Saturday, September 26, 2009

Life As We Know It

I stumbled upon my old journals today. I was feeling ambitious and thought I'd rummage through some old stuff and get rid of it. But of course and as usual.. I opened one of my journals and started reading. I took it into the living room and read the entire thing. I have written in a journal every single day since December 30, 1996. So since then each day has been recorded. After reading the journal I realized things have changed SO MUCH.
I was surrounded with people all of the time. I can't believe how many people I surrounded myself with. Of course it's because I was still in high school and I really didn't have much of a choice. But it just occurred to me that things are so different now. I think of my priorities during this journal and my current priorities. I worried about Josh, or Nate liking me.. Will Kirk know how much he hurt me? Now I worry about how many people are going to come to the wedding, and hoping that we have enough room for everyone we care about. Work was just something I had to do so that I had some extra cash to buy Christmas presents with or to waste at the bar. Work is something I still have to do.. to pay off loans and credit cards and to put away for the upcoming wedding. I was concerned with who to take to prom and being rejected. I'm concerned that I am not as good at my job as I try to be. A good time was being told that I was hot by 3 guys at the bar and making out with one of my guy friends. Now a good time is any Friday because it's finally the weekend! and going to visit my nephew Quinn and getting to bond with him.
I enjoyed looking back at what life was like for me in 2003. But now I am where I'm at and I have to admit.. I'm pretty damn happy about it. I'm happy that I own a house at 24. I am overjoyed that I have my one, best friend to live and grow with and MARRY this summer. I feel like I am at a great place with each of my family members. My best friend is my sister. I look forward to each time I get to see her. We're crossing our fingers in hope that Kyli and her fresh family will move here sometime in the next year. Life would be ideal then.
Life is good. It's nice to look back on how my life used to be and at the same time appreciate where I came from and how I got here. I like where I am and I am anticipating what is to come for me and my future family.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sum Up

This has been by for the most exciting year for me! And for a lot of people in my life..
I don't even know where to begin...
My sister and Joe were married August 02nd, 2008. I was the maid of honour and Rob was one of the groomsmen. It felt very grown up and real being in my sister's wedding. I always thought about being in a wedding as a little girl. I don't think I put as much thought into my own wedding, but more on being in a good friend's wedding party. It just seemed like more fun to me. Rob got to meet the rest of my family if he hadn't already and we got to meet Joe's family from Nova Scotia. The summer was CHAOS but, we really will never forget the great memories that we created.
My cousin Alex was married shortly after and it had been my second wedding of a close relative. It was beautiful and the weather was phenomenal! Now Alex and Andrew have started their own little puppy family and I think they'll be moving onto the baby stage of their life very soon.
Rob and my 3 year anniversary was in October. Rob got down on one knee in our bedroom and asked me to be his wife. And I tearfully accepted. The ring, was perfect. The moment was sweet. I couldn't believe that I was in that moment. Our engagement. It was really something else to be able to tell our family members that we were getting married. A big, step into my adulthood. And it's something we always knew was coming because we both slipped perfectly into eachother's lives like we'd always been there. We bought our first house together, the one we fell in love in and had our first kiss in the hammock in the backyard. We were in our first wedding together. And now we are having our own wedding in July 2010.
Thanksgiving came and I met my best friend's baby boy Fletcher. Katie and Eric came for a quick weekend visit to catch up and for me to meet our new baby. Fletcher was so good even at 4 months. Eric proposed in our driveway while they were unloading baby toys out of the car. A perfect weekend. Oh, and Ky phoned me when she got home from the long weekend with the news of a baby on the way! Finally- a baby of our own! It was the one thing that would sum up how amazing this year has become!
Kyli has had a fairly good pregnancy. She didn't get morning sickness and I hear that that is rare in a first born. She's gained weight in all the right places and she looks healthier than ever. She is a beautiful woman. She has unique, sharp features that you'd read about in a Jane Austen novel. But pregnant, she remained that same beautiful but with a softer edge and best of all she glows. She gives off so much happiness when we talk about the baby or Joe. She is one happy woman. I'm so proud of that. Their success.
Kyli is to be induced at the end of the month and it could be so soon. I am on a cloud of urgency and anticipation for this new person in our family. I always think of how insane it is that we make people. I think of pictures of me when I was a baby or Ky and Linc. It's so old fashioned. Our parents look young and their styles are laughed at, but admired.
Rob and I get to be aunty and uncle together. We're going to be the FUN ONES! I can't wait to take that on.
My mom did move back to Alberta which was a mistake in my opinion. I don't think badly of her. She needed to get out of Errington. But, I just wished she would've looked at other options closer. Now she may not be able to be there for the birth of her first grandchild. She's coming out this summer to visit and I look forward to having her near.
Lincoln and Dad are getting together this weekend for a man to man kind of talk. Dad spoke to Ky and I about the divorce when we visited him and not in an unfair way. But in a way that we had never heard. We knew mom's story because we were raised by her and it came out here or there. But with Dad we just never asked and he never told. I hadn't thought of my parent's ten year relationship, marriage from my Dad's point of view. It just put everything together nicely and it made sense to me. I get why they decided to split and I respect it on both of their sides. It was a talk that I appreciated and I know Linc will too.
My dad and Shelley are grandparents of two babies. Shelley's oldest boy, Travis and his wife Brigette had their first baby girl. She's the light of Shelley's eyes and she calls dad Papa. Dad's a papa and it suits him. Dallas is Shelley's middle boy and him and his fiance' Nicole had a little one of their own a few months ago.
I was into my third year at Bailey's and I caught an opportunity that I didn't see coming. I got a job with a co-worker's daughter as a Pharmacy Technian. It's a huge step up from what I was doing and I felt like it was my next move.. to get a job that may lead me into a career or at least give me some better experience. It was difficult at first for many reasons, but I'm getting used to the changes and I feel like I've improved immensly.
Life is going accordingly and I am happier than ever to report that every corner feels like a new experience to document and cherish.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Symbol of Love and Companionship

Our date is set.. July 10, 2010..

I don't know when it happened.. but I am this private person that I wasn't.. I prefer to keep my feelings to myself..rather than share with the rest of the world. I guess now rather than before when I first started this blog I have something to protect.. to keep to myself.

I'm getting married. It's still foreign to write or say.. I've been engaged since October 7th and I am surprised at how long it took me to share my news.. in writing. I always thought I'd be a much different bride to be than I have been so far. But I am not disappointed, just surprised at the woman I am slowly transitioning into.

I'll share a little..

Robert is unlike anyone I've ever been with. He is selfless when it comes to caring for me, in any way.
He has a very strong head on his shoulders that encourages me to go out there and do the things I fear I can not.
When I first met him I realized right away that his family was very important to him. Now after our time together, we are family and I feel how important we are to each other.

It's cliche'.. but he is the last person I see when I go to sleep and the first person I see when I wake up.. and it feels right. We fit. He fits.

I look forward to starting our life together as a family of the same name because we've been connected and "married" since the day we met.