Saturday, August 10, 2013

"Seriously Scared.."

 So last night, Rob and I stayed up pretty late. We both got into bed and I was on my Samsung Tablet looking at blogs as I usually do. We kiss goodnight and Rob rolls over to watch "Man VS. Wild" on his Blackberry Tablet to fall asleep, as usual. I'm laying there, reading away when I hear this odd sound coming from my right side.. where my night stand is. At first my heart flutters thinking that something was there, but my mind thinks better of it.. It gently reassures me; "No, no Haley.. How could there be anything there.. You are just being silly.. don't worry."
 As quickly as my heart began fluttering, it returns back to its normal beats in my chest. I continue reading, Rob oblivious is still watching Bear Grylls take on the wild. Minutes later, I hear it again.. This time my heart jumps and my mind isn't so sure.. "Wow! What was that Haley!? Okay, seriously that sounded a bit strange.. you should probably freak out a little bit now."
 So I tell Rob that I'm seriously scared, that I think there is something by my nightstand. I described that what I'm hearing is like a flapping noise; like a bat flapping its wings or a rat rustling around. Rob is obviously startled and leaps over to my rescue. Of course, none of this really makes any sense at all. How could there be 1. a bat in our room, seeing as when we went into our bedroom with the lights on we may have spotted it lurking in the corner. 2. a rat in our room, seeing as we have never had any kind of rodent problem in the past, ever. Yuck.
 Then, the lid to my water bottle drops a chunk of ice into the water below and it replicates that noise I was hearing.
 "Oh, " my mind says, "that makes a lot more sense Haley... It was just the ice melting in your water bottle.. not a rat or a bat. You are just crazy. Have fun convincing Rob you are not insane and paranoid."

THE water bottle..
  So yeah, after admitting to my husband that I am "Seriously scared.." I am feeling a wee bit ridiculous for having gotten all worked up over, yup- my water bottle. Of course, Rob laughs and says I am funny. I say, "Rob heeelp me.. I'm afraid of my water bottle!" making fun of myself, because really that is all that there is left to do.
 Rob says that I am afraid of my own shadow......................literally. He swears that there must have been a time in my life where I was doing something and then suddenly I look behind me and jump and scream... because my shadow is right.there. Now that sounds ridiculous, I know. BUT- to be honest.. he has many reasons to believe this of me. Rob and I have lived together for roughly eight years, in this house. I should be used to his presence by now. I should expect to see him from time to time in different rooms throughout the house. The house is pretty small too. So it's quite normal to see him. Yet, many, many, MANY times he walks into a room and I'll be looking down, when I look up I jump out of my skin and yelp. I can't count how many times he has scared me just by coming into a room or being in a room already and I wasn't expecting him. It's quite ridiculous really. I mean, come on now..! How hard is it to get used to someone else always being there? Apparently hard.
 Rob's attitude towards it is always lovingly making fun of me. He thinks it's hilarious that I am still jumping or screaming when I turn a corner and he's just there, existing, as he always does.
 Rob and I have this thing that we do.. to scare each other. Well, we haven't done it in ages, but we used to all of the time..
 We watched John C. Reilly on the Conan O'Brien Show one night and he talked about his relationship with his brother.  Apparently they used to jump out of places and scare each other but for some reason, and I don't recall why, they would yell "Halloween!!" every time they scared the other. So on many, MANY occasions Rob and I have both scared the other, camping out in a hiding spot for some time just waiting for the other to walk by oblivious, to scream, "HALLOWEEN!" Once, and I am not making this up, we both hid at the same time, and finally after awhile one of us yelled.... "Are you hiding..?" and the other responded, "Yeah... you too?" We were both hiding on each other at the same time. I believe he was in coat closet and I was hiding in the linen closet. Yeah, that pretty much sums up our goofy ass relationship.

 So yes, I was afraid of my water bottle last night- truly afraid at one point. Luckily I had my knight in shining armour to save me and then, rightfully so- make fun of me.


Noor said...

Hahaha so now if I show you a bottle , you wouldn't be terrified, big girl ;)
Don't worry , I've been afraid of a kid with green eyes in my school , though he was cute. So high five !
Noor @ Noor's Place

Lisa-Jade said...

"...he's just there, existing, as he always does."
I laughed so hard for that!
Even though you were seriously scared, it makes for a good post :)

Anonymous said...

Are you still afraid of throwing up? That was you wasn't it ?

Haley said...

Omg yes !!!! I was so afraid of puking! But I'm better now. I will admit that I still don't like it and act like a baby when I throw up. I have to let everyone know that I puked... Like, "I threw up this morning. I mean, I feel better now, but I did puke... It was pretty bad.." Lol I can't just puke and not tell people about it.. people have to know. !?!?