Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Snail Mail Collective - Under The Sea

Last month I was going through my list of blogs I always read, when I came across one of my fav. bloggers - Amanda from Rhyme and Ribbons. She participated in something called the Snail Mail Collective hosted by Melyssa and Chelsea

 Basically Chelsea and Melyssa came up with an idea for all of us bloggers to interact in a way that we probably never would have otherwise.. It's an international package exchange with fellow bloggers from all over the world.  The sign up for the Snail Mail Collective is on the first of every month.  Each month is assigned a theme and August was Under The Sea. I signed up and within a few days I was matched up with Erica from Tanzania, Africa. We sent a couple of friendly messages to get to know the other and went on our mission to come up with a nice care package for the other. The parcels are not supposed to cost more than $5.00 and a post card or letter is also sent.                

 Erica is away on a wild adventure right now, so my package will be waiting in the mail when she returns. (Update: You can see what I sent her HERE)
  Erica is a mom of a gorgeous little girl, who is over a year old and a total beach baby. She's from Hawaii originally, married the love of her life and now lives in Tanzania, Africa with her family and as of very recently- a new wee one on the way! Check out some of her adventures at To The Sea. When I read that the theme for August was Under The Sea and that Erica blogs over at "To The Sea" I realized we were a match! We both live by the beach and have little ones, both born in March with similar names.

 Right before leaving on her trip to Italy, Erica tried sending my parcel and was told it was going to cost A LOT more than necessary. So instead, she ordered me something online and had it shipped directly to my house.

Alina trying to eat the package at the mail box this morning..
Then, I read the SAFETY FIRST warning and promptly took it away from her........

 Erica sent me a beautiful Jack Will's bracelet. The purchase of each bracelet helps raise money to end malaria deaths in Africa. I'm happy that I could be a reason for her to give money to a good cause. She wrote about Do Good By Us in a recent post a few weeks ago.. If anyone is interested, please visit the post or go to Jack Wills Website for more information on how to help!

 I enjoyed participating in the Snail Mail Collective this month. I plan to sign up again in October! It's a great way to connect with people all over the world. I now, Follow Erica on Bloglovin' and have since started following some of her followers too. You just never know who you're going to "meet" through activities like these..!


Amanda said...

Hurray for the shout out! Also I am in love with the picture of Alina trying to eat your package! Ha! So glad it turned out well for you. xx

Areeba said...

I am still waiting for my parcel to come. I am sorry for putting extra stuff for my partner which was totally out of topic (I'm sure fishes don't supply mango and coconut candies under water)instead of sea and water related items. I had paid a lot for a HUGE parcel so I'm sure I won't be able to join this fun for at least 6 months! :(
PS: I love this colourful bracelet :))

Jade Wright said...

I've heard of this and it sounds awesome!!! Would really like to get into it!

Hope you're well Hals xxx


Noor said...

It's a fun event . Areeba signed up but I couldn't . I am already stuck with a bloggy event and it didn't turn out any good. It's a cute bracelet.
Lol , Alina was just inspecting stuff for mama's cautions . You got it wrong girl!!!!!!!!!!!!
Noor @ Noor's Place

Brianna said...

So awesome! I love how she was creative to order online and ship to you! :)

Sarah said...

I loved your picture of the warning on the plastic bag :)