Monday, November 17, 2014

Anybody there?

 Knock knock- anybody there?

Yeah, that's how it's been around these parts. I have totally been missing in action from all things not school related. I have taken an absence from cleaning and even making suppers in the last week and for all of next week. Rob is going coo coo picking up my slack. Is it wrong that I am seriously enjoying seeing him struggle? Not because I'm a nasty person but because I do the cooking all of the time and YES he now sees that it is a lot of work.

 I have a final on Thursday and it's not any of the BIG provincial finals that I have to take. GULP. But, it's the beginning and I'm nervous as hell. It's 100 multiple choice questions and I have to get 70% to pass the course. I am beyond exhilarated that the final is only on half of the course and not the entire course. THAT would be insanely intense.

 I'll just give an overview of what is expected of us to know and yes I realize that this will probably cause my 38 followers' eyes to glaze over in boredom BUT, I have just can't stop myself..

Treatment of -

Gastrointestinal Tract Infections

Fungal Infections

Pain (there are about oh... twenty opiods to remember.. no big deal.)

Women's Health (Hormone Replacement Therapy and Reproductive System and Contraceptives)

Men's Health (Erectile Dysfunction and Prostate)

Viral Infections (Treatment of Herpes, Hep and HIV and Cancer) This one makes my butt pucker up in anticipation.

Bacterial Infections

Those are the subjects that are being covered but then we have to know- pharmacological therapy, all of their drug classes, generic and brand name, doses and strengths, auxillary labels (Take on Empty Stomach, etc.) and adverse effects or reactions. All terms and definitions that are associated with each subject example; trigeminal, nociceptive pain, dermatophytes, etc.)

 So there it is. I'm going crazy but at the same time, I feel like I serve some kind of purpose studying this stuff. It's the first time in my life, that I've actually TRIED at anything school related, outside of high school. It's not easy, but if it was, then everyone would be certified pharmacy technicians.

 So, while I've had my nose in my books Rob and Alina have been really building on their cute, little daddy-daughter relationship.

Rob thought it was time to let Alina drive one of the fire trucks.

 Rob had to work last Saturday and I needed some time to study, so I pawned Alina off with our friends Kim and Cam and Alina's best little buddy Abigail. Alina was not super pleased that I was ditching her on one of 'our' days together. (Nothing a Tim Horton's muffin can't fix!)

 But, even though I'm busy, I will always make some time for my little monkey butt.. I don't know why I call her that.. but I just do. You're welcome Teenage Alina...

  I'm behind on replying to my emails and comments but I really appreciate the comments and love from my blogging peeps. I am also sorry that I haven't been able to read my favourite blogs. But I will try to catch up soon enough! Be patient with me, like the rest of my world has been and I promise that I'll be back sometime very soon! Until then.. Wish me luck!!!


Amanda said...

Good luck! x

Brianna said...

Oh how I don't miss anything school related. Haha! Good luck, girl. You got this! And how absolutely adorable is Alina in that fire truck?! Super cute.

Jess @ Exactly, Jess said...

Best of luck with your exam! I'm due to write my midterm in about two hours! x.x I'm nervous because it feels like forever since I've taken a "proper" exam and to top it off, this prof enjoys putting in questions that's never mentioned in the textbooks. Forget not covering it, it's not even written in the books!

Jade Wright said...

Hey Haley!! Sometimes life gets crazy and we need to put blogging in the back seat for a while.

What you're studying sounds great! Some of it at least.. hahaha. I'd be super keen to learn about all of this.

I actually sent you a personal email earlier today about one of the things you're studying - wondering if you've got some advice??