Monday, January 12, 2009

Symbol of Love and Companionship

Our date is set.. July 10, 2010..

I don't know when it happened.. but I am this private person that I wasn't.. I prefer to keep my feelings to myself..rather than share with the rest of the world. I guess now rather than before when I first started this blog I have something to protect.. to keep to myself.

I'm getting married. It's still foreign to write or say.. I've been engaged since October 7th and I am surprised at how long it took me to share my news.. in writing. I always thought I'd be a much different bride to be than I have been so far. But I am not disappointed, just surprised at the woman I am slowly transitioning into.

I'll share a little..

Robert is unlike anyone I've ever been with. He is selfless when it comes to caring for me, in any way.
He has a very strong head on his shoulders that encourages me to go out there and do the things I fear I can not.
When I first met him I realized right away that his family was very important to him. Now after our time together, we are family and I feel how important we are to each other.

It's cliche'.. but he is the last person I see when I go to sleep and the first person I see when I wake up.. and it feels right. We fit. He fits.

I look forward to starting our life together as a family of the same name because we've been connected and "married" since the day we met.


Anonymous said...

Congrats Haley!! I wish you all the best!

Rob's Tots said...

Congrats....we are also a Robert and ''Haley''....(:-)