Monday, August 12, 2013

The Golden Days to Come

2 DAYS!!

 My sister Kyli and her fam-dam-ilee is going to be here on the island in... two days!!!! I can't even begin to express the feelings I have. I am beyond excited for sooo many reasons. But for FUN- I think I will list them...

//1   Kyli and I have always been close, ever since I can remember. Of course there was a time during her pre-teens going into her teen years where she didn't want too much to do with me. We always shared a bedroom and her privacy didn't really exist and during those times in her adolescence she really should have had more of it. I understand why she would be a bit snappy towards me then. But those times didn't last forever. She was always there for me, as a baby and a little girl. When I was a teenager, Kyli was there to listen to my complaints and insecurities. She was a good big sister. Kyli moved out of the house when I was eighteen or nineteen. Her and Joe moved to the island to live in beautiful Victoria. Our bond was big then and when she left I was pretty crushed. I ended up moving only hours away a couple of years later and again, we were reunited. Those were our "golden years." Rob was introduced to Ky and Joe and .. the rest is history. Instant best friends; all of us. They moved again three years ago, to Nova Scotia. That was a big blow for Rob and I.  But, things happen for a reason and three years later- we get ten amazing days to spend with our best friends.

She always played with my hair.

Ky proudly gave me a make-over..!
Right after she gave birth to her first child, my first nephew and the first grand-baby.

The one time we got a picture of all of us, after all of those years..!
//2   Like I mentioned earlier- Kyli gave birth to our very first baby- first grandson and nephew to our family! Quinn was born May 29, 2009 in Victoria to two very proud parents and to a very excited auntie and uncle. We were thrilled when Quinn entered our lives. We spent even more time with the Stewarts when he was born. We couldn't keep away from the little guy. He filled our weekends with so much purpose and joy. We saw him sit up and crawl and eventually walk. Every visit was so exciting because we got to see our little buddy again. He was the ring bearer at our wedding and we missed him so much when he first moved away.

The day we met Mr. Quinn..

The last week with Quinn before the big move..

Getting as many hugs as we could!
That's the not-so-little guy these days. SIGH- they grow so fast!

 //3   The Stewart's moved in July, 2010. Miss Sophie was born on March 21, 2012... I was the first person Kyli phoned after she gave birth. It was a very emotional time for all of us. We were there for Quinn's birth and not being there for Sophie's was really hard on us. Ky gave Sophie my middle name and I have never been so proud in all of my life. I was touched that she took my name for her daughter's.. So even though Sophie and I haven't met, we already have that to share. I was obsessed with Ky and Joe's facebook pages waiting for new pictures of Sophie to surface..!! I saved every picture ever texted to me of her and I also saved a lot from facebook. I feel like I know Sophie even though we haven't met yet.. I loved her as soon as I knew she existed and I seriously CAN'T WAIT until Wednesday evening when I finally, finally get to hold her in my arms!!

Early on in Sophie's life- my fav. picture..

This is Miss Sophie now.. the most recent picture I've seen.

//4   Alina Bo Bina Banana Fana Fo Fina!! Of course you didn't think I'd leave Little Miss A. out of a list of anything on my blog now did you!? I am stupidly excited for Kyli, Joe, Quinn and Sophie to all meet our baby girl! Again, it was sad not having Kyli there when I gave birth to Alina. But at the same time, I think it was more difficult for Ky. It was the first time she experienced becoming an auntie and she didn't get to be there for the big day, the big unveiling of who Peanut was!! (*Peanut was what we called Alina when she was still a mystery in my tummy.*) It was hard on Ky not being able to see my pregnant and not being able to rub my stomach.. So in two days- my sister finally gets to snuggle my little baby girl for the first time ever!! Our buds that saw how much we adored their little guy get to see us as parents for the first time too..!

The first pregnancy photo I took on my phone..

The last pregnancy photo I took on my phone..

The first picture on my cell of Alina..

I took this picture of Alina this morning..

//5   Finally, I anticipate and so look forward to all of the kids meeting each other! We've been waiting for what seems like forever, for these kids to all be together, as cousins for the first time. I love watching little ones interact with each other. I think it will be a special time for Kyli and I, to watch our little ones play like we did, so many years ago..!

The kids in a cart...
Alina in a cart... SOON- they'll all be shopping with their mommy's together!

 After having written out my list of reasons why I'm so pumped to see my sissy and her family again, I am even more excited!!
  While the Stewarts are here, Rob is going to take his holidays so that we can join in on anything that they get up to while they're here. I will try to keep up with blog posts, but I may be quite busy trying to re-live our golden years into golden days!


Kyli Stewart said...

Awwww, sneestor I'm so excited to see you again too and I CAN'T WAIT to love on my little Alina. I can't believe I'll be able to hug you in T-minus 50 hours!!! Gah!
Love you so much Haley and I can't wait to smell you, bahaha! xoxoxox

Noor said...

So sweet . I just can't wait to see myself in future with Areeba and the rest of the family , time goes TOO fast .
You're gonna be busy bee in coming days , I guess ;)
Noor @ Noor's Place