Monday, August 19, 2013

A Little Recap

I have been so busy! My family arrived on Thursday early, early morning and I haven't had a chance away until this very moment! I opted out of going to the beach with the family (it's not a very nice day out) so that I could have a minute to myself to write.
 It's funny that my sister has been away for three years and she's at the beach but I would rather sit in my living room, like I usually do- to write in my blog. Weird! But our house is very little and when more than three people are living in it, it gets even smaller. So a little alone time is needed, for my sanity. I'm really enjoying my time with my family- but I also need a little bit of quiet.
 I think for today's post I will choose my top 13 picture moments to recap the last few days.

//1  I finally got to meet and hold my niece Sophie for the first time!! She played shy for a little bit, but got comfortable with me enough, so I could hold her. I love this kid. My sister describes her as "spicy" and she's got that right! Sophie likes to play hard, touch people's hair and she says "Deesh" for everything.


//3 Quinn, my nephew can't get enough of his cousin Alina. As soon as he met her at the airport he immediately wanted to hold her in his arms. He is really good at being gentle with her and gives her plenty of kisses and cheek squishes so last her another three years!


//5 My sister is back!! It is honestly so nice to be able to see her everyday. As soon as she arrived in Vancouver, the day before I saw her, I instantly felt closer to her based on the fact that she was in my time zone again. It is so tough living on opposite coasts but the time zone really ruins any chances of phone chats. I miss my sister and am so happy that we are together again.


//7  It is so nice seeing our kids interact. Sophie is younger and doesn't always understand that she plays a bit rough. But she is being really good with Alina considering. She loves to pet her head and she is always showing us where Alina's eyes are by pointing and sometimes her little finger might graze A's eyeball. BUT- she's working on it. She's good at handing Alina her pacifier and her blankie. She wants to play with all of A's toys, even if she's too big for them. The kids are really fun to watch and I'm just enjoying their time together, as cousins.


//11  The gang is all back together! My brother Lincoln arrived on Saturday and Rob's sister Erin and her boyfriend Jay joined us on Saturday night for a little reunion. We played music, introduced Jay and Erin to the boot of beer that we used to drink out of many, many times in our past. It was so much fun letting loose that night. Loved every minute of it.


 Again, I can't describe how nice it is to be around my family. I love having my brother, sister and I under the same roof again. It just feels right! I'm going to get off this computer and jump in my Jeep and join them all at the beach now. The weather took a turn for the better!!

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Noor said...

Yay , a happy get together . Whoop , your sister and you look so alike . Alina and her party seems to be busy having fun , enjoy ;)
Noor @ Noor's Place