Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Party Time

Part 2- Saturday

Originally we were supposed to go to Victoria, but there was a snow storm as rare as they come here on the island. We drove for nearly two hours and were sent right back where we came from. We were turned around on the Malahat because it was closed. We cancelled our hotel in Vic and made one in Nanaimo. No harm no foul.

We had a really good time. Parker picked up as usual. Dave laughed a lot, as usual. Rob had to stop me from stealing the tambourine from the band, haha- as usual. I am not a crazy tambourine theif. But I do like to take things when I am drunk. Don't ask. It's who I am.

I took the liberty of playing the tambourine for the band because they were in my reach (purse) for the second set. The band thanked me after and told me that I did really good. Haha. The boys danced, as I entertained. It was another good night with the Thunder Bay boys.

Part of the band

In my glory..

Parker taped HIS beer to my hand..

Fake boob grab. Come on, Rob's taking the pic!!

The boys posin'.

1 comment:

holli said...

It looks like you all are having the best time - and you look beautiful in those pics. Love suits you well!

You need a beer taped to your hand. For that matter - I do too!