know, the ones that are big and actually dry you off!
And finally... MY WORKOUT CLOTHES!
 Rob and I both could have sworn that I brought my workout clothes to this house. We both remember seeing me with them in our bedroom. Turns out, we're both nuts. I am so excited to have left those behind, because I was going nuts trying to figure out where they were in this damn house!

THE pile of missing laundry...!

 Now for a little snippet of our evening, I present to you... dancing Alina.


( Cute to see what she likes to 'rock out to'....)

Have you ever left an entire load of your laundry somewhere !?!?!!? 
App-arently... I have!