Saturday, August 31, 2013

Baby Gone Batty

It's been awhile since I've posted about my baby girl, Alina. She continues to be my day to day and it is hard to think up non-Alina related things to blog about because she is usually sitting by me smiling, blowing spitty raspberries and shrieking in happiness. (So cute, so distracting.)

Being 'batty' with her dad.

 She's recently entered a phase at night time.. usually around 6 pm, where she turns crazy. Rob calls it the "witching hour". We still aren't completely sure why she gets like that, but without fail 6 pm rolls around and she's a mad woman baby!
 No, it has a lot to do with her getting tired and we don't want to put her down for a nap because she'll over sleep and then she won't be going to bed at her usual 8 pm.  I love my baby with all of my heart but once the clock ticks 8 pm, it's Mom and Dad time! I don't mean that in a dirty way, I mean it in a "me time" way. She gets tired and then she gets wild. She sits in her little exersaucer aka her office and chews on anything and every thing that she can get her dripping with spit, little hands on..!
   The "witching hour" is not an uncommon thing either. I was at a play date (yes, I just wrote that.. I am now a woman that goes to play dates!) with a few other moms and they all agreed that their little ones get a bit rambunctious before bedtime too.

Okay, not too crazy in this one...yet.

Ohhh there's my crazy girl..!

Alina is nearing six months at the end of next week and I can comfortably admit that she is a good baby. She really is. She sits quietly playing by herself a lot during the day. I don't leave her to play alone all day long, but if I wanted to I know that I could and she would be just fine. My girlfriend was in town months ago and she was impressed with how well Alina took to her surroundings. I have stations all around the house that I put her in. There's the exersaucer which is her newest and absolute favourite spot. She stands in that thing and plays to her heart's content. I put her in it so often because she loves it. She used to love her swing but now that she's older she doesn't like being on her back as much. We have a new swing, that can be tied to a tree branch that we've introduced. She's a little dare devil and really enjoys swinging up up up in that one! It doesn't matter where she is, she is usually happy.

 One way that we can get Miss A calm when she's in one of her whacky moods, besides an early bedtime is with the guitar. That baby LOVES her some music. But not just music, live music. It doesn't matter what she's doing, where she is, mid cry, mid bite; as soon as the music starts, her attention goes right to the guitar. I love that she is so into it. I can only hope that she'll be interested enough when she can learn to play herself. I really want her to play one day.

So, this post was really all about my girl. I love her and can't help writing about her from time to time! She's my world exclusively this year. Next year, she'll still be my world but I'll be working full time again. I'm enjoying every last minute, full time with her. I don't even want to imagine what I'll miss when I return to work!!!


Noor said...

Hahaha the batty shot . I think she is a sweet girl , and of course adorable already. The witching hour sounds funny , I assume it as her energy hour ;)
Have she started saying words? I am trying to imagine how she would look talking in a baby language .
Luuuvvv the pictures , hello miss photographer.

Areeba said...

Witching hour fits her situation, Rob is a genius! Take advantage of this time when you are with her :)
Psst, I was wondering that does she look like you or Rob? Okay I think she's upon you!