Tuesday, August 27, 2013

This Is Me Today

 A girlfriend of mine told me about this commercial that was on t.v. and I had to find it online. 

 A retired forensic artist is hired to sketch people. He is told to ask a person behind a curtain questions about his features so that he can paint a portrait, so to speak. He asks questions like, "What is your most pronounced feature?" or "Tell me about your hair.. your chin, etc." 
 Then a stranger comes in and is asked the same questions but about the other person. Two pictures are produced. One picture is from a stranger's point of view of that person. The other is the person's point of view of himself.

Looks like Florence, like the rest of us, is hard on herself... Here's the picture to prove it.

 Isn't it sad that we see ourselves in such an ugly light? I know for a fact that if someone asked me to describe myself I would more than likely give out unflattering details. My nose has a bump, my chin juts out, my eyes are big and I have one front tooth that sits in front of the other tooth a bit so it appears longer at certain angles. See! I already offered up the ugly details. I will however add that most people wouldn't describe themselves in a flattering light in order to avoid sounding self centered. It would be easier for me to say that I have big eyes, rather than admit that I think my eyes are nicely shaped. But I don't think I would say it in fear of sounding vain. Why would I shy away from saying something nice about myself just to avoid sounding self centered? Perhaps we're all programmed that way, to put ourselves down..

I chose this one because Kela didn't look anything like the person she described. She was the woman at the end of the video in tears when she saw the pictures

I love the Dove campaigns. I respect the women that model for Dove because they are what I love and admire so much in people.. they are REAL. These models weren't afraid to show off their bodies to the world because it's honest, because it represented who they were at that time in their lives.

Looking very REAL ladies!!
 In the spirit of being real- I'm going to post two pictures that I HATED when I saw them the other day.. I had to stomp out the urge to erase every single picture of myself from that beach day. BUT- I didn't. So I am going to post REAL images of myself. I declare that I am all about being real, right? So I need to back up what I say and be real myself. I am all about being true to myself and for being proud of who I am, so here I go...

 But you know what.. I don't really care. I had a baby nearly six months ago and I am aware that I need to work out. I know that my body isn't perfect. I do feel like I should be able to wear a bikini at the beach because I want to tan my tummy and it is hot out. I don't look down at my tummy jiggling when I walk. I don't usually let Rob take my picture when I'm in full bikini because I'm not ready to see what I look like. But now that I do know, it's okay. It is who I am right now. And for right now, I'm pretty happy with life. This is me today.... and that's okay.


Amanda said...

If I had a baby 6 months ago and still could fit into a bikini I'd be well pleased! I think you are beautiful, honestly! You really remind me of someone but I haven't figured out who yet... xx

Shelly Chubb said...

I just love this blog post. Hooray for beautiful Hayley if we do not love ourselves we cannot truly know how to love anyone else. I am sooooo happy you get it !!!
And You are Beautiful and thats inside and out!!!!
Love Aunt Shelly

Noor said...

Dove campaigns inspire me lot . I am SO proud of you , it doesn't matter about weight Haley . It's about inner beauty , it's surely about us .
I've a weight trouble , though now I think it's normal . Because if I am this way , I AM . Nothing's gonna change it .
Noor @ Noor's Place

Areeba said...

Lady, you're awesome! I'm really impressed! I have some really ugly shots of my hair and my weight issues (I'm getting fat every passing minute)that I was never going to expose but I gotta show what I'm for real! For this post, Noori, Alina and I are so proud!

Jade Wright said...

Wow.... I think this has been my favorite post to read of yours Hales..... amazing. Heart-wrenching at the same time!!
You look amazing and being skin and bone is not a pretty sight at all!!! Men like curves but even so its not about what they like - feel good for yourself! You're a healthy, beautiful, glowing person who did one of the most precious things in the qworld... brought life into this world!! <3 You inspire me!!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful post, and you look great! x