Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Nearing the end.. and the new.

The time has come for Christmas to be packed away in old, worn out boxes for another year. My mom's decorations were covered in what used to be known as candy canes. Apparently the weather is so hot here that in the summer, the candy canes melted all over the sad, traditional ornaments. Oh well. A sticky Christmas never hurt anyone.

I always feel pretty bummed out around this time of year. The Christmas Burning Log is replaced with infomercials on Channel 4. The Christmas trees lose their festive appeal. Before when I looked at my tree I thought of excitement, a symbol of our first Christmas spent together. Now I look at it, a bit trashier than I had anticipated, with the chunks of tinsel and old fashioned ornaments. A symbol of something else to put on my to- do list, along with GO BACK TO WORK AND MAKE MORE MONEY. I don't think that I am really broke, but I certainly am feeling a bit of pressure, knowing that rent is due fairly soon.

2007 is right around the corner, and I am not so sure how I feel about it. I mean, it's just another year. Like every other year, it comes and goes. But Rob made a valid point. 2002 sounded okay, along with 2005 but we seem to be reaching 2010. Twenty ten. It just seems so futuristic. Again- I think about how far along we've come. Fifty years ago people were putting clear plastic, coloured sheets over top of their t.v screens to make it look like they had coloured t.v. A woman I work with told me that the people's faces would be purple or green, but it didn't matter because she and her sisters felt like they were watching coloured t.v.

Rob bought me a MP3 player that holds 250 songs and picture files. I know there are Ipods that hold up to 3000 songs and I can't get over how teeny tiny these mechanisms are. I don't even think I know 1000 songs! Like I said, we've come a very long way.

I've also come to find that I am really beginning to grow up. I think I thought I was so grown up even a year ago. But there is so much more that I don't even have a clue about yet. It drives me crazy that people could point me out and say; "she has nooo idea. " But it is very true. Take a look at my blog for instance. I usually only blog when I have gone somewhere, like a pub and took a bunch of drunken pictures. When really I should find time to write all of the time about very casual things. I am quite young still and I know that. I am allowed to be. But at the same time I look forward to being wise, knowing more. I am always going to look forward to experiencing more of this crazy world.

Without experience, I don't exist.. I like life lessons even when they're tough. I know that I am not necessarily prepared for all that I am about to experience, but I welcome it with open arms. I accept this life and hope to get as much out of it as possible.

**Some pictures of my Christmas:

Rob put out cookies for Santa and sugar for his
reindeer. I was unaware that reindeer eat
sugar, but now I know..

Earrllllly Christmas Morning..

Christmas Eve and our "excited faces".

Somehow he looks more convincing.. Man- He's
such a cutie...

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Party Time

Part 2- Saturday

Originally we were supposed to go to Victoria, but there was a snow storm as rare as they come here on the island. We drove for nearly two hours and were sent right back where we came from. We were turned around on the Malahat because it was closed. We cancelled our hotel in Vic and made one in Nanaimo. No harm no foul.

We had a really good time. Parker picked up as usual. Dave laughed a lot, as usual. Rob had to stop me from stealing the tambourine from the band, haha- as usual. I am not a crazy tambourine theif. But I do like to take things when I am drunk. Don't ask. It's who I am.

I took the liberty of playing the tambourine for the band because they were in my reach (purse) for the second set. The band thanked me after and told me that I did really good. Haha. The boys danced, as I entertained. It was another good night with the Thunder Bay boys.

Part of the band

In my glory..

Parker taped HIS beer to my hand..

Fake boob grab. Come on, Rob's taking the pic!!

The boys posin'.