Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Party Weekend- Part 1.

Part One- Friday Night

I have been a very busy girl lately. Rob and I had some company over the weekend. His friend Dave was coming for a week and we had hoped that his other buddy Parker would join. But he declined saying that he couldn't afford to come and our timing was pretty bad. So we gave up on him. Dave arrived and we had a couple of quiet nights, going to a pub here or there, not getting too crazy.

Parker phones, saying he in fact CAN come and is trying to book a flight. Our hopes were high as he phoned to let us all down. No money, bad idea, never mind. But we know Parker well, and the boys WAAAY more than I. We told him that he needed to be here, to share this Island Experience with us. And that was all it took really. Less than 24 hours later, he is sitting in our living room, hittin' p's. So, our weekend sloowly unravels.

I invited a co-worker, Holly to join in the madness. She was happy and eager to come with us. I haven't had a friend come and party with me for quite some time, so I was pretty excited about it as well. She came around 8. Myself and the boys were already deep into our alcoholic bliss. No, we were well on our ways though. After some guitar playing, hair straightening and a few more special drinks later, we were on our way to the Rod and Gun.
We had ourselves quite the time there. We basically turned that bar upside down. I think the band had to turn their mic.s up so that we could hear them sing! (not really, haha) The bar was pretty quiet when we first arrived and I think there is nothing wrong with the five us taking on full credit for getting that place hopping! I was drunk. Okay, so was Holly. She was falling, I was holding her up and we were dancing. No one could stop us from dancing, not even a few falls on Holly's part. One even caused her to limp the next morning! But NO, we danced our little hearts out. If you asked us what our favourite song of the night was... we wouldn't remember what songs were even played. Haha. I smashed a glass with my hand. I am french, I speak with my hands! I was hanging out the window at the bar, picking flowers out of the flower pot and sticking them in everyone's drinks. They were pretty, and added to the "appearance" of the drink. Needless to say it was a lot of fun. Fun I haven't had in quite some time.

Me and the Boys

Much later at the bar, with Rob and Holly.

I love you .. I love you too.

Us allll night.

Looking a bit Done.


Anonymous said...

ok, are you LICKING Rob's face? LOL you are crazy woman!

holli said...

Holly/Holli's rock.

It looks like so much fun. I wanna come play!!

So how is the writing going?