Thursday, November 06, 2014

Excuse me.. are these your underwear?

 Funny story! Got to love a random story in blogland... that is for sure.

 So Rob, Alina and I were enjoying some cranked tunes in the living room. Which is something that we never do. Rob started out by putting one song on and then Alina reacted by jumping up and 'dancing'. (Whiiiiiich consists of her putting her head down, hands on her belly and walking around and around in a circle. It's a bit strange, but we all have our quirks.) For a minute, I almost thought that I heard some kind of a ping pong noise through all of the music. Then it hit me; the doorbell! It was our old neighbour, the very neighbour that ended up buying our little house. He bought it to rent out. Side note: the young couple that moved in are having their first child in four weeks. So we couldn't be happier with who is now living in our old house.
 Our neighbour said that he didn't want to interrupt us because it looked/sounded like we were having a lot of fun. (Blush...) But he wanted to stop by because his tenants discovered that we left an entire load of laundry in our dryer. !!!! ( old load of laundry from the end of July.)
 That would be an entire load of laundry equipped with;
2 pairs of Rob's underwear
2 pairs of MY underwear (GAAAASP!!! Come on girls, we all know what our underwear looks like.. it's not that it's all that bad, it's just.. well, not what you want total strangers to be seeing!)
2 GOOD towels. You know, the ones that are big and actually dry you off!
And finally... MY WORKOUT CLOTHES!
 Rob and I both could have sworn that I brought my workout clothes to this house. We both remember seeing me with them in our bedroom. Turns out, we're both nuts. I am so excited to have left those behind, because I was going nuts trying to figure out where they were in this damn house!

THE pile of missing laundry...!

 Now for a little snippet of our evening, I present to you... dancing Alina.


( Cute to see what she likes to 'rock out to'....)

Have you ever left an entire load of your laundry somewhere !?!?!!? 
App-arently... I have!



Lisa-Jade said...

Omg I official died of cuteness overload. That's it. I am dead!!! That sound she makes when she kisses(?) your leg is so adorable!!!!
So glad you found your work out clothes.

Jade Wright said...

Ahh I cannot wait to watch Alina's little video - at work at the mo and works computer doesn't have speakers so I'll have to check it out over the weekend!

Hey I remember the post you had AAAAAGES ago saying you lost your workout clothes though!? No!? Unless I am going bonkers too...

Happy Fit said...

Hahaha oh Haley this is such good timing for this post! I've been hounding Josh's mom for weeks because I swore I left my favourite lululemon pants at her house in New Brunswick. I just got the pants back yesterday, but it turns out they were in my dad's attic in a garbage bag (among other random things - a baby sweater of mine? an old swimsuit??). I have no memory of putting them there, but things can get a little strange sometimes when I move :)

I'm especially glad you found your workout clothes!

Alina is the cutest baby. I love her dancing :)

Heather @ Heathers Hurrah said...

Aww such a funny story! I love Alina's dancing! I was at a pharmacy this week and randomly thought of you... Lol. Hope that's not creepy but you were on my mind! Hope the studying is going well!

Amanda said...

HA! At least they were in the dryer and not the washer because then they might have been a bit gross! x

Areeba said...

Gosh this must be embarrassing! I once left my dirty socks under my pillow and my aunt found them and she thought I was a dirty girl who never does her laundry!!